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Profit? What madness are you speaking of? Don't you know that going multiplat automatically = more sales, automatically = better game? Business, development costs... You're on N4G here!

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This is definitely not everything you need to know.

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When I see the term 'gaming laptop', the first word that comes to mind is 'why?'

When the reviewer compared this to the Macbook Pro, it almost made it seem reasonable. But, personally, I'd rather get a laptop focused on portability, and a desktop focused on power. Both together would end up the same price as the Blade anyways, which tries to do both but can't compete in either way.

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I might have read this review if they hadn't mentioned iOS in it (let alone the first damn sentence). So sick of comparisons between the Vita and smartphones.

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What sea are you referring to? Future Shop is in Canada.

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"More than that, I see it as the Vita's biggest key to surviving: apps must be a focus. Games, too, of course, but most definitely apps."

Umm... NO. I want a Vita for GAMES. I don't give a fuck about apps--I have a smartphone for that... And I still don't give much of a fuck about apps on my smartphone. 500,000 apps? Big whoop. You want to know what I use my android phone for? Calling, texting, occasional email and facebook, sometimes I use the camera......

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It just... RELEASED.

If we've learned anything from the PSP, it's that Sony will not easily give up on their portable console. The Vita will be around for YEARS, don't worry. If there are issues, they will be fixed. If it's lacking in games you like, the games WILL come. If you don't like the hardware, it WILL see revisions down the road. Look how many PSP models there are.

Anyone who's complaining about the Vita already, I'll put ...

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I haven't read the article, but if it's as simple as selling sp and mp separately, count me in! So many games with tacked-on mp I don't give a shit about, I could have saved a few $$$ there.

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Consoles don't make a game feel alive, devs do.

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I was interested, but never had access to the comic books to begin with. What the hell!

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Reads like it was written by a 15 year old. When you can only think about criticizing the review rather than take into account their impressions of the game, then it's clearly a poor review. Not up to standards to be submitted to N4G.

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So can we expect an earlier release date in the West? Thatgamecompany are in California, aren't they?

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That girl is a keeper!

As for the controls: I was hoping for a patch that would allow custom button mapping. And I had read we would get that option, but it turns out we don't. Demo controls are same as retail controls, so I sucked it up and got used to them (I've also been playing TM since the first... but last one I played was Black and that was 10 years ago!).

As for the game: for single player, I'd give it 8.5 tops. The physics and AI can get ...

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I'm gonna side with the people who want Uncharted 4 for a PS4 launch title. That would be great for early adopters (me!) and for the console, since you have a huge game right off the bat. Let's see how Golden Abyss helps the Vita, for now.

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Yup, I got Uncharted 1 day 1. I remember doing all the in-game achievements to unlock everything... Then the game got patched for trophies and I had to do it all over again!

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Well, I was only playing Impostors while waiting for Twisted Metal to come out! Which is tomorrow. :D So I'll play TM for a while. Might come back when the DLC comes, like you say. And then it'll be Starhawk time. :D

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lol what a shit list!

I have to say, we see a lot of bad lists on N4G... But if I was to make a list of top worst lists, this one would be at the top.

(Edit: inb4 gypsygib "Say list one more time"!)

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I didn't check if there were save files on my PS3, but I just checked and I didn't lose my stats. Just mentioning it because I was getting save errors last night too. The game wouldn't stop telling me it failed to save, and to press X to try again or O to cancel, but it didn't matter which I pressed, it just kept prompting me. So I don't know if that's related to losing your stats, since like I said I didn't lose mine...

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Whew... I just checked, didn't lose my stats. Would have sucked to lose 61 levels. That's 10 hours of my life I wouldn't get back.

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It's funny how some people will take your word on things so easily. I found the article a little vague, so I decided to click the link to the original source to see if it went into any more detail on the way patching is priced. What I found was actually the opposite. The source doesn't even mention if he's talking about XBLA OR PSN, let alone both, or either. So before you swallow some piece of information so easily and tell these "greedy" companies to "hang your he...

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