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I want them to make the downloads less terrible, why does it wait for confirmation to resume the download if it ever gets paused because of a disconnection? The reason I pressed download was to download the thing. #19
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PhysX is more than just a fluid system. Most of PhysX can not run entirely on the GPU, it is a full PhysX engine and is responsible for the Physics in most big engines including Unreal Engine and Unity. It is definitely not for decorative use, it is the industry norm. #6.2.2
Lol, that's ironic. #18.2
You make it sound like Uncharted games look like their teasers. Come on, be honest with yourself. #15.1.1
I would not say you can throw the master chief collection in the same boat as a one year old game being re-released. Stuff like Tomb Raider is a better example. The Master Chief collection is making me want to get an Xbox One. #4.4
Indie means independent which means you are self publishing, it has nothing to do with team size. #4.2.3

It's a really wide spread issue. I actually used one of the fixes listed there (Downgrade radio to b/g instead of n) which increased... #3.6.5
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I'm a programmer by trade, we are not rare amongst nerds. #7.1
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@BlackTar187 It depends just how much know how you have, I very rarely run into issues on PC and when I do it is normally sorted fairly quickly.

When I run into an issue on PS4 I can't do anything about it, it's a closed system. I would love to replace the wifi card in that thing with a decent one but I can't. With PC it would be a 5 min job. #3.6.2
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He is talking about the paralympics #6.1.2
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I also might get an xbox one for this. My poor desk space :'( #45
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I would expect that number to be growing. I use netflix and other online services for most of my media consumption and because of it I have not even bought a HD TV. #7.4.1
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The PS4 has a cheap wifi card in it. Google this issue and you will find a few common themes with it. If your speeds are slow and your router is broadcasting n try switching to b/g. For some reason that downgrade helped my speeds.

The card in the PS4 does not support most new wifi standards. #30.3
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you know it! #1.1
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Since when did people care about making sense on N4G. #1.2.1
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Your internet connection is a two way street. The PSN servers have never been as fast as the Steam or Origin servers for me. For other people they are fast. It is much more complicated than how fast your connection is. #17.1
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The funny thing is I have never seen such an even split in sex anywhere else. Maybe it is just the requirement for communications but I have actually been in the minority as a male on a few occasions. #6.1
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@hkgamer They should then elevate the matter to their Manager. Instead of responding in a way that could damage the companies reputation. #1.6.2
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It is an nvidia card and so does have built in recording and streaming with Shadowplay. You can also opt to use whatever recording software or hardware you chose and you can upload to way more places. I don't think recording and sharing is a good argument when you are fighting the console side.

Windows has hassle free updates, you don't need to do anything for most of your drivers and other software to update. The only exception really is graphics drivers (which do in... #10.1.1
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"TotalBiscuit: Your game isn't at 60FPS? I'm not buying it.

PC Elitists: ^^ This. I'll just wait until it's modded."

Everybody holds games to their own set of standards, 30FPS is a fair enough reason to not play a game if you dislike the experience. I'm not really sure how this is relevant to your other points. Are you saying you would prefer people not to ask developers for better ports / higher graphical standards and just acc... #9
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