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I think they probably didnt want to have mario abd zelda "cannabilize" each others sales

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We'll see. But it sure has been some time since gamefreak released a platinum-like game

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It's probably because you usually have the option to choose link's name

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to be fair. telltale didnt do the game. they published it
edit: also, 7 days to die had almost no hype upon its release and almost no marketing. so it wasnt really a disaster

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you the true MVP!

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quantity doesnt equal quality. its obvious that the ff15 summons took alot more work to accomplish. besides, you say you want it to go back to turn based, but then use the number of summons and limit breaks like being turn based or action has anything to do with the amount of summons the game has

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Then who did the other 2076 games in the series? ;p

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They probably just removed it since until its fixed it only serves as a constant reminder that the mechanic is broken

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on the scheduele there is a part right before the end called ''?????????'' which i think we can assume will be a new game

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oh no, ive been leveling him up. thanks for the warning man >.<
*cries in a corner.... in spanish*

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@Jaedia agreed ^^

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actually, Uematsu only worked on a few key pieces of the soundtrack. Most of it is composed by Masayoshi Soken

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fingers crossed for a red mage class :)

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Those 2 have hd versions on ps3 only

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i got a small house on patch launch day. so happy :D

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perhaps the guy was deliberatly failing so that the demo would end at the same time as the music

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agreeing with your opinion doesnt equal ''good'' you know?

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Well at least now we have the confirmation that the nova crystallis mythos are still present in some way

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Im not sure if that was sarcasm but can't you already play it at 1080p 60fps on pic? :o

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the amiibos do pretty diferent things depending on the game they're used in

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