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It's not how publishers are presenting it, it's how you're perceiving it.

I perceive it differently than you do, so don't go vilifying publishers just yet just because you have a negative point of view.

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Before writing a whole piece on Limited Editions, you should really learn the definition of limited. Limited =/= rare. It just means the edition has a finite print. Like Twisted Metal: the first print comes with a code to download Twisted Metal Black for free. It wasn't rare, all you had to do was purchase it around release date (there's probably even some left in stores). If the first print sells out and they need to ship out a new batch, those ones will not come with TM:Black. It th...

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I've heard that number get tossed around a few times, but to be honest I don't know what it factors. It is only parts? In which case you have to add assembly.

What I do know it doesn't factor, is R&D, advertising, marketing, etc. So no, they probably wouldn't be making much profit, if any, selling the Vita for 200$.

Also, the thing just launched. Meaning there aren't that many units to go around to begin with. So it makes sense to sell...

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The problem with all-in-one devices is BATTERIES.

Have fun playing Vita-quality games on your phone, let's see how much batteries you have left to make calls in a few hours. Oh shit, your phone died because you were using it to play--but how are you going to make that important phone call now? Fuck don't you just wish you'd had a dedicated gaming handheld by now, so you could have played AND keep your phone's batteries charged to make that emergency call?

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WHHYYYYYY the fuck would it need to be a phone?

You want a phone that doubles as a gaming system, get the XPERIA PLAY.

You want a gaming system that doubles as a gaming system? Get the Vita.

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Some people are just never satisfied.

First it was: WOW this tech is amazing! I'll be happy to pay 500$ for this!!!

Then it was revealed to be 250$, and all of a sudden, that's too much because it's a *portable* system.

So what did they want? Less powerful hardware? Then they would have complained about underwhelming specs.

The main issue, here, is lack of foresight, patience, and people generally being spoiled cr...

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Sounds to me like the retailers are bringing it upon themselves. Your first choice was to buy it in store, and *they* drove you to the web by their extortionate practices. They had you and lost you. Their fault, not the times'!

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Sounds to me like you don't need to quit gaming, you need to broaden your horizons. Or just have another look precisely at the place you said you like games best from: Japan. There are still great Japanese games that come to our shores without bending over backwards trying to please us, and that's why we love them.

Ever heard of a little game called Dark Souls?
- Not an FPS
- Not trying to appeal to the West
- Made in Japan


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Yeah, I was dramatizing a bit much.

Gran Turismo is still GT!
Demon's Souls and Dark Souls are incredible games, definitely not quirky!
And I can't wait to see how well The Last Guardian delivers--I bet that one won't have strange humor either.

Mostly it was that screenshot in the article that got to me! "Oh he's creepy looking ergo it's a made in Japan game that's not ashamed to be." Uh...


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Oh but they do... Now that you mention it. All these "iPhone vs Vita" articles, now that I think about it, are probably the opposite of what I was seeing them for. To me it was an idiot dumping on a great product (the Vita), but in reality it's probably hopelessly trying to convince us that iPhones are still relevant. Apple is afraid the Vita will cut into their market, not the other way around...

Conspiracy theory, I know, but we have evidence right in this art...

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So much stupidity in this, I don't even want to begin...

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An analyst can't figure out that when you buy a phone with a contract, YOU're PAYING for the PHONE...

"It costs more than most phones" No, it doesn't.

Go figure... What an idiot.

Edit: you know what, could be that he just thinks people who are reading his comments are idiots and won't read right through them. Which is a terrible shame because the average consumer, who doesn't know better, will eat up every word h...

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I hope no one reads my comment the wrong way, but: When did "Made in Japan" start meaning it was generally weird and over the top? I'm thinking back on most of the best games I've ever played, and the majority were from Japan. But you wouldn't necessarily know it from playing them:

- Final Fantasy
- Resident Evil
- Devil May Cry
- Metal Gear Solid
- Shadow of the Colossus
- Gran Turismo


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Even if they were planning one, they OBVIOUSLY wouldn't admit it. That would hurt their sales, since people would just wait to buy after the price drop--which would also hurt their profit margin.

So the answer is no, and even if it was yes, they'll still say no. SO STOP ASKING.

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Probably because you're way off topic, not replying to anyone, and writing a wall of text to explain something we're all aware of... "which is why xbox 1 games looked so great but then you got an hd tv and they dont look so great aymore. and why ps3/360 games look so great. for now." Wow really? O_O

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Oh, this is not for gaming. It's for listening to music you have stored on your Vita, or any other device with a USB port or even 3.5mm jack.

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3 tracks and 5 cars... so in that one screen you see more than 50% of the game's content!

That has to be the most abusive pricing scheme I've seen to date. If you're going to charge so much for the initial purchase, at least make it a complete package. 12 tracks/ 20 cars, at the very least.

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I'm so sick of seeing the iPhone on the front page. Get the fuck out of my gaming news Apple. Any article that compares the iPhone to the Vita is CLEARLY written by someone who doesn't know anything about dedicated video games systems, hence their news should be irrelevant, and NOT APPROVED.

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I've never seen that option. But then again, I've never even had the comics store for PSP either. Could it be because I'm in NA/ Canada/ Quebec?

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I won't give up just yet on the day they go full digital. But if the day does come where I lose the majority of my games because a digital store closed up, then yeah, I'll walk away from gaming.

But by then I'll probably be old enough that I hope I'll be doing something better with my life! :P (No offense intended to any older gamer. I just spend too much of my time gaming at the moment that it's making me not want to keep up this hobby for the rest of my ...

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