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Just over $4000

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@OffRoadKing It's nothing to do with supporting. Saying nothing is not supporting. Hoping gay people aren't represented in a game or in games in general is something else. Calling a kiss 'QUEER SHIT' just because it's between two women is disgusting and I hope these same people don't comment like this when it comes to real people sharing a kiss.

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Being normal doesn't mean the same thing as being right. It doesn't affect me one bit so I don't mind it. Disliking something just because it isn't the norm is a really boring way to look at things

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@Prettygoodgamer. Fortnite. That's why people are upset that you can't do the same if you have ever played the game on a PS4.

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They don't normally accept refund requests, what's the problem? Well it's still that they don't normally accept refund requests. Just because an anti-consumer practice is common doesn't make it okay. We should all push back against stuff like this no matter what platforms are doing it. More so if it's a platform we are invested in.

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Would you really though or would you be happy with the added job security? I'm sure they negotiated their terms with Microsoft

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All of the big companies (Google, Samsung, Intel, Nvidia, Microsoft...) are researching and investing money in AI, Nvidia are using it in games already for their RTX stuff. Haven't heard much of devs using neural network AI in their games though.

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Or if they are one of the people on here who hate PC.

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is anything that has women in it going to be called SJW now?

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Never got into the series but aren't they all pretty cringe?

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Ori looks so beautiful. I might try this one when it comes out, I didn't really get into the first game

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Am I missing something or is this story literally just "Game had more players on it's release month (December) over the Christmas period than it did in June the next year" ?

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They are making a ton of royalties from this game. 5% of the 40M copies sold is quite a bit. It just hurts everyone to quit the relationship

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Halo: CE was great, I kind of wish the series hadn't changed so much from the original trilogy. I really like the struggle between the covenant, the humans and the flood. Never really enjoyed the new robot enemies.

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Wolfenstein already did that and it was amazing. Count me in!

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This isn't a freedom of speech issue, if people are allowed to make games about shooting up schools freely then people should also be allowed not to like it and to complain and or not sell it in their stores. It has to work both ways.

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Agreed, sales wise Call of Duty will most likely win but I much prefer the Battlefield games.

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I doubt most people here even know what DICE PR and DICE devs have been saying, I doubt they could identify these conflicts.

Most people just seem to be upset about politics.

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That's pretty cool, it's nice to see new places even if it's just in a video game.

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But they did fight in WW2. Women did also die on the frontlines.

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