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The way I look at it is, if you can play on PC, then why not get the same price on the PC where you can do work and browser internet and even watch movies than getting Xbox. Better yet an add to wireless to your HDTV. This is quite interesting because I like Microsoft strategy because it helps gamers a lot, but also making one specific platform less important than it would with exclusive.

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0 on E3 stage but millions behind stage and bunch of interviews

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That's where you are wrong! You can have the best programming in the world and still fail. Sometimes communication is important as programming. So no! It can fail even in a perfect world!

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We don't care why it's a big deal because in games/video games and electronic games do not want to involve racism and such

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the most clever thing to do for Microsoft is to gift Naughty Dog an Xbox One with Tomb Raider. BOOM! Big advertisement there!

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Playstation Network is down, I don't give a shit but youtube is not working. Seriously this is how dumb any company can get when they want you to tie in! What does Youtube have anything to do with Playstation 4?!?!?!?!

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I'm jealous, I want it for Playstation 4!like now.

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If EA is right, then investing in AI enemies would be useless!

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I sleep with her and then wake up when she fall asleep :D
That goes for alcohol and drugs use for myself ;)

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All console has all exclusive. It's all about your taste. So far on PS4 no great games for me yet. I really thought Hradline would be great but after hearing Angry Joe Review, I'm still stuck with no game except for Last of Us remastered!

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You don't understand strategy!

Not only whether it's good for gamer and bad for developers or not but it also convince gamers to stay with Playstation Ecosystem since they invested too much time and money on Playstation. It's like Google Play and Apple App Store. Believe it or not, majority tend to stick with same company because of so many purchase.

That's just one of the reason!

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Well just as anything in this world, it's always up to the consumer. But if consumer don't like it a bit, is it wroth it for Developer to invest their time and money which is budget to start up that they think their consumer may or may not like?

It's a risky game whether to release early or later... to make it safe
Either way, Kinect sucks, but Hololens could be something.

By the way to make my point, Windows Phone got lot of apps with dev...

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My Ass you are not holding! Otherwise how else you going to explain to shareholder?

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turtle are the best, they have their own mobile house!

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I don't get it, so Zombies can climb around in day time? I thought it was only night time!

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$200 plus $700 for the phone for a game that works on smartphone. No thanks.

How Sony Smartphone with remote play and possible sync with PS4 Virtual Headset.
Sounds a lot better than just a VR with games that are on smartphone. Plus controls on your headset? Really? That means I have to keep my arms up!

Forget it, I already said no to Kinect! And moving my arms around.

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I don't get it. A once almost dying franchise became famous, and now all of sudden exclusive, even if it's exclusive for PS4 it wouldn't make sense. Shouldn't you focus on getting brand more famous and then be greedy. Being greedy now and then lacking of more consumer can jeopardize everything!

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