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I don't have any issues with the download speeds... It's the INSTALL speeds that drive me nuts.

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Rumors? Unlikely? Opinion?

Huh? This isn't a matter of opinion! It's fact; the name's changing.

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Don't like money? Releasing a re-skinned FFX is a lot more cost-efficient than re-making it, and will probably sell just as much.

I'm with you that a remake would have been a lot better, but I'm not foolish enough to think that it would have been a better financial decision for Squeenix.

Also, I never expected this to be a remake to begin with. With the huge fan demand for FFVII to be remade, if Squeenix had been willing to remake a game, it would...

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I wouldn't say always... They used to be one of my favorite companies. I won't argue with you that they're crap now, but I'm still hoping somehow they'll go back to the way they used to be.

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People like to complain when they're out-skilled and out-played. Speedy glass cannons are generally reserved for more experienced players, and when used well, can dominate. But then the less skilled players are envious, try it out themselves, and can't do it. So rather than face the truth that they were out-skilled, they go and complain to try and get the glass cannon nerfed.

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If you're ashamed of something, fix it, rather than forget it.

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I'm so sick of these fucking opinion articles on the Vita before it's even released. ENOUGH. Let it be released, THEN trash it as much as you like, but at least people will have had a chance to make up their own opinion, FFS.

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How sad that I have 4 disagrees for stating an irrefutable fact, and you actually have 4 agrees for a completely ignorant troll comment.

How's that petition to get Dark Souls on PC going? Yeah, thought so. I was trying to avoid this, but bring on the flames.

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lol I see that you did there!

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I am NOT saying this to start a flame war, but I feel it needs to be said: that's the same price as a PS3.

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Oh shit, forgot Sorrow's River! MGS3 was actually the first MGS game I played (I got into the series late, finally got around to it when MGS4 was announced, and figured I'd do 3 first since it's a prequel) and I didn't really know you weren't supposed to kill anyone then. Took me over an hour to get across that river... Worst part is, I didn't realize you're supposed to die and use the pill when the gameover screen comes up, so I had to do it twice! (If only I'...

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4 was pure epic, but to me 3 had more of an artistic touch too, and I like that. That one area where you climb that interminable ladder and the theme song starts playing A capella, that really resonated with me. One of the most memorable events in games I've played, for me.

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Oh, thanks, can't watch this in Canada.

The internet is so retarded sometimes... Let me just physically drive a few hundred miles south THEN I'll be able to watch it. The fuck...

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I'd say 3 for its theme song along! Never mind the fact that I also found it to be the most emotional one. 1 and 4 were also amazing games though.

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I'm having a lot of fun with it already, but in all honestly I'm not going to play it much until I can accelerate with X and brake with [].

I think the current setup is how TM used to play, but the last time I played Black was over 10 years ago! In the mean time, I played a lot of racing and driving games that all had X assigned to acceleration and [] to brake. So I don't really want to get used to how it is currently, I'd rather wait for a patch. Also, yes, t...

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Half? You mean they'll add clothes to Ivy's outfit?!

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500 hundred pounds? It's 50 000 pounds? O_O

500 pounds is a lot to ask for, I agree. But 300$ is a very fair price.

Also, I'm not going to check all those monitors you listed, but do any of them have component inputs? I doubt it.

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Oh damn it's got component inputs... You can plug a capture card in there! :D

Considering, considering...

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Haven't played the PC version, but got it on PSN when it was released. My opinion: it would have been much better if it wasn't so difficult. It's a game I wouldn't mind sitting back to and relaxing, but that's not how it turned out at all.

The controls are simple, but unforgiving. You control your "grimp"'s movements so sluggishly, that you can't correct the slightest miscalculation and then end up missing your target, only to fall *way* ...

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AH, well that's a bit better.

Still... Demon's Souls had no "jump", but you needed to roll across gaps in a few places to reach hidden loot. Then in Dark Souls From implemented a jump function (gonna be 100% honest with you, I hate the way they did it! But the button mapping was so perfect already, there really weren't many other ways they could have implemented it) and I have to say it does add to the gameplay.

Do RPGs *need* a jump but...

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