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About time!! XD

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Seriously, is there not a single person among the devs or in the marketing team that could say: "It might not be a good idea to do it like this" !?

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Last Story 2? Please!

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No matter what anyone says about the game being good or bad, or how it was filled with MT, it's still heartbreaking to see a whole studio being laid off. Specially in this way. Even more considering the date!! I hope this devs find jobs soon, as they really did the best they could to keep the game alive in the past few months.

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And the sky's blue.... oh, and Earth is round too!

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EA going bankrupt..... one can only dream

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This is one of the most idiotic conclusions I've seen.

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From the remaining 4, three of them should be:
-1001 Spikes (on the right of Code of Princess)
-Knights Terrors (top corner to the right)
-VVVVV (right under Mr. Tako and above CoP: this was guessed by someone on their Twitter)

As for the last one, many people online say it's Cave Story 2, but it was not possible for me to find anything to compare.

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Sorry, just tried to use a hashtag that worked for me, guess it does look weird xD

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I was just looking at the comments he made about Capcom "not going" to release more Switch games.... damn hilarious, 3 days and boy do things change.

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Well, if these had been completed, there'd be no exceptions:

Resident Evil for GBC:
Resident Evil 2 for GBA:

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AKA the original Mother. It originally came before Mother 2, which we know as Earthbound. It got released on the west for the first time on the Wii U Virtual Console, 2 years ago:

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Probably due to the GG assets being much dated compared to those made for BB, P4A and Under Night. Not that they can't remake them or give them some touch ups, as they're making new sprites for Ruby and probably more characters from RWBY, but maybe it'd be much of a hassle to them. Hope to see Sol in the game at some point, anyways.

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Actually, Voez is also made by Rayark...

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All hail the prince of all saiyans!!

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Yes please!!

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And this is the stuff we need to see! XD

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Man, I need this one...

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Just two things...
1- Everybody is expecting a "fully featured" game because that's how it's supposed to be.
2-It's hard to believe that statement when you've already announced DLC, and one one of those characters is part of the story mode.

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