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Forgive me for using Wikipedia as a source, but I don't know where else to look for information in this case. Apparently the only other game Studio Ghibli has to their credit is a PS2 game released in 2003.

But if you played others recently, please do share their titles. I'm interested.

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How many of those had stories by Studio Ghibli?

"More of the same"? No...

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30 seconds in, a HEALTH STATION.

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The PS1 TM games had health regen stations.

You fail.

Edit: got ninja'd!

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I found The Boss much harder than The End in MGS3...

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Can you explain to us exactly how the Vita is *not* special? "Just another handheld"?

How about the first handheld with dual analogs? Not to mention touch-screen and touch-pad, and the myriad of other input methods.

The Vita is anything but "just another handheld".

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lol all these words just to say that the headsets do *gasp* "virtual 7.1"... Is there ANYONE in here who didn't know that already?

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Another game for my AtlusStation Portable!

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Dirge was a spin-off. Never meant to be taken at the same standards of a numbered iteration of the Final Fantasy series. There are a lot of spin-off series bearing the Final Fantasy title (there's what, 30-something FF games?). But when you're talking about a numbered game, then those are supposed to be the best of the best in terms of JRPG. Sadly it's not like it used to be...

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There isn't a facepalm jpeg on the internet big enough to describe how I feel right now.

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Meh. I'm not a big fan of racing games with weapons. I prefer when the 2 stay separate. I mean: I'll be buying Twisted Metal day 1, but even in games like Wipeout I prefer racing with weapons off.

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I agree with you two that DD should be cheaper. And I would also buy a lot more games if that were the case. And I never sell my games either, anyways. Problem is, retail stores still hold console games publishers by the balls. So until publishers are confident that they can go DD all the way, its prices will remain high.

(Before anyone replies "but PC games..." PC games are different. 1. They've always been cheaper than console games even in retail stores to be...

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Looks more gimmicky than anything... But I'd give it a try. Thanks.

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I'll be sure to play at least one more match then! Thanks for spending 2 of your 3 bubbles to reply to me, by the way! Hopefully I can help get you some more by voting you up...

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What is this "Pro Controller" you're referring to? I want to see! I'm desperately looking for a controller that is better and more responsive than the standard Sony controller, but can't find anything. (It's a very well put together piece of hardware as it is, but when you do things like speed-run Dark Souls, you get a little more demanding of your input peripherals than the average gamer!)

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Ugh, it drives me crazy when it takes a few minutes to download a demo, then nearly an hour to install it. And once you start an install, you can't even cancel.

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Oh that's not fair! Like how high a level are we talking about? Because I'm level FOUR now! :P I only played 2 games...

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killerhog2? Did you make multiple accounts because you weren't satisfied with your number of bubbles?

Anyways, to address your original comment: I'm getting tired of everyone writing things like "they didn't listen to their fans enough". They're the devs. They should know what they want to do, and what's best for their games. The best games ever made were not made because devs listened to their fans. They were made because the studio had a vision...

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Well, this is Street Fighter X Tekken after all. I think they just wanted to have fun with Mega Man and Pac Man, since they're just extra characters.

If it was Capcom vs Namco, I'm sure these two characters would have been interpreted more faithfully to how we all know them.

(Btw, I'm not a die-hard Mega Man fan, so I'd understand if those who are don't feel the same way as me, but I think that's an awesome interpretation of him!)

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