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I have not bought a physical game for PC in 15 years yet I own 466 games on Steam. I imagine (total guesswork) the digital vs physical ratio for PC is at least 10 : 1 #4
You are mistaken to a point. Steamworks is the multiplayer solution used by a lot of steam games. #6.2.1
Consistently shoddy? You named 2 games in a time span of 8 years lol. Most PC ports are fine. No worse than the console versions at least. You also have to realize there are different standards. Lots of console games run at 20 - 30fps which is normal there but on PC that is considered terrible.

It's also not like launch day issues are a PC specific problem. They are getting more and more common, driveclub and the halo collection are recent examples of this.
May I ask why? #6.1.1
Popular opinion does not equal right. It's an opinion. #11.2
He never said they were coming out this year. What are you on about? #4.1.1
I'm not putting the game down, I'm just listing games that I have played on this setup that perform badly. Those were the only games I could think of.

I'm guessing it is the hall of shame title you find offensive. Switch that out with "Games that perform badly on SLI 980s" #28.3.2
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That's more of an AMD issue, I find Nvidia produce working SLI driver support day one for most launches. #7.1.1
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I have SLI GXT 980s and this game came with one. Will install and leave my results after work. I find it hilarious in a laugh through the tears way when games run poorly on this rig. Although that does not happen very often at all.

Hall of Shame

Ark: Survival Evolved

Although in their defence these games are in Early Access.

For that one guy that does not believe that PC Gamers can own high end har... #28.3
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Sony are teaching people that good things come to those that wait and wait and wait. #23.1.1
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Already out of stock #2
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Err Torment Tides of Numenera, Bloodstained and Project Eternity have all raised more than Shenume 3 so far. I wonder if Shenume 3 will taper off as quickly as the other kickstarter projects. #6
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I notice this as well, I need 50 fps minimum to enjoy a game with a mouse but can be fine with 30 fps on a controller. #12.2
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I feel like they are just throwing in the base game for free, I would be upset if this cost more than the expansions of other games but it doesn't. #3.3
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There is no sub fee, how is £35 expensive. Other MMOs charge more per expansion and have sub fees. #3
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I buy digital 100% of the time for PC. I have 200+ games installed on my HDD and ready to play at the click of a button. I can't imagine having to manage all of those games physically. For console games I often by physically as you tend to be able to find better deals as PSN and Xbox Live do not have competition like Steam has. #30
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More DRM? you mean the same DRM but with a refund policy. Last I checked games were tied to your account on PSN too which is how steamworks handles it.

If you are saying idiots and fanboys are a detractor from a platform then you must also hate consoles as they have a ton of both.

As for your points.

Here are some of the latest developments from steam.

Steam Discovery - Resulting in one of the best store interfaces.
... #28.2
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And yet it still has more features than the console networks that you have to pay for.

Ah Console gaming. #28.1
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I'm primarily a PC Gamer but have an Xbone and PS4. They are both great consoles and both have great games. Hopefully more soon. #15.2
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I have a PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Will be great to watch the PC conference, Sony conference and Xbox conference. Will be strange to have a PC conference at E3 and I doubt it will live up to the budgets of the other conferences but should be fun regardless. #20
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