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I was just looking at the comments he made about Capcom "not going" to release more Switch games.... damn hilarious, 3 days and boy do things change.

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Well, if these had been completed, there'd be no exceptions:

Resident Evil for GBC:
Resident Evil 2 for GBA:

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AKA the original Mother. It originally came before Mother 2, which we know as Earthbound. It got released on the west for the first time on the Wii U Virtual Console, 2 years ago:

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Probably due to the GG assets being much dated compared to those made for BB, P4A and Under Night. Not that they can't remake them or give them some touch ups, as they're making new sprites for Ruby and probably more characters from RWBY, but maybe it'd be much of a hassle to them. Hope to see Sol in the game at some point, anyways.

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Actually, Voez is also made by Rayark...

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All hail the prince of all saiyans!!

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Yes please!!

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And this is the stuff we need to see! XD

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Man, I need this one...

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Just two things...
1- Everybody is expecting a "fully featured" game because that's how it's supposed to be.
2-It's hard to believe that statement when you've already announced DLC, and one one of those characters is part of the story mode.

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Please tell me: who, on their right mind, would use a kickstand on any uneven surface, outside or not? E.g., with my cell phone kickstand, the most I'd use it on is my house floor, which I must say is pretty much flat... With a screen, you don't want to tilt your head to see it, right?

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Personally, I need Metroid and F-Zero, and if possible would love to see Golden Sun, Pandora's Tower, Sin and Punishment and Baten Kaitos again.. Yeah quite the list XD

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Probably this won't matter a lot, and probably will be lost on the comments, but as the contributor is not updating story:

"Correction: While has the price listed for these cards as one figure, it appears that third parties have marked up the price to levels above what the manufacturer intended. The HORI site has the 32 GB card listed as ¥ 3,758, which is still more than most similar microSD cards, but not as much as the listed Amazon price was indi...

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And that is stupid.... just why?

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More people and time to work on Nier, and a free team ready to work on another game if they wish.. Also, if anyone else appears interested, they could pick up Scalebound and help Platinum complete it (wishful thinking on this one)

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I'm still waiting on that one... more like, I need it.

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It's confirmed for all major platforms, just that only Nintendo-focused sites reported the release so far for US audience. Most sites that include the other consoles on their article's title are in german or italian, as Nordic seems to have confirmed the european release only. Couldn't find another option to upload.

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I was just waiting for this!! XD

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Please! Let this happen!!

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Man, what a shame. Hope they can keep making great stuff after this, wherever they end up.

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