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"Metal Gear forever"


I like Treyarch and I loved Black Ops 1 and I liked BLops 2 also.

I will pass on Black Ops 3. The game is just a mix of Titan Fall and every other sci fi game released within the past 5 years.

The only way I will ever buy another COD is if Activisions remakes Call of Duty 4 or Modern Warfare 2 for current gen. #15
After Microsofts terrible Xbox One announcement I knew the PS4 would be the go to next gen
Game console for the core console gamers.
Don Mattrick killed the Xbox brand with his push on the Kinect
And trying to claim the casual market that had moved on to mobile and tablets.

I knew that Nintendo had lost the support of core gamers with the Wii
Every gamer knew that the Wii was a success due to casuals that don't really
Play videogam... #15
I thought advanced warfare was the final last gen COD.

So they are still using the same old game engine from COD4 ?
If Black Ops 3 is ported to the Xbox360/PS3 then this is STILL not on a true current gen engine.

I'm sick of all this future warfare stuff anyway and I'm done with playing a slightly upgraded call of Duty game every year. #10
Both the Xbox One and PS4 are strong solid consoles that are still early in their life cycles.
Both consoles will have great games.
Even the Wii U games like Mario Kart 8 look great.

Let the graphic whores , polygon counters and resolution obsessed freaks argue over their precious PCs.

Just enjoy all the great games that you will have with your shiny new game console.
Have FUN. Remember that ? #13
I respect the Nintendo faithful as I grew up playing NES and the SNES is still my favorite game console of the last 35 years.
As a console specific gamer I just can't understand the reasoning of robbing yourself of all the great
Multiplatform games like the Witcher 3 Mortal Kombat and Arkham Knight just to
Show your support for Nintendo.
Just give in and get a PS4 already, or a Xbox One if you really like Halo. #12
I bought this for PS4 even though I had played REmake multiple times on my old GameCube.
I love this game and it looks and sounds great on both last gen and current gen consoles.
Now just give us a full Remake of Resident Evil 2 and RE 3 :Nemesis and I will be a very happy gamer ! #4
I was going to buy a Wii U for the virtual console.
The Super Nintendo is my favorite game console
With my favorite games like Super Metroid and a Link to the past.
I won't be getting a Wii U now.
Nintendo is dead to me for many reasons and this is the last nail in the coffin. #10
Black Ops 1 is my second favorite COD after COD4 Modern Warfare 1.
I don't want another futuristic COD and will not be buying Black Ops 3. #15
I love everything about the PS4 including having the better looking and playing multiplatform games.
I love all the great AAA exclusives that Playstation has from Uncharted, God of War to Gran Turismo.

I still think the Xbox One controller is the better controller but Im used to the Dualshock 4 now so its not an issue anymore.

Oh and I love Killer Instinct so I will be getting another Xbox One at some point. I sold my first Xbox One to get my PS4 and have... #25
This is one of the many reasons Microsoft is not well regarded in the video game industry. #15
The more great single player games the better.
The only multiplayer console game I play on a regular basis is Battlefield 4 on PS4.

I have enjoyed games like Shadow of Mordor and Black Flag a lot more than most current gen multiplayer games. #8
Takes me back to when I was an arcade rat back in the late 80s and early 90s.
Very kool.
Whish could hear the whole Last of Us soundtrack in old school 8-bit/16-bit chiptune form. #10
A great game is always a great game kid.

Super Mario Bros 3 says Hello ! #34.2.1
I got an Xbox One when PS4 was sold out. I wanted a next gen game console.
I bought Battlefield 4 and Killer Instinct.

I played Battlefield 4 on Xbox One for about 2 months and it was OK.

Then I finally got a PS4 and a few games with it including Battlefield 4.
The difference between the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Battlefield 4 are immediately apparent.
On PS4 the resolution looks sharper and the game plays smoother and there is more de... #71
I would buy the game for $20.00.
If this was a full collection of GOW 1,2,3 and Ascension I would pay $40.00.
It would be nice to play all of the console God of War games in a full collection on my PS4. #55
Oh Nintendo please come out of your 1995 bubble and meet the modern world. #30
I would rather Sony put their resources into more exclusive Games.
How about finishing the Last Guardian instead of putting all that money and time into something that was barely used by most PS3 owners. #39
There has always been a solid Battlefield community on both PS3 and PS4.
There are at least twice as many players on BF4 on PS3 and PS4 when complared to Xbox360(almost dead) and Xbox One.
There are more players on Advanced Warfare on PS4 than Xbox One and PC combined. #29
So maybe 24 to 25 million PS4 by December.

I could see Xbox One hitting 14 million by December if Halo 5 is able to mover at least a couple million Xbox Ones. #3
Great news.
Maybe a larger Dev team so he has some help this time. #7
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