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"Metal Gear forever"


Legend of Zelda NES
Resident Evil 4 HD xbox360
Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 #34
REmake the game just like Capcom Remade Resident Evil 1 on Gamecube/REmake HD.

I loved Resident Evil 4 and RE5 was good. Lets be honest RE6 was trash and only the COD ADHD kids like RE6.

RE3 : Nemesis has always been my favorite original Resident Evil game. #18
Always online = no buy for me. #12
I still play Black Ops 2 on 360 and today at peak there was over 90 thousand and on weekends BO2 hits over a hundred thousand online. #10
Black Ops 2 will be the last great traditional Call of Duty.

Even Black Ops 3 has wall running and Advanced Warfare was not COD with the Exosuits and super jumping BS.

This is why Black Ops 2 remains very popular online. There are still over a hundred thousand people play Black Ops 2 just on Xbox360 everyday.

COD Ghosts is a wasteland online and Advanced Warfare lost support with long time COD fans online. #7
No co op. Keep the game pure.

Just do the full REmake of Resident Evil 2 just like REmake HD. #9
I have been a Playstation only gamer since the PSone.

I was simply stating that the Xbox One has big exclusives this Holiday season.

Now I see why many Xbox gamers avoid this site.
The Fact is Sony has absolutely nothing to counter games like Halo 4 or the Gears remaster.

Damn chill out. I thought we were all gamers here. #42
The Xbox One will have a great holiday season in the U.S. with Halo and Gears of War.

If the xbox One is able to push around 4 million units this Holiday in the U.S. And Europe Microsoft could cut Sonys lead down.

Its amazing how the PS4 is selling so atrong across the world with so few exclusives this year.
It proves that having mutiplatform games is very important. #14
The Uncharted Collection looks great. Better than I expected.

All those Trophies ! #33
The PS4 has console exclusivity with Street Fighter 5. That will sell a few million PS4s.

The COD timed exclusive DLC could push sales of PS4 depending if Call Of Duty remains as popular as it was last gen.

Also Destiny sold Twice as much on PS4 as Xbox One so the commercials having PS4 logos do have a large effect on the casual shooter fan. #9
Currently the PS4 has sold over 23 million. The Xbox One is around 13 million.

The PS4 is selling faster than the PS2 in the same time frame. #8
That is the real Sony made Nintendo Play Station prototype.

That is a very rare piece of gaming history.
That guy and his father will soon be rich. #27
I can play driveclub offline. #12
Finally get to play a good racing game on. My PS4. #19
Now if only Iwata would leave Nintendo before he completely destroys them. #18
Just get the game on PS4.

Of course PC elitist will use this as another excuse to pirate the game and that is the reason many game publishers and developers avoid PC ports of many games. #31
As long as Iwata is in charge and Nintendo continues to live in their self imposed bubble nothing will change. #19
Online required for single player = No Buy. Not Interested. No Thanks. #7
Nintendo needs to go full third party on PC , PS4 and Xbox One.

This will happen if the NX is another flop like the Wii U.

I'm sure they would sell 20 million copies of Super Mario Maker if it was on PS4 and Xbox One. #25
The new Doom is exactly what I wanted. Classic Doom gameplay mechanics and gory detailed graphics.

Today's younger gamers are too jaded and have forgotten that videogames are supposed to be FUN. #30
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