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"Games don't need jumping"

There's a sweeping generalization if I've ever read one.

So... Platformers don't need jumping?

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What about spin-offs? Dirge of Patches?

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This is no something that's new of "nowadays". Female warriors have been dressed in Battle-Panties since the beginning of video games, and it's the same in movies and TV.

Also: against Zombies, I'd actually prefer to wear something skin-tight! Impenetrable by human teeth, so no zombie infections, yet doesn't impede your mobility--which you'll need when the Tirants and Lickers and Nemesis come around!

Also also: check out the armo...

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Dear god don't tell me games are *still* too hard!

Jokes aside (I hope... please let the Souls series go on forever!), I understand the time argument. Games are a time consuming hobby, and honestly they shouldn't rank high on the list of priorities of a person with responsibilities. Kids, family, job; a lot of things (should) come before gaming, and not everyone wants to spend what little is left inching their way through a punishing and lengthy game.


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The fuck? I see more cleavage than that on a daily basis on any average girl I cross on the street. But because it's a game it's a problem? Only reason girls, and women, don't wear that *exact* outfit is because it's not fashionable. If it was, you bet they wouldn't think twice about showing all that skin. Office workers, teachers; all kinds of women of all shapes and ages show more cleavage than that. Go to the beach any day and you'll see a lot more skin than that. A...

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Well when put that way, I'd be a hypocrite not to agree.

I've said before that I used to torrent a lot of movies, and that I bought movies too while I did that. But then I got a warning from my ISP and since then I haven't downloaded OR BOUGHT a single movie--I just pretty much stopped watching them altogether.

Since devs don't make money from a used game sale, you may as well have pirated it as far as they're concerned. But if it leads to...

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Short answer is: no.

You'd think yes, since hardware is evolving faster, but facts show consoles aren't coming out sooner. PS1=1994, PS2=2000, PS3=2006. It's 2012 now and, if the trend had continued the PS4 should be releasing this year, yet Sony said they won't even *announce* it.

Thing is, it's not really a question of hardware. If it was, yes, we'd probably get new consoles more often. In reality, it's a q...

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Yeah, this is just gonna become another one of those you google "easiest way to ___" trophies. Usually all these have a certain enemy and specific point in the game where they're really easy to do, but really hard to do anywhere else. I don't like these.

Like you said, I like the skill-based trophies. Not the "really hard to do unless you googled it" trophies...

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RE:ORC is a spin-off produced by developer Slant-6 (developers of Socom: Confrontation). It is focused on co-op gameplay, and is non-canon (isn't part of the "main" Resident Evil story line, nor do its events affect it).

RE:6 is the next iteration of the canon series. Incidentally, it will also feature co-op gameplay...

But yes you do have a point about it being unusual for 2 full RE games to be released so close together. Also since there's...

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A better question would have been:

Will they change their logo?

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It's one thing Jaffe said he learned from making Calling All Cars, that a mp game needs unlocks and progression to keep people interested (don't remember if he said stat tracking too, but I think so). So I'm not surprised there are unlocks in TM--I was just waiting for them to be announced!

That trophy doesn't sound hard though... just kind of retarded! I hope it can be done offline, otherwise I see a lot of idiots trying to do it online and making us lose the...

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Ffs, Square's been gone for a long time now. It's Squeenix.

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Well then a more suitable comparison might have been the PSP GO.

I don't know why the thing got so much hate, because I own one and love the hell out of it. I've been all-digital since I got it, and it's very convenient.

No need to do another inadequate iPhone comparison to discuss the point of DD.

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What's with the look speed acceleration? That *alone* ruined my experience with the demo. It's cool that you get the option to both adjust the look speed and acceleration individually... except their system is broken.

I figured I'd set the look speed to max and the acceleration to minimum (because I hate acceleration--I wanted it OFF), but then my crosshairs barely moved at all. I mean it would have taken a half hour to do a 360. So you can't have acceleration...

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Only game I can think of that any "self-respecting gamer" (wtf?) shouldn't play is Terminator Salvation. And I platted it! Oh wait... But seriously, it's a bit embarrassing to have on my trophies list.

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I clicked disagree just because you used the word "eschewing". How pretentious and condescending--like your article, hey!

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There's an error in the beginning of the article, where he says it's third person! But he says FPS at the end, so it was just a mistake...

I disagree about the "weapons take too long to unlock" bit. Took me 3 hours to reach level 25, and by then I had everything I wanted and more. Also, you can unlock any weapon you want when you get a credit, so I don't understand why he complained about "higher level unlocks".

I don't kno...

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It depends how you approach New Londo. If you do it slow and cautious and you kill every ghost on the way, you won't have framerate issues. But when you run through and then you have all those ghosts chasing you from all over the area and going through walls everywhere, then your framerate gets downright scary.

You can easily see it at the place where you kick down the ladder. Just go down to New Londo, run past the first 4 ghosts and go straight to the ladder. By the tim...

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1. They better continue the Souls series, in this gen and the next!

2. While you're fixing the framerate, fix the lag too. PvP is amazing in this game, but not being able to faithfully parry online like off is really depressing.

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The author seems to completely fail to understand the point of a spin-off. This is Operation Raccoon City, not RE6--ie they can make it as different from the core RE series as they want. For all intents and purposes, it may as well have been an RTS game!

Point is: RE:ORC should not be judged like it's part of the main series, and likewise people shouldn't expect the main series to undergo changes in direction based on how ORC plays. Depending on the game's success...

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