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"Fuck this community."


I wouldn't call it a failure. Does everything I want it to.

It is slow, yes. And some of the icons aren't really necessary when you're playing a game. But then again, maybe some people do use it to go straight from the game to another function, so who's to say which is right? This is another "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario since, I'm sure, other people would complain if those icons were missing from the in-game XMB.
... #1.2.2
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I think it was originally supposed to be a full retail release, but Ubi didn't think it would stack up, so they downgraded.

Does look very promising for a downloadable game, I agree.

I hope it delivers though. I was looking forward to Amy too, which also looked very promising in trailers, but I feel I dodged a bullet not getting that one! #1.3
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Both those industries you mentioned have alternate ways of profiting from their products. Concerts, movie theaters, merchandise, etc. Game devs? All they have is your purchase.

To be fair, though, DLC is becoming a large venue for extra revenue for them. The bigger digital distribution gets, the less you'll hear devs criticizing used game sales. In fact I'm sure it'll become the opposite: a sale will mean more possibilities to sell DLC, from which they'll make... #2.2
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Heavenly Sword? Female Kratos.

The majority of lead roles in TV and movies are also male, by the way. I don't have numbers so I can't say for sure, but I'd venture to say video games aren't very far behind in proportion.

This is just another article singling out video games to criticize when they aren't the only medium at fault. #2.1.1
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lol I like how you phrased that.

At the same time though, devs choose to make games for 360 and PS3, knowing those system's tech specs. That makes it their responsibility to work within those limitations to release a product that works as well as they can make it, since consumers pay good money for their games.

I'm not saying Skyrim is broken, though, I'm speaking in general; the fact that current-gen consoles are getting out... #3.2.3
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I won't argue with you, they actually weren't the hardest plats. But it takes a more serious type of gamer to do it. #8.1.1
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Yeah, the matchmaking is definitely not great at the moment.

Sometimes I'll get a good streak of games going, and then I won't be able to get in a game again for half an hour. Gets stuck "searching for players" or I get disconnected. I just played a game where we were going in with 2 full teams, and when the game launched it was 3v1... and the 1 left after I killed him 12 times! lol

They need to patch the match-making soon. #1.3
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Honestly, I don't know where all this negativity and hate towards Sony comes from. It really started with the PS3, where every single media outlet was just bashing the thing for absolutely no reason. Then the PSP GO, which was actually killed off because of it. I own a Go, and love the hell out of it. I know all the people who were bashing it do not own one, and probably never had an interest in owning one, but I don't know why they feel the need to bash it.

Also I fi... #6.1.1
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On my PSP Go I have 18 games and 16 demos, plus trailers and music, and that takes up 14gb. I don't know how much space Vita games will take up, but I think it's safe to say you won't be needing a 32gb card (let alone multiple ones) anytime soon. Buy a small one for now and upgrade in a few years when you *might* need it (if ever) and the prices will have dropped.

Unless the lack of UMD put you off the Vita for good... In that case I'd just say: your loss. #3.2.3
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- Trophies you need to follow a map for, are NOT for self-respecting gamers.

- "Beat Zico" was NOT the hardest trophy in Wipeout HD--I know, I have it, and I don't even dare go after the elite campaign completion one.

- Personal opinion, but I don't consider Rockband a game for gamers.

Other than that... No mention of Demon's or Dark Souls? Those games are *targeted* at core gamers, so it would figu... #8
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Would be pretty cool to have a copy of the original Resident Evil with a typo on the sleeve! #4
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I don't know about you, but I've had the PS3 since launch, and I'd say the only reason I do know about the alternate functions of the PS button, depending on how long you hold it, is because those used to be its only functions! Before there was in-game XMB, that was the only menu you could access in-game.

So if I'd bought a PS3 after the in-game XMB was integrated, then I probably wouldn't have known those things either. #1.2
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The game doesn't *rely* on in-game purchases at all. Everything is unlockable through playing, and doesn't take prohibitively long either. There's *no* reason for anyone to buy anything beyond the initial purchase price if they don't want to. #1.1.1
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I got to level 30 in 3 hours today. I see no reason to complain about people buying XP multipliers when you can level up that fast legitimately. Seriously, I would just laugh at people wasting their money on unlocks. #2.1
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That's not a surprise. Even in the demo, once you'd spent all your unlock points, it said you could buy some from the store (I don't know if you could yet, but they definitely let you know that would be an option in the full game). To me, it's not a problem. The game is 15$--a very reasonable price point.

I'm not going to spend money to unlock things, I'll just do it playing the game. But people who aren't as skilled and don't level up as fast,... #1
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Sounds par for the course, to me:

Dark Void - Airtight Games

DmC - Ninja Theory

RE:ORC - Slant 6 #4.1
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For the biggest game they've ever produced... they REALLY need to change that logo. #2
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WHY do all you people keep giving these articles attention?? LET THEM DIE. So sick of seeing Vita price articles all day on the front page. #8
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I don't have any issues with the download speeds... It's the INSTALL speeds that drive me nuts. #19
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Rumors? Unlikely? Opinion?

Huh? This isn't a matter of opinion! It's fact; the name's changing. #7
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