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@tee_bag242 He called it a new genre in his comment and yes it has existed for a while on PC. Player Unknown's battlegrounds was a natural evolution (mod) of DayZ (2012). Player Unknown's DayZ Battlegrounds came out in 2013 as the first pure battlegrounds game/mod without zombies in it. H1Z1 came out in 2015 and then games like The division, GTA 5, PUBG and more came out more recently either as full battlegrounds games or with battlegrounds modes.

I've personall...

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I really loved that game and I enjoy the RPGs too. But that was my favourite multiplayer FPS for a long time.

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I bought the first game on PS4 and it was okay. I got bored of it pretty quickly and didn't bother with any of the DLC. I thought that I wanted Destiny 2 on PC but now it's a thing I'm not sure I care at all. I guess we all want what we can't have.

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This argument makes no sense to me. Do any of the games that are attempting to implement crossplay have any issues with matchmaking queue times? Do they have low enough player counts on Xbox to make the matchmaking time any different than it is on PS4?

I don't know as it's not something I have tested but I think it's extremely unlikely that player count is the reasoning behind this. Didn't Sony already give a reason for blocking it, protecting the kids or wh...

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@rainslacker There is also nothing like it on consoles which must add to the scepticism. Battlegrounds is not a new name for PC Gamers, we've enjoyed the mods in Arma 2 and 3 for the past 4 years so we know what to expect from a battlegrounds game. PC Gamers tend to be pretty supportive of mods that turn into fully fletched products down the road. It's a big part of PC Gaming history.

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"Why the hell would they throw their biggest competitor a bone?"

Because it would benefit their consumers and their brand by making them look great. But if their consumers really don't want this feature, like this site would let you believe then there is no reason to do it. I doubt it would cause people to switch to Xbox, people say it here all the time but the reason people pick a PlayStation is for the games.

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Because now it is more likely gamers will pick it up on console and then pick it up again when it releases on PC and then again on PS5 and Xbox One Two.

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People keep bringing up that yet no games run off a blu-ray drive in these consoles and rightly so as HDDs and SSDs are way faster. So you are left with a drive for media consumption and DRM for your games. Most people in the UK at least prefer to stream their media digitally with a platform like Netflix or Spotify. On Demand streaming over here has even overtaken broadcasting in popularity.

As much as it pains people, optical drives are a thing of the past.

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Steam do have matchmaking servers, their API allows you to do much of what the console APIs do. Voice chat, cloud storage, retrieving avatars and yet it is completely free for the user. Most games are not hosted on the console servers, they are hosted by the publisher and so there really is no to very little difference in the offerings.

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It's definitely not low tier, mid to high tier for sure. But I agree it is not a premium PC. I'm not even sure I would count my setup as a premium PC anymore, 2 980s, i7 6700k, 1440p 165hz. It's probably 4k capable but I prefer to play my games at greater than 120 fps.

However you class it, it's going to be great value for money.

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Nope, It has no impact on how I weigh the value of a game whatsoever. I understand why people like collecting things but I've barely got enough time to play the games I own, let alone play the achievement game.

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@frostypants So do I and you are completely wrong on that one. Uncharted looks better than horizon and is comparable to the Witcher 3 on PC but not Horizon. That game does not look as good as either of the other 2.

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A GTX 680 (5 year old flagship) can run CS:GO at 4k > 60fps. The 980 runs it at 4K and greater than 150 fps. I'm not in any way trying to downplay the Xbox one x here but what the guy said above is true.

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Any PC gamers in here that upgrade their PC every year? Also what's wrong if they do, they have the choice. I'm still running 2 980s from 2014. Not upgraded anything since and I can play every release since at 1440p ultra and normally greater than 100 fps.

You made the choice binary. But PC is a massive offering of choice, not a single choice.

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I love the music from the Halo games. If they did two things right from the start it was the music and the enemy AI.

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Good to hear, Metro last light is brilliantly optimised on pc. Getting 100+ fps at 1440p maxed with sli 980s.

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And it has been exclusive to PlayStation. Does not mean it will be forever ad long as it does not breach any contract with Sony.

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When pc and mobile have the biggest playerbase for one of the games in question that makes no sense.

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The game developers are the ones lobbying Sony. They are way more valuable to Sony than a small minority of consumers on the internet and Sony seems to continually shut them down. I'm not saying it hurts to try but don't expect Sony to listen to you.

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I'm fine with that if It's cosmetic or additional content but please don't lock away content in the same vein as Destiny 2. It's very anti-gamer.

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