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Aw I liked that about Dark Souls, each death taught you a lesson and gave you the opportunity to go back and apply what you learned to the same situation.

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Third party support on PC? What do you mean where is it. There are more third party games on PC than any other platform. There are decades worth of titles.

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@nix Starchild has been here for ages and to my knowledge he is primarily a PC Gamer. I don't think he gave a crap like the rest of the PC Gamers. We have been hearing that the PC is dead for ages so we are pretty good at ignoring these BS claims.

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I can bet on that, when all of the speculation points to the opposite being true? At least give me a rumour to go off of.

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You can make the same argument though about PC and consoles as they stand. There will always be things that hold us back.

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We know the rumoured specs of the Neo. If they are anything like the rumoured specs of the Scorpio then they will be accurate. It wont be as powerful.

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I want to know how much this thing is going to cost. Nice specs though.

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165 here. Although I don't normally get that many frames :'(

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Never played Demon's Souls but I loved the rest of those games. 5 isn't enough though I also loved Dragon Age Origins, the witcher 2 and 3. Oh and Mass Effect 2 and 3

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I never got those kind of replies. How is telling someone they are in the top 1% meant to make them feel bad about being in the top 1%. I wanna be in the top 1% :'(

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@fatsodubmo No that is illegal (At least it is here in the UK). You can't discriminate against somebody because of sex, sexuality, age, gender or race. It definitely did not go well in this case at least :

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I've used both with my PC and they both have their ups and downs. I prefer the softer material on the Xbone thumbsticks but prefer the lower actuation force on the DS4 shoulder buttons. To me a hybrid of the two would be the best controller.

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That's because it is the only platform where you have a chance of resolving launch issues yourself before waiting for a patch. Developers releasing buggy software is a trend not limited to PC alone.

These articles can go for any game as well as they often list general PC troubleshooting stuff, make sure graphics drivers are up to date. Make sure you have DirectX installed. Those kinds of things that most PC gamers will do automatically without even thinking about it.

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Total War : Rome 2 had a massive engine update over Shogun 2. It ran terribly at launch, it's mostly acceptable now but newer engine does not always mean better performance.

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I think when people say "deal with it" they mean do anything else but waste your time with it. Move on. Go grab a beer and some nachos.

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You should read up on the delayed choice quantum eraser.

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Verdun, it came out recently though.

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Well I'm just glad you've finally seen there is a problem. It's the first step.

The next step is realizing there is nothing you can do about it.

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I'm glad they didn't have one when I started the series. In those early hours with my first Souls game (Bloodborne) I may have been tempted to reduce the difficulty and in doing so I would have lost out on one of the most rewarding learning experiences I have had in gaming. It feels so great whenever you overcome a huge challenge. It's that feeling that made me go back and beat Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 after playing through Bloodborne 3 times.

Everything in the...

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I'm curious to know what you mean by that. Am I supposed to be outraged that a new gaming service has a ToS that looks a lot like the other gaming services?

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