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I have the ROG Swift and love it to bits #1.2.4
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I'm afraid Sony still have to abide by local laws even if you disagree with it. It has nothing to do with if he is right or wrong. If there is a right to cancel or cooldown period for digital items in his country and he is within it he has to be refunded.

I'm not really sure what the disagrees are about. #9.1.4
This can be a problem, I know some services will ban you if you chargeback. Not sure about PSN but I believe Valve locks your account if you chargeback a Steam purchase. Although you should be able to get it back by talking to support. Either way you are going through support. #20.1
Funny how people on this Site think. It sounds like you guys want Sony to be less consumer friendly. #19.1
More likely a keylogger or other malicious program on your end. #17.1
@UnwanteDreamz that depends on local laws. In some places it is flat out illegal for them to not refund him. #9.1.2
Just to clarify, this makes games purchased in Russian and other really low priced markets no longer activatable outside of these regions. This does not mean that all games you purchase are region locked. It does mean we will probably have to pay more than £20 for new games on release though. If we decide to buy them on Steam. #21
Some of them may just have glasses. You might want to get some. #2.2
I think this list should specify that it is talking about the best graphics on consoles. I would expect Star Citizen to be included if this was including PC games. #15
So I should drop my 980 and 1440p / 144hz monitor to go and game at 1080p 30 - 60 on console?

Or I could just not switch and play it on my PC or PS4 as I own both. #30.1
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I'm guessing this is over, just got up and Steam is working fine. #13
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No they don't, consoles have super slow UIs and messaging systems that take forever. Steam is slick and fast. #3.1.3
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That is actually pretty interesting. I wonder how well it runs less demanding games as well. #1
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Yep, it was a thing for the first time this year and guess what, people got trampled and did stupid things. #1.2.5
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apparently 5 people and you care about what he said so far. #7.1.1
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Well that 170 and 24 look like mb and MB. The latter is almost the former divided by 8. Are you sure PSN is showing mb?

The wireless card in the PS4 is pretty terrible so you may want to use Ethernet if you want good speeds. #8.2
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The whole industry puts an emphasis on the holiday, every year October and November have the most games #5.2.4
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So I am to assume that you people who dislike non accurate colours all own high end calibrated IPS / CRT monitors designed for colour work and not TVs which are most likely to have their own colour profiles that are not in any way accurate?

Pretty much all TN panels will crush every single colour as they are 6 bit panels and not 8 bit panels.

What I am trying to say is I do not care about colour accuracy and I doubt you people do either, the colours look bett... #9.5
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I doubt I would care if I had one. I am gaming at 1440p on a 144hz monitor which I find pretty amazing. #2.1.1
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I can't really see a singleplayer being very valuable in a game like this. #2.2
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