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Depends on what platform and what type of game you play. You won't be getting any odd looks for playing grand strategy games, well at least they wont be because of your age ;)

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5.6 million sales on PC (Steam copies alone). There is nothing as accurate as Steam spy on console but according to VGChartz, I know it sucks but it is probably slightly better than pulling a number out of thin air then that is more than the game sold on Xbox One. Do you think they should skip the Xbox version too or are you one of those people that lump all the consoles together wh...

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Welcome to the club, enjoy it :D

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They seem to be positive.

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Or Sony could do what Nvidia and AMD do and go through every (almost) single title and make a profile for it. They could even automate it by throttling for games that use the GNM API if they wanted to be cautious and throw in the occasional white-list (probably almost everything will run fine independent of the clock speed).

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I've been playing with 1440p 165Hz. Going to stick with this until single cards can deal with 4k 60 ultra on most titles.

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Yup have all the systems, only boot up my xbone and ps4, 3ds, vita etc for exclusives.

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The difference is actually there, with the Vive for most games you are actually moving when you are moving in game as you walk around the room so there is not a disconnect (unless your framerate is bad) between what your eyes report and what your other senses report which means no sim sickness. Oculus will support Roomscale soon and will inherit the Vives library of roomscale games that should be safe for people who get sim sickness.

I myself am fine with artificial locomo...

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Is he wrong or do we just down vote factual statements now? (logic not need apply)

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They all ship to Canada and have since day 1. I'm confused.

Vive Shipping list - http://www.androidcentral.c...
Oculus Shipping list -

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"Once again reviewers only reviewing for themselves" As it should be.

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N4Xbox sounds like a nice change of pace, I'll take it for a couple of months. N4Wii next please.

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I understand not including the case, as everyone will want a different one. I started off with a £10 keyboard and mouse combo from tesco and got better ones down the line. Also I feel like most gamers have a ton of controllers. I have 3 - 4 keyboards and a few mice, 3 Xbone controllers, 1 DS4 and a 360 controller.

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It's even more funny when the Playstation fanbase turn around and do the same to the Xbox fanbase. There will be bad apples in every group of this size.

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Kinda funny but taken literally (I know this is not what you mean) I actually hear that argument more often than is funny. "At least I don't have to muck around with settings in a config file and write my own windows kernel to get my games to work" (Example marked E for Extreme)

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@Errorist76 That's all personal opinion though. I doubt a bunch of Moba gamers would think UC4 could compare to their favourite game. I own a PS4 and my favourite game on it is Bloodborne. It's not amazingly better, incomparable even, to dark souls just because it is an exclusive. That's just silly.

I don't get why fans of certain games need to push their choices on other people, just play whatever you like on whatever you choose. To me this reeks of, I can&...

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I have no idea what this even means. You want a game scored as highly as uncharted? check metacritic. You want a game with better graphics? Check battlefront or battlefield 1 at 1440p or 4k. I reckon this is just a silly non argument though and I am wasting my time replying.

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Sony has rotational reprojection which oculus has had since day 1 (They called it ATW) so if anyone is getting sued it will be Sony. ASW is translational reporjection and works with ATW so now they do both (which Sony does not do).

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There are plenty of videos of people using two sensors with the touch controllers just fine in the most popular room size layouts (according to the steam survey) so I am guessing this is something you should pick up if you have a big space or are experiencing issues. It might be fine for you with 2 otherwise.

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You're not very good at math, you were off by 10% or 18 million gamers.

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