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If I used this kind of language while representing my company I expect to be terminated immediately and possibly sued. It's not professional regardless of whether or not you think it is racist and reflects badly on the company.

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There are but I imagine most won't want to post any comments here as it definitely doesn't look like a place where such opinions are the norm. They probably just see the comments as toxic sludge and just use the site to find gaming news.

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I enjoyed both but I can't put one above the other. I loved them both so much. The PVP in Bloodborne was worse in my opinion.

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Just went through the 90 day one ( ) looking for exclusive games that scored 80 or higher.

PS4: 6
PC: 5
Xbone: 0

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I actually agree with him on the notifications / user interface side. I miss the days when consoles were less complex than PCs, you just plugged it in and played. Even the Switch isn't like this today, although they system updates much faster than my PS4 which is nice.

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The steps are probably pretty similar PC / Pro consoles -> original consoles -> switch. The pro consoles probably caused as much pain as the Switch will.

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Don't take this the wrong way... but I don't understand why people pre-order stuff. Maybe it's because I am mostly digital now but I always wait for the reviewers who share the same opinions as me to review what I am looking at buying and then try and make an informed purchase from that. Even then I get burned more often than I would like.

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And the support from Sony, Sony don't even stock it in the UK anymore. Can't even get it new on Amazon

My Vita recently died and I can't buy a new one and the repair costs pretty much the same as a new one but you end up with a refurb :/

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Aye I'm sitting on the outside and have found myself defending it. Not sure why people are attacking it so much, either way too much time on their hands, jealousy, or in doing so you enter into an amazing sweepstake. If it's the latter can you guys let me know so I can enter :P ?

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No it isn't lol. You would be forcing one side to have an attach rate of 100%. How on earth is that a fair comparison. It's like going the other way and showing just how much higher the attach rate is for Zelda over Horizon zero dawn and saying gamers like it more because they are more likely to pick it up if they own the system. That's not a fair comparison either as Zelda is one of very few games in the Switch library (The console most people are playing the game on) where the P...

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But it is out of stock everywhere. How does that not count as flying off the shelves. If anything it suggests retailers need more stock. (The ones that say in stock actually are out of stock when you click through as of now)

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Glad I'm not the only one who didn't find it believable. Pretty sure her legs are not supposed to be inside the horse.

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It definitely seems to matter to you. Me personally, I just want a couple of beers and a bag of Haribo.

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I seem to be a part of the small group who is indifferent to achievement pop-ups in games, would not miss them at all. It seems more people really like them though so I guess Nintendo should cater to them.

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@rainslacker You can be perfectly correct with your wording and still deemed to be misleading. False advertising is what you are thinking of. Misleading advertising just means any advertising which makes claims that are likely to give customers the wrong understanding of the quality or price of something. Read customer, not graphics engineer.

For example I could render a 1080p image to a 4k framebuffer with no scaling (black borders) at all and say it was 4k. I'm prett...

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The people who did not notice those issues before the patch just have to be blind or something. I'm not sure how it is after the patch, not played it in forever but it was so immediately noticeable for me. I spend most of my time gaming at 144hz+ though so maybe my eyes have been trained or something.

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Have you? I was in Cologne in August and personally did not notice a change, although I spent most of my time inside the event.

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Depends on what platform and what type of game you play. You won't be getting any odd looks for playing grand strategy games, well at least they wont be because of your age ;)

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5.6 million sales on PC (Steam copies alone). There is nothing as accurate as Steam spy on console but according to VGChartz, I know it sucks but it is probably slightly better than pulling a number out of thin air then that is more than the game sold on Xbox One. Do you think they should skip the Xbox version too or are you one of those people that lump all the consoles together wh...

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Welcome to the club, enjoy it :D

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