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"Metal Gear forever"


The fact is that the majority of the Tomb Raider fans are on Playstation.
Tomb Raider became Playstation exclusive with TR2 on PSone mostly because Tomb Raider 1 sold terribly on the Sega Saturn.

The Playstation 3 version of Tomb Raider reboot sold more than the Xbox360 and PC versions even though it was not the best port.

Rise of Tomb Raider just does not make sense as an Xbox exclusive either financially or where its real fanbase is at no matter how many... #10
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This kinda retro game will not sell well on the Xbox One.
A waste of the devs time and resources. #6
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I used to like Nintendo but the CEOs and suits at Nintendo still think its 1990 and Nintendo controls the video game world.

Nintendo needs some new blood because it doesn't even look like the failure of the WiiU has phased the old guard one bit.

I hope that the nostalgic bubble that Nintendo lives in will burst before its too late. #3
There was no real battle between the N64 and the PSone.

The N64 ended up selling under 35 million and the PSone sold over 100 million.

The N64 was gimped by the cartridge format and had a terrible fisher price controller. How I always hated the N64 controller.
90% of the N64 games were filled with fog (low draw in distances) and the majority of the N64s game library were Super Mario 64 clones. #20
PC master race. trolling again. pathetic. #14.1
Games like this don't sell on Xbox consoles.
First the Xbox One has half the install base as the PS4.

Second the under 12 million XboxOne install base are majority the hardcore FPS Halo and COD fans.

Games like No Mans Sky are better off releasing on PS4 and PC. #16
This game looks like a great retro style Metroid game.
Super Metroid is still my favorite video game and Axiom Verge will be the next game I get for my PS4. #1
The Super Nintendo was the perfect gamers console. beautiful colorful graphics and incredible soundchip that produced some of the greatest video game music ever created from games like Super Metroid and ChronoTrigger.

The Super Nintendo is still my favorite game console ever made.

I think the N64 is overrated by hipster 20somethings.
The N64 was gimped by the cartridge format and had a terrible fisher price controller. How I always hated the N64 control... #12
would be worth it to get a WiiU just for Xenoblade and Mario Maker. #6
Tekken Revolution on PS3 is one of the best free to play games I have ever played. #20
First I think the Wii U is a good game console.
The fact is it is an utter failure for Nintendo and probably wont sell as much as the Gamecube did by the end of its life cycle (around 23 million).
It would be best for Nintendo to release the new Zelda as a launch game on the new Nintendo console NX or whatever it will be.
I was going to get a Wii U but now I think my PS4 will be enough this generation. #21
The PS4 will definitely have a 8 to 10 year lifespan.
The Xbox One will have at least a 7 year lifespan even more if the new Halo and Gears of War games help the XOne catch up to the PS4 in overall sales.

I don't think there will be another Xbox after One but there is always the possibility #22
The new Zelda should be released on the Nintendo NX.
It will be a wasted opportunity if it is released for the Wii U.
The sad truth is it is simply to late for the Wii U and while releasing this new Zelda on the Wii U would be great for the current WiiU owners it would be a major boost for the Nintendo NX if it were to be a launch game on Nintendos next home console. #21
The PC master race would just pirate the game anyway.
There might be a billion PC gamers but the only games that actually sell well on PC
Are games like WOW and Diablo. #69
I loved both Uncharted 2 and 3 multiplayer.
I'm looking forward to Uncharted 4 for both a great single player and fun multiplayer.
I hope the multiplayer maps are more like Uncharted 2s maps. #16
I have been gaming for over 30 years and I love Trophies and Achievements.
They add both replay value and challenge to games.
Especially single player games. #21
One of the many reasons I upgraded to PS4. Uncharted 4 is still my most wanted PS4 exclusive. Then there's Bloodborn and Ratchet and Clank , No Mans Sky and many more. #104
COD4 had the most balanced multiplayer and the best maps.
Modern warfare 1 also had the best campaign.
Modern Warfare 2 had broken nube tubes overpowered killstreaks and knife kills that could kill a whole team.
Why does these kids not remember how broken MW2 online truly was. #31
Both the PS3 and Xbox360 had a great 10 year run.
It's time for developers to put all effort into current gen so that future games are not gimped by cross gen downgrades.
I don't understand why EA is forcing a last gen port of Hardline for example. Yes the last gen install base is around 120 million but the majority of sales for advanced warfare were on PS4 and XboxOne. #5
The PC elite. Piracy at its worst. The most arrogant group of graphic whores and polygon counters. #15
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