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Total War : Rome 2 had a massive engine update over Shogun 2. It ran terribly at launch, it's mostly acceptable now but newer engine does not always mean better performance.

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I think when people say "deal with it" they mean do anything else but waste your time with it. Move on. Go grab a beer and some nachos.

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You should read up on the delayed choice quantum eraser.

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Verdun, it came out recently though.

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Well I'm just glad you've finally seen there is a problem. It's the first step.

The next step is realizing there is nothing you can do about it.

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I'm glad they didn't have one when I started the series. In those early hours with my first Souls game (Bloodborne) I may have been tempted to reduce the difficulty and in doing so I would have lost out on one of the most rewarding learning experiences I have had in gaming. It feels so great whenever you overcome a huge challenge. It's that feeling that made me go back and beat Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 after playing through Bloodborne 3 times.

Everything in the...

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I'm curious to know what you mean by that. Am I supposed to be outraged that a new gaming service has a ToS that looks a lot like the other gaming services?

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Playstation, Microsoft and Steam all have similar user generated content clauses.

Here is the playstation one.
" by transferring, sharing, sending, submitting, posting, uploading or making available User Generated Content on these Sites, you grant SIEA a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and fully sub-licensable license to use, copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, publicly perform, publicly display, modify, adapt, translate, ar...

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It's not for developers. There is a different ToS for selling stuff on the store. All of the gaming networks will have a user content store. As we all know anything we make is automatically copyrighted material. We also know that we hold all rights to the creation and redistribution of our copyrighted material. Meaning if I create a piece of artwork (say an avatar) that gets uploaded to PSN / Steam or Oculus and they make any digital copies of it. Copying from memory to storage for exampl...

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I'm going to go with the Rift, they all look pretty great though.

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Because the PS4 cam is the only camera that can track a blue light?

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Erm the Vive does do it, in fact it has ~ 1mm precision compared to the 1cm precision tracking in the move. Vive comes with controllers.

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It's not just Sony doing this, Oculus will review every game put on their store and will also dynamically reproject frames if the frame rate is not being hit. Valve actually have a piece of software in the Steam VR API which will quit out of the game if the frame rate is not being hit. Everybody knows how uncomfortable it can be.

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5. Tiny hands if you are building micro ATX.

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He doesn't mention anything about the PS VR. He is just saying that he was surprised after we were repeatedly assured that the oculus rift would launch in the $350 ballpark. Like everybody else was.

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I'm confused to what your point is. Are you saying that reprojected framerates are the same as native framerates?

Sony said here that you don't have to scan out at 120Hz as I linked you before so reprojection is not forced, you can have native framerates other than 120Hz.

As Sony mention in my above video you s...

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@kranek12 I think you are forgetting it launches on PC and Xbox One. It has a bigger install base.

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@hvd222 You're telling him to provide evidence to prove yours wrong when you have already admitted your numbers are way off. It doesn't include digital sales. PC is mainly digital sales. Not to mention that VGChartz is known to be hilariously wrong.

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PC buyers with the rigs to power these like me are used to spending a lot of money up front on our hobby. I don't know if the same business model will work in the console market.

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I have a dual GPU, Gsync setup so I take it I am screwed.

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