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KOTOR was awesome #29.1
I came into Bloodborne with zero expectations, expecting the hype to be a result of the next gen consoles having tiny libraries. Oh how I was wrong. I am enjoying the game a ton, beat the game twice and playing through it for a third time now, I don't think I have ever done that before. It is easily the best game I have played this year. There are issues though and I would not be a PC Gamer if I did not whine about something, the load times are abysmal and some of the effects have a massi... #2
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@ _-EDMIX-_ Look at metacritics list of exclusives for any month this year or the last. PC always has more high rated (75+) exclusives even if they don't have the same budget.

In February PC had 8 and PS4 had 2. Last month it was pretty even. I don't get how you guys can say PC does not have good exclusives. #13.2.2
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The point is it makes no sense, you never code close to the metal. There will always be a huge amount of abstraction there to make the life of the programmers bearable. Nobody will be writing games in assembly any time soon. High level languages and APIs will always be there even on the consoles. What people really mean is that the consoles can and do have more efficient APIs. Although that looks like it will be a thing of the past soon. #5.3.3
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Goodbye cat, thanks for the prizes. All the best. #89
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I thought the general opinion was that Bloodbourne was easier than the souls games? #10.1
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I have a 6TB raid drive just for games. Why have limits? :P #20
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According to counter strike: global offensive has 12M and Counterstrike Source 13.5M, Left 4 Dead 2 has 11M. Important to note that this is owned on steam and not necessarily bought. Free Weekends will set everyone as owned while it is going on and it is based on a limited set of data. #24
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I noticed the bosses I absolutely destroy and the bosses that destroy me depend on build / weapon. For example I had trouble with Darkbeast Paarl on my strength / axe character but beat him without letting him attack once with my skill / cane character. Took 40 seconds to kill him. Same with Rom.

I killed blood starved beast really easily on my first try with... #16.1.2
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I don't get why you are intentionally trying to aggravate PC Gamers. Why not play the game instead? #1.1.15
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That's what I did, I have a PC, PS4 and Xbone and there are great games on all of them. Bloodborne is definitely one of them. #24.1.1
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And you guys call the PC guys Elitist snobs, yet all I see in this article are console gamers picking a fight with PC gamers who are not even commenting. Stay classy.

Anyway back to Bloodborne for me, where is that bell lady :< #23
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Isn't the PC version DX11 now, did that add anything to the visuals? #8
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I hate motion blur, I find it strange that people want to intentionally make their picture less sharp. In some games it has made me feel sick and I have had to completely abandon them due to not having the option for it. Depth of field is another one I dislike, more blur for your blur. Throw on some blurry AA technique on top of that and everything looks disgusting.

To me the whole point of higher resolutions is to achieve a sharper image and blur takes away from that.
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@ftrain maybe he is playing coop, it seems to happen a lot when looking for people to summon. If you have someone join you it is best to silence the search for additional people as it seems to reduce the lag. #9.1.4
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They made me execute that old lady, it's not my fault! #10.2.3
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The Halo 2 cutscene remaster was glorious. Awesome if true. #2.1.1
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You're attacking both groups of fanboys and expecting balanced people to agree with you. Hint: Nobody is balanced on N4G. #9.1
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No they wont. There is a massive notification on that benchmark that says it is not representative of real performance and not to use it to compare graphics cards. They will probably just continue to work on their DX12 drivers. #2.2
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Actually draw calls are one of the most used metrics for measuring performance, that along with frame time (which is the better metric). A lot of developers will be able to get a pretty good guess of how a game will perform just by the draw call count and the target hardware.

If you look up material on optimizing games you will generally find that draw calls and ways to reduce them are some of the most talked about items.

Source: Being a hobbyist games dev #3.1
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