i got a ps3, x360, psp, a vita, & a pc... call me a fanboy, i dare you!
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sounds to me like this guy likes trophies, just not the scoring system behind them!!

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if you dislike trophies so muuch why do you go through the list? trophies are an out of game element if you dont like them ignore them, they have NO effect on the game!

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the fact that she posted 2 slightly different pics with this article says to me that this chick is just trying to flaunt herself, this "article" was simply an excuse to show her pic...

simple bitch

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i can agree with that, but im not going to play a game that i dislike just because i dont have to pay for it

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This thing is AMAZING

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Once you get a vita, you dont care about how good a launch any other platform had, or even the vitas launch, you are far to involved with playing it, at that point

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How so? The fPS genre is ruining gaming, sorry but I'm sick of having the fPS genre force fed to me constantly, I find it quite a relief
Honestly I'm worried that being the 1st handheld with dual joysticks, will lead it to eventually being fPS heaven (or for me, hell)

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1 of the most powerful gaming handhelds ever? I'm pretty sure he meant, THE most powerful gaming handheld ever

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So it's being manufactured in china, where they celebrate the new year at the same time every year... how was this not taken into consideration!?

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Since they've gathered more than 4x the amount they asked for, I'm left wondering where the extra money will go ,into the game, or their pockets

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Damn, too bad its the Michael Jackson expierience, as opposed to a good one

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3 hours til im home with mine, admiring it, and gently caressing its joysticks as they cause the digital deaths of many, many men... some of them presumably innocent

3 hours!

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well, thanks to Playstation Suite, well be playing it on our vitas anyway, its just a matter of how long it takes to get the PS-S service up & running

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No, they won't!! Trust me, the point of dual joysticks is increased precision, continual awareness, and not covering 20% of the screen with your thumbs, nobody is going to play a FPS via touchscreen on the vital, I guarentee that

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if there were a umd slot i would expect full bc, however thats not the case sooo......

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yea take what little identity the vita has away, & make it less unique, this sounds like a horrible idea

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i see no sense in that, i mean its possible, but after investing x amount of money into a project, not releasing it would cause a complete loss of all investments, youd figure they would release it, just to make up as much as possible

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for me, it went from near the top of my list to, "ill get it once online multi is patched in, until then I have absolutely no interest", online multi is a must for me, especially when it comes to racing! a racing game with no online has no value to me, at this point i wouldnt pay $5 for it

they dropped the ball along with online multiplayer, dropped it down a very deep dark shaft, from which recovering may be extremely difficult

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in my eyes its quite revolutionary, because i can imagine what COULD be done, perhaps the things I imagine making it "revolutionary" will never be implemented but the potential is there its up to devs to make it happen

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in order of most to least wanted

Gravity Rush
Stardust Delta
Shinobido 2
WipeOut 2048
Marvel VS Capcom

wow, when an Uncharted game is at the BOTTOM of the list, you know youve got a killer launch lineup!!

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