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I don't I really don't. Ideas I want a game of solid gameplay and very well scripted I still have my borderlands 2 #1.4
Please enlighten me. How many times did you play borderlands 2 before agreeing it's a great game. First 15mins for me. How can people come here and tell me I need to play games over and over again before I can finally enjoy it. I played borderlands 2 once and found really awesome yellow weapons without farming for. Even the bullet sponge bosses are excellently crafted in no way did I feel like I'm being cheated. And I know borderlands 2 is better on the second play through. Even the l... #1.3
You people are hypocrites. Just imagine this was an Xbox exclusive y'all would have been totally behind it tanking. Double standards in this industry. I love Nintendo fans they dont care about you all. Gheeze. 7 out of 10 reviewers say its a bad game. Don't go saying judge a game yourself. I for one judge a game by what reviewers say every time I try to say I'm going to find out for myself I completely agree with the review eg remember me, dantes inferno ninja gaiden yaiba etc. Qu... #3
Just make a walking dead horror tps survival game(not telltales slow glitchy game) and forget resident evil. I want to survive like Rick Grimes and his crew. #10
Ain't nobody gonna find that nemo when he's gone #16
Ninty has more exclusives than both Sony and Microsoft combined. Troll harder #2.1
Or the bad guy but secretly a good guy formula of early 90s movies #4
Hey quick question. I want to buy Nintendo 3DS can you suggest games I should play. I can only afford 5 games. So far I'm looking at Zelda a link between worlds and Mario cart. Please no turn based games.
Thanks #1.1
Keifer humanized snake. Hayter sounded like crap. ' pretty tasty" I hated that #21
MCC for the win #6
Witcher 2 is the game of the generation. Last gen #9.2
It has to be an exclusive Xbox dlc content #5.1
So cool #2
The graphics of your created character doesn't match the default character no matter how you try. I'm looking at you mass effect #6
Something like original Xboxs Jedi Knights please. Best star wars game imo #19
Drake and Aiden. Lol #8
I don't want to spoil my ending. I just hope there's a way they can give us options to continue with our story.
Eg. For people that played witcher 2. Give us options to choose our path #2.1.1
Lost for words. Yennefer looks cool. Witcher 2 was my game of the generation even though it was short compared to other rpgs. The ending made me want more #2
Huh #1
Peter dinklage sounds awful #3
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