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"Fuck this community."


Yup. There goes Pachter pointing out the obvious again. #13.1
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Well, that's all possible.

Since the Vita kept the same store as the PS3 and the PSP, I guess I took that as form of evidence that it would be a lasting digital platform. But you're right, Sony may change to a "new" store alongside the PS4. It's still possible, then, that game ownership will transfer from one store to the other, especially if the community is vocal about it like you said. But you're right, it's also very possible that I, and peop... #3.1.2
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I don't disagree with anything you said, but I just want to play devil's advocate a bit, in terms of digital distribution. I like it for its convenience and, while I'm not 100% familiar with the terms I agreed to upon purchasing them, you can't deny that they've proven fair so far.

I've purchased a lot of PS1 classics from the PSN store. I played them on PS3 first then, when I bought a PSP, I played them there too. If I bought a Vita, I could play them... #3.1
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No way any devs would support this.

Have to start from scratch (pretty much what they have to do with each new console generation) every 4 years? No way. It would be financially disastrous for them. #1.1
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The only thing I find unfortunate in this situation, is that eventually a lot of people are going to use this as an excuse to pirate games, and feel like they're entitled to it.

"But, but... I bought the game on disc because it was cheaper, and now this device that has no disc-drive won't allow me to play my last-gen game. FOUL. I will pirate this game because the digital version is more expensive than what I paid for it on disc. When I bought the disc I was enti... #10
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Except the Vita IS backwards compatible. Only it doesn't have a UMD drive. So you need to get the games that are on the store. So you're in the same boat as people who owned a Go (me, for example).

I've been very satisfied with Sony's DD on the PSN Store. Except for some notable absent games from SQUEENIX (WHERE is Crisis Core? I hate you squeenix, why won't you take my money?), it's got most of the best games in the PSP's catalog. 3rd Birthday is... #6.1.1
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What happened at the end?

Tip: turn down your volume before starting the video. #3
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Take my money. #2
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I'll look for it in stores. If I can at least hold it my hands before buying, that would go a long way to deciding if I'll buy or not. Really, I just need to see how tight and precise the sticks feel, and how the button and trigger depths feel. After that, it'll be testing it in action. How responsive everything is, what kind of dead zone the sticks have, and how rapidly I can execute commands with the buttons, d-pad, and triggers.

Those are the kinds of things I... #1.1.1
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Review dwels way too much on price, and doesn't talk much about actual performance. I don't know if it's worth its price tag yet because none of the reviews for it have told me what I want to know, but even so I feel inclined to purchase this if only to send a message to input peripheral manufacturers: stop making cheap controllers only for the budget-gamers, and start making more high-end controllers. I'll pay for it if it's worth its price. All I want is something that p... #1
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Thanks, that was well said. For sure, some games aren't suited to mouse and keyboard! But I, not knowing better, assumed ME would be great for that setup. #4.2.1
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But are PC gamers bitching?

I know it's a small sample, but for lack of a better one let's look at the posters in this thread:

1 Criticizing BioWare
1 Trolling
2 PC gamers who don't want pad support to begin with

So out of 2 PC gamers... we have 2 people who don't care about pad support. The only one in this thread who is criticizing BioWare, I can't tell if he's a PC gamer or not (no offense Megaton, y... #4.1
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Video games journalism is rampant with double standards. "It's ok for this one game to be broken and cliche as hell, it gets 9.5/10; but this original and fun game, on the other hand, doesn't do what all the other games are doing, 2/10." Wtf?

Honestly TM isn't perfect. Complaints about some of the missions in the SP campaign are founded, as well as AI criticism. But those issues are irrelevant when you jump into the real meat of TM: multiplayer. And fun.... #5.1
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To be honest I don't see where he got the comparison to COD from... But I don't see him bashing the game either. He mentioned it, that's all.

I shouldn't have jumped into someone else's argument, but I hate to see people getting at each other's throats for no reason. #4.1.2
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What a lot of reviewers seem to fail to understand, is that this is not just any sequel to the series... it's the ONLY iteration on current-gen hardware. Therefore, rather than absolutely needing to evolve the game, they first and foremost needed to just bring it back. And as far as I'm concerned, I think Eat Sleep Play did a great job at that. It's genuine TM, on the PS3. All I wanted. And it's a blast. #3
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I know, but the screenshots aren't from gameplay, they're mostly from, let's say, cinematic angles.

I want them all to be down-the-sights and crosshairs, gameplay screenshots. Just to really emphasize that they've all become the same genre. #5.1.1
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If Sony advertise the hell out of it, this will definitely get the Vita huge attention from Western audiences. Can you imagine a proper, full-fledged COD, on a handheld? Will blow people's minds.

1. Would shut up all the "but iPhone games" idiots.
2. Would increase the Vita hype exponentially.

I'll be honest: never was a fan of the COD series. But I realize its general appeal, and I do not deny that it could only be a good thing for... #1.1.1
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It would have been better if they'd picked gameplay screenshots for all the new games--would have been hilarious to see how many of them are FPS/ TPS now. #5
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Profit? What madness are you speaking of? Don't you know that going multiplat automatically = more sales, automatically = better game? Business, development costs... You're on N4G here! #1.1.2
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This is definitely not everything you need to know. #1
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