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I used to be a Firefox user, but as soon as Chrome was released I tried it out and never looked back. I won't go into technical details, because I don't have that kind of knowledge, but I'll tell you how my experience has been enhanced by the new browser.

1. Tabbed Browsing Evolved: Sure, you could open everything in new tabs in Firefox, but Chrome takes tabs to a new level. For one, you can set it to launch with as many tabbed home pages as you want, so I set it to open with my ...

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You said so yourself. I don't want to be playing the 80s or 90s game if I'm paying for a remake. If I wanted to play a game that played just like the original, I'd play the original. What's the point of remaking it if you're not going to improve it?

I also hope more remakes are made, but not by these guys.

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Well, apart from the Wii selling so well, which I don't understand by the way, there's a great news in there: the PS3 sold 30% more than the 360 did in the first 8 months of 2008. Let's keep going like that.

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I didn't buy this game. I thought the chances of buying it were high when I downloaded the demo, but I quickly changed my mind.

The first turn off was the terrible controls. It's retardedly complicated to do a maneuver as simple as getting onto a higher platform, and takes pinpoint precision to grab onto one as you're falling next to it. That's only the tip of the iceberg here, too.

Then there's the damn constant pressure the devs put on you to buy the game. Ok, it w...

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Going online is a breeze, after you've gone though the initial setup that is. Only thing I hate about MGO's online is that some other ace hole took my PSN Id for his MGO character name, so I couldn't use it. I was not happy about that.

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And I personally hate CoD4's multiplayer because it takes so few shots to die. Noobs just aim for my god damn knees and it's just as effective as if they'd tried to aim a little and hit me in the head. In MGO, at least, you need some skill to pull off the headshots, or a helluva lot of body shots!

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And you think the 360 dominates the US market because it's a superior product to the PS3? Huh, I hardly think that's the reason. More likely it's a misplaced sense of patriotism. So don't tell me the 360 is at a disadvantage because the Japanese market won't support it when the American market clearly supports the 360 more only because it's "American". And the US market is much bigger than the Japanese one.

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Seriously, games analysts are the biggest morons on this planet. A new console in the next two years for the European market? 1. Who would release it, and 2. who would buy it?

The only two possibilities I see is either for Microsoft to release a new console this early, or a completely unknown developer. In either case, I don't see the European market picking up this console. It would just be a big failure.

For the industry to keep growing in this generation we need m...

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Saying it's up to the devs doesn't fix my problem. I have a 20gb HDD SKU (which actually has about 14 gigs of usable space) and, while that didn't use to be a problem, it's getting really cramped.

If my memory is correct, Gran Turismo Prologue installed 4 gigs, Grand Theft Auto IV installed 3, and Devil May Cry 4, which I'm only getting to now, required 5. That's 12 gigs already, for only three games I currently play. Where am I supposed to save my demos or game videos? I like t...

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then they're really going to have to change that logo, because I can't help but snarl in disgust at its mere sight.

That symbol, to me, has become associated with poor production values and ruining of great franchises. I couldn't change my opinion on the company as long as I see that disgusting symbol.

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I though it was an excellent Final Fantasy. Among other merits, it was the firs to feature human proportioned characters, which hadn't been done again until the X. I think the story was also really good. Ok, no one died, but they couldn't pull that one off twice in a row; what would Star Wars have been like if Darth Vader had told Han Solo that he was his father as well in Episode VI? It would have been a mockery.

I'm not saying FFVIII is the best, or even that it's my favorite (...

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If they can find a video game on the scene of the crime, it was the game's fault.

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GT deserves a racing wheel! It's great that the DS3 is coming out and all, but it's not for GT.

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I don't have one, so I guess I shouldn't be answering your question, but I believe they're the same. Except for rumble, of course. Everything else remains unchanged, as far as I know.

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I don't think it'd be caving in. In fact, I think Microsoft should have closely examined this possibility from the start. A lot of people will say the PS3 has (or had) no games (I'm not one of them), which is relatively true if you compare it to the 360's library, so what we have been left with for a long time is a BD player. Now, imagine if MS, instead of a peripheral HD-DVD drive, had had a BD drive from the start: the biggest reason to get a PS3 would now be on the 360 as well. Had the 360...

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Halo is for noobs.

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To all you people defending GameSpot by saying it's one reviewer's opinion, you need to understand what a review is. A review--and thus the reviewer--is supposed to be an unbiased evaluation of a product, and not take into account or reflect the reviewer's opinion.

GameSpot fails. Miserably. Face it.

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Why did the writer of this article choose to add this sentence as conclusion: "Kotaku is sure that the folks at Sony have already cracked open the good bottle of sake, as this hardware victory may be short lived." That was completely useless, and I also think it was wrong. Why is it this can't be the start of something good for Sony? I don't see the price going back up, or games being pulled off the shelves; the price is only going to stay down or go down further, and there will onl...

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Nice video, pretty convincing. If I'd buy one racing game that isn't Gran Turismo, it'd probably be this.

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