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"Metal Gear forever"


I Definitely want to play the Last Guardian and I would like to see the conclusion to Shenmue as I played Shenmue 1 on my much loved Dreamcast and Shenmue 2 on Xbox. #9
I dont see much difference even considering that this is a youtube vid.

I saw a big difference in Tomb Raider Remastered but this, very little if any.

The PS3 version is great as is. Lets get into the Next gen now. #29
Home consoles are not as popular in Japan as mobile gaming devices like tablets and cellphones (ugh).

I like my Xbox One and it is a great console but Microsoft really should not waste the money or time investing in a launch of the Xbox one in Japan or even Asia. #8
both the Xbox One and PS4 controllers are great.

I prefer the Xbox One controller especially for the thumb sticks and the feel of the triggers. #15
So I thought that gaming was about the GAMES.

All this BS techno babble about resolution is a waste of time.

Last gen I went PS3 and the 3rd party games were not always up to par with the 360 versions but I still enjoyed the PS3 and all its exclusives plus the 3rd party games that looked only slightly better on 360.

I chose Xbox One this gen mostly because Im older than most gamers here and I loved Killer Instinct back in the arcade late 90's era.... #61
"seriuos gaming" mmmk.

I love video games but there is nothing serious about them.

Although a lot of fanboys take things fare to SERIOUSLY here at this site. #17
The kid who wrote this article has obviously not been alive long enough to have played games like Silent Hill 2.

If Metal Gear gets their panties in a wad Silent Hill 2 would have them on a water tower with a sniper rifle. #20
We will definitely see Halo and possibly Horizon 2 and something with Gears.

I think there may be a few good surprise announcements also..a new Conkers? naaa #6
Peter Molyneux has an overinflated ego and talks shit all the time.

I have an Xbox One and the Kinect works great especially for recording gameplay and twitch.

Its not perfect but it works very good 90% of the time. #32
Backwards compatibility was a great feature on the PS2. PSone was still very viable and popular for years after the launch of the PS2.

I have a PS3 and 360 to play the older gen games if I want.

I got a XboxOne to play XboxOne games not Xbox360 games. #6.1
This is great news for Xbox One gamers. #21
Eh this is a terrible list.

How the heck would a remake of the new south park improve the game in any way. Its a good game just the way it is and its mostly 2-D which would not change much graphically even if it was on Xbox One and PS4.

Also Bioshock is perfect just the way it is, but honestly I would buy an upgraded Bioshock 1 @ 2 dual pack for Xbox One / PS4. #6
It looks like Dice really hates the Wii U.
The fact is that its not just Dice/EA that has been throwing Wii U hate around its been this way since the Wii U launched.

I just dont get the hate for Wii U from either the developers/publishers or the gamers.
The Wii U is a good strong system and just because its not up to par technically with the XboxOne or the PS4 is no reason to hate on it.

Heck the Turbographix-16 was just a pumped up 8-bit console... #99
Its good to see that Microsoft picked a talented and experienced developer to take over KI.

Its kinda sad to see that Double Helix had to leave Killer Instinct as a lot of those guys there were from the original Killer Instinct arcade development team and loved KI. #20
No load times..great to have a true next gen game for Xbox One and PS4. #3
Within the next 6 months every major AAA game both first party and especially third party will all be announced for the PS4 and Xbox One.

I love my PS3..I really do but its days of having AAA third party support are numbered, its just the way things work in the video game eco system. #31
Completely agree.

Im sure that Uncharted 4 will be great, but the rest of the development teams have lost a LOT of talented people.

No matter how you spin it this is bad news for some of Sonys important first party studios like Santa Monica and a couple others. #7.4
Seems like everybody has forgotten that you can report bad players on PSN also, at least on my PS3 you can file a grief report.

This kid is probably one of those loud dbag modders or hackers that ruins great games like COD4.

I have an Xbox One and at least right now it is very cleaned up online compared to the Xbox360 and all the COD modding punks.

The fact is if you are a loud ahole or a cheating modder online people will report you as they should. #19
Just got an Xbox One last week and I have had absolutely zero problems with it. It works smooth as butter.

Same with my super slim PS3. After a year of many hours of gaming and Blue Ray movies I have never had any problems with it. #10
I love both Trophies and Achievements.

Sure they mean nothing in the real world but for gamers its a way to prove what they have accomplished with a certain game and how good (or bad) they are at all games they play.

Just wish I had retro achievements for all the games I have played and finished since the Atari2600 up to the PS2..damn thats a LOT of Trophies and Achievs man. #5
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