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It's a reflex for me now: title says "doom"? Vote down the article and site.

Edit: unless the name of the game is Doom! In which case I don't vote down.

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Did you read what I said?

This is NOT about personal property. It's about running an illegal lottery.

Doing what you want with your property and running your own lottery are totally unrelated topics.

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What are you saying? All this is, is a law against people running their own lotteries. Can you even begin to imagine the ways people could get screwed over if everyone was free to run their own lotteries for personal gains? This isn't about personal property, it's about running your own lottery for personal gains. It's a law that is in place to protect [admittedly not too intelligent] people from being taken advantage of by crooks. You don't run your own lottery for personal g...

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The media don't care about hints and truth. They care about what sells. They probably understand that video games don't cause people to become violent, but do they say that in their articles? No. They say what will get people's attention.

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I don't even enjoy it on PSP, so I can't imagine on a tablet... (I'm entitled to my opinion! I felt the game had potential, but I really don't like the missions, and it just feels like such a bite-size game compared to its brethren.)

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I don't know, that might be a little generous. You really think there are 10 games worth getting on the App Store?

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But even then it's not fun when you're in a good clan facing a bunch of noobs.

I just hope this game comes with a really good tutorial. For now, it's feeling very disorganized.

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lol genius! Give everyone a stand-alone FTP level-capped mp, and give them double xp. They'll reach the cap so fast they're going to want to buy it so they can keep leveling!

I played the beta, thought it was ok. Downloading the ftp now. To be honest though, I got Gotham City Impostors recently for those times I need a quick mp FPS fix. So I doubt I'll buy the KZ3 mp... But who knows, maybe it'll wow me!

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You can say what you want. But if you're going to support it with 10 bs, biased, and backwards arguments, then yes you're going to get disagreed with. Case in point: this article.

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I don't find that interesting at all.

We all pretty much agree that the problem with smartphone gaming is the lack of physical controls. So basically you're saying you're excited to use the phone for gaming for the one thing it can't do in that department...

This belongs on the tech site, not the gaming site.

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And Disgaea! :D

Not sure if it's a PS exclusive series... But I don't care. I want Disgaea on PSV.

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I gave it 2 clicks:

1. Story quality? Wtf
2. Like the website? No.

It's what I do an all these doom-train articles now. If these shits can get approved, then all I can do is down-vote them.

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Cool. 100$ is a lot to ask for, though...

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I know, I appreciate a great sp game too. But I said "most people". From a publisher's perspective, they want to appeal to as broad a market as possible. Few gamers are still capable of justifying buying a sp-only game, let alone understand that you can play them for hundreds of hours. So if tacking on a mp for 25% more developer work will get a publisher a greater than corresponding increase in sales, then they'll do that. And once they've done that, selling them separa...

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It's a fair question, but I think the author needs to step out of his shoes as a sp-focused end-user for a minute and place himself in the mindset of a developer, or even better yet a publisher.

Publishers, I think (what do I know, right? All I can do is speculate!) are feeling pressure from consumers who want replay value from their games. Most people find it hard to justify paying 60$ for a game that they'll be done with after a couple playthroughs and never touch a...

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That looks really cool. Looks a bit annoying for a single screen setup, since the screen occupies a relatively small area of your field of vision and then there's so much ambiance lighting in comparison. But with a multi-screen setup, this could be a simple way to really add to a game's immersion.

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Yeah, I've spent roughly 100 hours into VC2, Disgaea, and P3P, each! And I haven't even gotten FFT and Tactics Ogre yet, not to mention I already have Disgaea 2 and Ys 7 purchased and loaded onto my Go waiting to be played (I snapped them up when they were on sale). O_O

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The fuck, you have me all figured out huh? Only limited games I buy are the ones I can pick up for the same price as regular, without a pre-order. Which marketing tactics is it I'm falling for?

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I've been doing that for a while, glad I'm not the only one!

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I realize now I'm not just fed up with articles bashing Sony products... I'm fed up with negative bashing articles altogether. These doom-train article writers need to FUCK OFF.

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