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Wow. So I finally get to buy stuff in dollars. Pounds is too expensive

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Lol. balo will eventually. But he needs to score against Real DemigodMadrid before he can redeem himself

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Hypocrite. Gears of war IS an imitation of a summer blockbuster movie. I just hope cliff would just shut up. I love gears. Please stop tarnishing your image

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Remember remember me

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Get bayonetta First.

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Nice 180 turn Jeremy Clarkson

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Same shit different year

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Who remembers the breaking Benjamin song in halo 2. Can't wait to hear it in the remastered

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It is toooooooooo advanced oh my god. Just to pull off izuna drop almost destroyed my thumbs. Lol. And the training combos were made in hell. Broke my cd 1 week later. Awesome game though just wished I was better cos I killed at Tekken I thought it would be similar

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Lol. His head though.

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They are saturating us with too many gameplay clips

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I can't access Nintendo uk store. Don't know if its just me bt I want to order a 3ds xl before 30th and I can't access the damn store

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I love games that don't take their selves serious. Like bayonetta its a game where you pull off awesome moves. Games like ninja gaiden 1 2, devil may cry 1234, vanquish. Games that make you look cool.

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#forzakiller in a Sony ad

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That's how you lot were saying Forza 5 had few cars. Y'all are too biased. What the hell is weather patch seriously? It's not as easy as it sounds. It sure is gonna tank too I'm sure. A racer with 50 cars? Is this Mario kart or Crash Team Racing? Tbh this has been a bad year for Sony exclusives. Hopefully next year they'll show us the ps2 era like games they promised ps4 is going to be like. But if they continue like this Xbox is going to win on games this generation

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Imo dbz needs a reremastered version with updated animations

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@deadlyoreo Rihanna ain't got nothing on him lol

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No it's the guy from Castle"

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