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MS was winngin because everyone is waiting for PS4. I mean come on why buy PS4 when you can add for $100

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That's about right!

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Who cares any console comes a year after current will always be more powerful except for Nintendo. Once Scorpio comes a year later PS5 is going to come out. The only difference is that now console are going to be coming different times. Like Xbox 360 vs PS3. I think I heard some rumor where PS5 may come next year.

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Nobody buys PS4 within 3 month when you know slim and pro is coming out,

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Nobody will but PS4 when slim and pro is coming out this month

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Why buy PS4 when PS4 Slim and PS4 pro coming out within weeks. I think that's the main reason why everyone is waiting for PS4 instead of buying now. That's like saying I'll buy Honda Civic 2016 when next week they'll realse 2017.

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They are selling cause why buy ps4 when you can add $100 for double the power for PS4 PRO?

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give me first week of October you bastard. TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!

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wrong! more like Google Play!

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come on bro why lie the most obvious part! My Dual Shock doesn't last more than 2-3 hours. I'm not even a hardcore gamer anymore and I have set it to low dim!

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The way I look at it is, if you can play on PC, then why not get the same price on the PC where you can do work and browser internet and even watch movies than getting Xbox. Better yet an add to wireless to your HDTV. This is quite interesting because I like Microsoft strategy because it helps gamers a lot, but also making one specific platform less important than it would with exclusive.

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0 on E3 stage but millions behind stage and bunch of interviews

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That's where you are wrong! You can have the best programming in the world and still fail. Sometimes communication is important as programming. So no! It can fail even in a perfect world!

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We don't care why it's a big deal because in games/video games and electronic games do not want to involve racism and such

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the most clever thing to do for Microsoft is to gift Naughty Dog an Xbox One with Tomb Raider. BOOM! Big advertisement there!

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Playstation Network is down, I don't give a shit but youtube is not working. Seriously this is how dumb any company can get when they want you to tie in! What does Youtube have anything to do with Playstation 4?!?!?!?!

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I'm jealous, I want it for Playstation 4!like now.

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If EA is right, then investing in AI enemies would be useless!

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