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"Fuck this community."


He was kidding. He's a comedian. It's what comedians do: they joke. People who get offended by comedians need to:

1. Get a sense of humor.
2. Get off their high-horse. #1.1
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Well that's a fucking kick in the balls. #3.1.1
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Is this PS+ timed exclusive or is the store just ambiguous? I went there looking to buy it, and there's 2 options: PS+, or Pre-Order.

But I just went to IGN now and they claim the release date is next week.

WHY did the reviews for this game pour in so damn fucking early?? I've been patiently waiting for this for a *long* time, but then the damn reviews had to starting pouring in 2 weeks early. Wtf? Now I'm impatient because of all these glowing re... #3
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Not a great read--just your average blog post. Answers his own question right at the beginning: "an average middle ground is better than the rock bottom they might hit for taking a risk" and then goes on a tangent that would have made a much more interesting piece.

What I was getting was the idea that developers need to know the sales potential of their respective genres, be content with that, and make great games in their genre, rather than go for COD sales by maki... #1
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Oh no! Guess I'll just have to buy it then! #3
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So Demon's Souls and Angry Birds are the same, in your eyes? #3.1
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lol where do I mention eyetoy or ps eye? You're the hater.

And by the way, I'd rather have camera peripherals that fail than have one shoved down my throat. Since you're going to bring up Sony (I didn't, you did), I very much like the direction they've always headed and are maintaining, that is: supporting their core audience. #11.1.2
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Uh, what??

Uncharted: 2 consoles
Resistance: 2 consoles
R&C: 2 consoles
Killzone: FOUR consoles.

And those are NOT all 2006-2012.

You want to compare series, do it fairly. Forza: 4-5 games IN one gen ON one console. For a "Sim," no less. #1.7.4
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Are you trying to say Gran Turismo, God of War, Socom, Killzone, and Metal Gear Solid are milked? You're not serious, are you? #1.6.1
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I find the comments in here pretty funny.

Don't get me wrong, they're all great suggestions--I mean that. But perhaps you're all playing the wrong game? Because the things you're all suggesting are drastic changes from where the series has headed.

You guys need to stop kidding yourselves: COD is for noobs. It's why it's so popular--because it's accessible. Anyone can pick it up and at least kill someone. Yes, I'll concede that... #8
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Not everyone... #16.1
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Are you an investor?

Or a gamer?

Enjoy playing kinect and talking about sales then. #11.1
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Are you somehow trying to imply that the reason there's only been 1 new MGS game on a console, in 6 years, is because of the HD collection?

lol #2.3.1
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Only Microsoft product I own is Windows Vista--go ahead, ask me how much I like it! #1.1.2
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I think that's an extremely petty and under-handed business practice on M$'s part. "Simultaneous launch" bullshit, since PSN doesn't update on the same day. It puts the squeeze on small developers to either comply with their demands and launch sooner on XBL or they won't allow them to publish on their service at all. Either way, consumers get the shaft. #1.1
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What are you replying to it for? Report and move on... #6.1.1
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It's not just how quickly they die, too. Some of these games I have no interest whatsoever in the mp.

Why do games with tacked-on mp get half their trophies for mp, and they end up being the most ridiculous and time consuming things? #13.2.2
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No need to buy it--it takes a few hours! Just rent it for a day. But yeah, "pain in the ass" just about sums the whole game up. Every bug and glitch know to gaming has occurred to me at least once during the playthrough (including enemies spawning inside walls, when you need to kill every enemy to proceed--restart checkpoint). #9.1.1
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It's a reflex for me now: title says "doom"? Vote down the article and site.

Edit: unless the name of the game is Doom! In which case I don't vote down. #11
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Did you read what I said?

This is NOT about personal property. It's about running an illegal lottery.

Doing what you want with your property and running your own lottery are totally unrelated topics. #3.3.2
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