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"Fuck this community."


It was a useless comparison.

1. You're comparing a *portable* system with a home console.

2. Vita is releasing *now* (already released in Japan even); Wii U? Not yet.

3. Vita *is* a next gen console also. It's a next-gen portable. Nice try pretending like you're getting old tech by buying a Vita when the Wii U is around the corner.

Did I mention you compared a handheld to a home console? Oh yeah, I did... Because... #15.4.1
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Shit, too late to edit. I meant to write "made a mistake by *not* backing"... #6.1.2
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"[...] pages that presents today’s acclaimed role playing games like Battlefield".

This book? No. Too many mentions of Angry Birds, Kinect, and Dance in one article for my liking. #1.1
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I like your vision! If the SEN can get huge brand recognition, then Sony will be able to offer us more awesome content. They definitely need to start by pushing the "PlayStation certified" line they started.

Btw, I have an unlocked Xperia Arc myself. I went with Rogers first, since I had their sim card by default (bought my phone at BestBuy), but I changed FAST. Their service was HORRENDOUS. I'm with Virgin now. #1.1.4
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Wow, a lot of positivity from Forbes today! It's been so long since I read anything positive from any news medium that I feel a funny feeling inside me... It's like optimism is catching, or something! #9
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I know right! So few positive articles nowadays, especially about Sony, ESPECIALLY about the Vita. #3.3
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I don't know why you got disagrees... The second thing the fans voted as most important, with 33%, was "Explore and discover." The people who disagreed with you must have been content with the exploration in FFXIII! #2.2
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I didn't agree or disagree with your comment because I'm split. On the one hand, I agree that the market on the whole isn't easy on new IPs, but on the other hand, I don't think your example is a very good one. 2 problems I have with your example:

1. The FPS genre is crowded as it is. If a studio wants to make a new IP, that's a very competitive genre to break into.

2. 2 million sales is a very respectable number for a new IP. If that wasn... #1.1
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If they plan to downsize in order to come back stronger, then great. Otherwise, this is not good for gamers.

What I mean is: focus on fewer games, but really back them 100% and advertise the hell out of them. That'll maximize their profit and allow them to make more games again.

But if they just downsize and never return to making more games, then we'll lose out on a lot of diversity. I don't know about you, but most of the time I prefer the more... #74.1
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Everyone knows fanboys are delusional, but I find the fanboy haters to be just the same.

"Oh Sony fanboys are the worst."
"Nuh uh, PC elitists are the worst."
"Yeah right, it's those Nintendo fanboys who are the most rabid."
"360 fanboys will buy and crap M$ makes."

And so on... Fanboys are like trolls; ignore them and move on. No one group of fanboys is worse than another, they're all eq... #81.2
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For providing us with great hardware and software for all these years? Wtf is wrong with people like you? So much Sony hate when all they do is provide us with entertainment. #85.1
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Yay, competition is great for the industry!! Wait... what?

Sony pumps out all these great exclusives, meanwhile people don't give a shit and buy 360s with Kinect bundle. What do you think is going to happen to the exclusives? Yeah, competition; great. #88
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I don't think stereotyping people is funny. "Oh they're gamers, if they see an animal they'll want to kill it". Hilarious joke buddy, you should become a comedian. #9.1.2
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To me, best thing to happen to this console gen has been Demon's Souls, for three reasons:

1. It's an amazing game.

2. Then From gave us Dark Souls too.

3. Sony's been vocal recently about how they made a mistake by now backing Demon's Souls more than they did. I love the Souls series so much, and my greatest hope with it is that it inspires the industry to move in that direction. I hope Sony mean it when they say they learned... #6.1
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I was going to write the same quote in my comment.

The game had me worried for a while because I was getting the feeling that Ueda was losing his vision (in the artistic sense, obviously, not physically!). I mean, it's been in development for 6 years; if not due to lack of vision or poor direction, what else could possibly be the cause?

But if it is in fact because his vision is so challenging, considering what we've already seen out of the PS3 and wh... #4.1
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Fuck if that ugly asshole Kotick can be in Moneyball, Jaffe should be in the next James Cameron film! #12.1.1
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Your comment leads me to believe you would not kill the animal. I know I wouldn't. So why do you assume "gamers", as a whole, would kill it? Why belittle the community you're part of? #9.1
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lol well said.

And you know what, you've pointed out another truth I don't think anyone's mentioned yet on this article: we currently live in the most peaceful times humanity has ever seen.

The issue here isn't so much which technological medium is to blame for our violence, or even if bad parenting is to blame. The issue here is, in fact:


Constant, incessant fear-mongering on the news to... #10.1
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I agree with pappy, and I'd add:

Your point, monocle, is almost contradictory. You're saying that games don't make people violent, and then say parents shouldn't let their kids play violent games. Why shouldn't they let their kids play violent games if the games won't make them violent?

I'm of the opinion, since I've been doing it myself my whole life, that playing violent games does not make one violent. And that parents don&#... #2.2
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1. Video games are a laughable cause to even consider, since other global regions with less violence play the exact same games.

2. I've been playing violent games my whole life, and I'm the most gentle person I know! Also: I watched an episode of The Sopranos once (I wasn't hooked) and I was shocked by the gratuitous and severe violence of it. Here's me, playing violent games day-in and day-out, shocked by a TV show everyone and their mother watches, and no on... #1.3
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