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Swamplands looks like an episode of attack on titan. Female titan arc

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Sony 180? Had this been Xbox that's what we will be saying. Hypocrites

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Killer instinct model. Good

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LooooooL. Ps4- remastered games console. I was hoping for gow 4. Platinumed 3

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Frank Underwood call of duty. It's exactly the Type of person he'll be. Hope there is no devils three way in this

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Remove armour abilities please. Hated that. Bring back equipments. Map jump and jet pack together(hold A to use kindah way) bring back power ups. In the single player campaign.

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30hours at level 135, dex 50, blacksteel katana +10 x2, uchi +10. Trying to farm berzerker blade but its taking too long Just entered shrine of amalar

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In drangleic castle. Stone golems

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LMAO. Dark souls is the best rpg I have played (not turn based). It's hard but not unfair ala ninja gaiden yaiba. The lore, story, wonder and the bosses. Only mgs series rivals ds in terms of boss fights. Only problem I think for me is the torch paths and the stone golem door unlocks.

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I think this game is gonna be too cumbersome to enjoy

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This game is going to tank so hard!!

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Funny sony man

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One thing tht I don't like from the last manga. There won't be a naruto sasuke fight 2.0. Bn waiting for it since 2005

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Nope it wont

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Since we are in the NEXT GEN, can we actually see a good morality based game where there are multiple cut scenes depending on ur choices. And you can't switch from good to bad on a whim and vice versa

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A dude finished dark souls in an hour. So.. Stop relying on speed runs. Play the game and enjoy it

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Absolutely spot on!

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The spider man on ps1 is my best

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