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Still pushing the same rhetoric.

For a new console game that sells for $60, $12 goes to the retail outlet, $7 goes to the platform holder (Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony), $3 goes to packaging.

Your statement of high-very high settings isn't even what got my goat. If you had just done that and posted the video, I probably would have been impressed that you had made the effort to back up your statement. But you didn't do that.

Instead, you trailed your statement with the proclamation "Confirmed by Digital Foundry and nxgamer" and posted a link to the nxgamer video. And then you followed that with a second comment where you declared that disagreeme...

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First you stated "GTAV on the PS4 is comparable to high-very high graphical settings on the PC at 1080p. ". That's not worded as an opinion, that is worded as a statement. Then you declare "Confirmed by Digital Foundry and NXGamer." That is a congruent statement. That means that both Digital Foundry AND nx gamer have converged on the same conclusion which they absolutely do not. If you had actually looked, you would have seen that Digital Foundry actually stated...

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As moldybread pointed out, you led this all with, and I am quoting the exact words, "confirmed by Digital Foundry" to try and bolster your CLAIM which is a lie that you are desperately trying to back track on.

Heck, even in your back track you are over reaching if you watch your own video (which I did btw) . At around 17:15 nx gamer lists what >he< believes to be the closest settings to console which ironically enough doesn't match what you wrote.

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Counter? To WHAT? genuine-user CLAIMED the ps4 runs high-very high graphical settings on the PC at 1080p and he CLAIMED it was COMFIRMED by Digital Foundry.

I pointed out that his claim WASN'T confirmed by Digital Foundry at all, in fact, Digital Foundry had something completely different to say on the matter, which I linked to:

"we target high settings across the board. This keeps DirectX 11 features like tessellation and high quality grass in pl...

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When I went to Digital Foundry, I read that high settings across the board, population and scaling sliders set at 50%, FXAA (worst AA option) and shadows set at 'softer' (lowest setting) gave the closest match to the settings on ps4. That's probably why you are getting disagrees.

p.s. even their lowest ...

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I'm not a sports games type of guy (at all) so I have to ask, who is actually supporting this ridiculous type of a scam? Seriously, if the servers were shut down with a title that I bought this soon after I bought it , I guarantee I would NEVER buy another game from that developer, EVER again. They would soon be out of business in any other genre. Obviously, though, someone IS still buying these games or they wouldn't be doing it, anti-consumer practices like this can only exist if ...

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$3 + ($12 + $7 + $3) = $25. Have you ever seen a console game on sale for $25? Same thing.

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For a new console game that sells for $60, $12 goes to the retail outlet, $7 goes to the platform holder (Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony), $3 goes to packaging.

On Steam, Valve is the distributor, there isn't a retail outlet ($12), there isn't a platform holder ($7) and there isn't any packaging ($3...

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Weird, because both techspot and gamespot benchmark the radeon 7850 at 34 and 37fps at max settings while ps4 only manages 30fps on high settings. The 7850 is two years older (obsolete now) and is less powerful than the ps4.

The fact that high end rigs aren't getting higher fps when such a slow gpu musters so much clearly shows that they are cpu bound, something dx12 will soon address but I have to ask, what excuse does the ps4 have if it is supposed to be so well &q...

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More significantly, only 36% were able to identify all three correctly but 58% were able to identify the pc correctly from the consoles. Additionally, pc was limited to 1080p 60fps.

Edit:T900 beat me to it...

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There are people that buy games on day one for both console and PC and there are people that wait for sales before they buy on both console and PC. Let us not pretend that PC gamers only wait for sales and that console gamers only buy on day one.

As far as pricing/profit goes, a new console game sells for $60, $12 goes to the retail outlet, $7 goes to the platform holder (Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony), $3 goes to packaging.

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I have always run AMD GPUs but one area that makes me look over at the nVidia cards with envy is their power consumption. Not because of power usage (although those extra cents per kilowatt add up I'm sure) but rather because they are quiet. My AMD GPUs get pretty loud when I push them.

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You're right, a youtube video DOESN'T capture just how much of an upgrade it is on PC!

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I'd say that this is the only thing that matters when we are talking about how a racing game looks and performs. There's a few pages of videos, judge for yourself.

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I see you've portrayed Gabe Newell as the embodiment of the "PC Master Race virgin who lives in his mom's basement".

Of course, Gabe Newell isn't any of that. He runs Valve, a multi-billion dollar company, and he himself has a net worth in excess of a billion dollars and owns multiple properties, no need to live with his mom though I am sure he visits her on occasion. He has two sons, contrary to the implication that the "PC Master Race" are ...

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Really tired of hearing about the "optimization" angle you guys always spout about the ps4. Look at the the Radeon R265, an entry level PC graphics card which at 1.84 TFLOPS on paper, is the exact same performance as the 1.84 TFLOPS GPU found in the PS4 but just look at the benchmarks:

Assassin's Creed: Black Flag
30fps PS4 @ 1080p locked - Source Digital Foundry
Average 57fps @1080p R265 - Source Tom's Hardware


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The lower resolution, lower contrast, lower framerate, lower field of vision, higher latency display panel used in morpheus pretty much guarantees the Rift's superiority.

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looks great!

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70hz IS actually better if you are using technologies such as G-Sync, Lightboost, Turbo240, ULMB, etc
And 80hz is better than 70hz
And 90hz is better than 80hz
All the way up to 144hz and they are all better than 30hz.

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