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I'm playing Forza horizon now because of this trailer. My bugatti veyron is waiting #20
Mk9 was clunky. Not as fluid and varied like street fighter and killer instinct. Even injustice suffered from clunky animations. I hate it when new Mk games restrict you to there combo commands. As the case of the 40% batman ign injustice combo. #17.1
Ok ok ok. Slow clap. DS 2 is an awesome game. Has more lore and story than its predecessors. Better animations and everything. It's just a tad bit easier in the sense that DS was hard for all the wrong reasons. Glitches screen tearing bad design #7.1
Or track back and leave him to his thoughts. No point making a nigga in thought mad. LOL #6.1
Wow. Xbox wow #8
Heavenly sword tanked #7.2
Awesome. Awesome awesome. I can't freaking wait #5
I want to view my Xbox one achievements offline #7
I might actually start using kakashi. Awesome #4
LMAO 😂 #2
Bioshock infinite = Nolan movies in terms of mind fuckery #20
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Like expendables can hold anything to contra in terms of both story and effects. Contra is better in every way #18
Racing game in 30frames? Eww. Forza is still better #1.4
Awesome. I always like feeling like a badass. Like after clearing halo 3 on legendary and going back to play on easy difficulty. LMAO. I play reckless on easy #10
I don't want real names. I prefer my blackstrr. Blackstrrr is online sounds better than Buhari is online. I don't want to know my "enemies" real names #16
Ditch armor abilities and map jet pack with jump. The longer you hold the A button the farther the jump. Bring back equipments. I miss them. No qte's please. Want to fight giant covenant bad ass bosses #3.2
I cared for Brody actually #1.1
I'm happy traversal takes skill. I think this can be the first Xbox goty contender we've had for awhile #7
Master Affleck. #13.1
Swamplands looks like an episode of attack on titan. Female titan arc #10
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