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I don't want to spoil my ending. I just hope there's a way they can give us options to continue with our story.
Eg. For people that played witcher 2. Give us options to choose our path #2.1.1
Lost for words. Yennefer looks cool. Witcher 2 was my game of the generation even though it was short compared to other rpgs. The ending made me want more #2
Huh #1
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Peter dinklage sounds awful #3
Yes #11
It's like Minecraft without pixelated graphics and with more worlds. I hope we don't just go crafting ships in every planet. That will get boring fast. I need to see gameplay videos. This game looks like it will need dedicated servers. Xbox bound? #5
Same shit 💩 different year pes. I bought pes 2014 and hated it. Commentary since ps1 days. No licensing and stuff. Il stick with fifa even though it's crap. But at least they know players like James Rodriguez #2
I broke my controller for that dude and still couldn't do it #2.1
And wiiu is windows phone. Lol. I still love my Lumia 520 though 😆 #3.1
But you still have to go to the game and collect the disc so an Xbox eject voice command is a no no. Family guy reference on having an eject button on a DVD controller. 😆 #4.1
Lol. Naruto in English sounds hilarious. I'll stick with Japanese ost with subtitles thank you very much #3
So... A teaser to a teaser of another teaser of July 3 rd #8
Na mehn Naked Snake #4
Its Kamiya people... This game is definitely going to be awesome judging from his track record. DmC1 resident evil in his cv. #16
So..... In other words #13
Next up halo 2 anniversary. And single player wise I hope they keep the breaking Benjamin song in the last mission. #6
Disappointed. Last year trailer was miles better #20
I'm playing Forza horizon now because of this trailer. My bugatti veyron is waiting #20
Mk9 was clunky. Not as fluid and varied like street fighter and killer instinct. Even injustice suffered from clunky animations. I hate it when new Mk games restrict you to there combo commands. As the case of the 40% batman ign injustice combo. #17.1
Ok ok ok. Slow clap. DS 2 is an awesome game. Has more lore and story than its predecessors. Better animations and everything. It's just a tad bit easier in the sense that DS was hard for all the wrong reasons. Glitches screen tearing bad design #7.1
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