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Having a hard time thinking of a genre that doesn't exist on pc.

JRPG's aren't as sparse as you think

Nor are fighting games
http://games.gamepressure.c... #1.1.14
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Actually, Starcraft and Civilization are just examples of games from two entire genres that don't even exist on consoles, Real Time Strategy and 4X Strategy. You may be able to list a handful of individual titles that aren't on PC but consoles are missing complete genres! #1.1.8
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Much, much better build and cheaper too:

$785 ($12 cheaper)
Full fledged 8-core 8120 FX desktop processor with 16MB cache
Dual 260X GPUs in crossfire, 4GB GDDR, 3.94TFLOPS, 208GB/s bandwidth
970 chipset AM3+ motherboard
700W Coolmax Power Supply
Thermaltake case


$797... #1.1.1
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Sorry #1.1.31
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First things first. There is absolutely NOTHING, N-O-T-H-I-N-G, tehnologically advanced about putting a GPU and CPU on one piece of silicon. The chip is just a bigger single unit versus two smaller units and it forces ridiculous shortcomings ie the cpu has only 4mb of L2 cache to share amongst 8 processors and NO L1 or L3 cache, and doesn't even incorporate any SSE5 instruction sets like XOP, FMA4, and CVT16 which AMD implemented on their desktop processors in 2009! Two compute units ha... #1.1.29
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Easy, eurocom panther 2, launched february 2011.
I7-990x six core core cpu @ 3.7Ghz, 12Mb cache
Dual HD 6990M in crossfire with 4GB GDDR5, 3.2 TFLOPS
4x 1TB Hard drives (there are 4 hard drive bays)
blu-ray burner

Oh, and did I mention it's a laptop? Similar in size to the PS4 but is mobile, includes a 17 inch 1080p screen, keyboard, space for FOUR hard drives and runs off of the built in battery so, yeah sorry, I don'... #1.1.27
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The specs quoted are for the 5870 not 5970... typo on the 9 I guess.
The 5970 puts out 4.64 TFLOPS, also from 2009.

You would have to be retarded to build a gaming pc using an APU. Buying an APU in the pc world means you are buying a substandard cpu paired with a mediocre gpu and mounting it on a feature deficient, underperforming motherboard and you can forget about dual GPUs too. Then you are locked into that combination pretty much until you are... #1.1.25
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I don't know about that... the AMD HD5970 was launched in 2009 for $380.
850Mhz clock, 2.72 TFLOPS, 25 compute units, 1600 stream processors, 80 texture units
800Mhz clock, 1.84 TFLOPS, 18 compute units, 1154 stream processors, 72 texture units. Doesn't seem like 2013 tech to me.

Just because the pc doesn't have access to the 'definitive' version (yet) doesn't mean it couldn't easily run it, some... #1.1.16
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Just the act of tires touching can cause formula cars to spin into the air #1.1.23
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For the impossible physics guys

Once air gets under a formula car you see pretty spectacular airborne crashes. #1.1.22
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NBA 2k14
PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 - $60
PC - $30 #2.4.5
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Oh, they aren't hidden at all.

$50/yr online access

9 games, $176 more expensive on PS4.

NBA 2K14 PC $20, PS4 $60
Lego Marvel Superheroes PC $24, PS4 $60
Injustice: Gods Among Us PC $40, PS4 $60
FIFA 14 PC $40, PS4 $60
Thief PC $45, PS4 $60
Need for Speed: Rivals PC $45, PS4 $60
Battlefield 4 PC $50, PS4 $60
Dying Light PC $50, PS4 $60
Mad Max PC $50, PS4 $60

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vs PC it actually tallies as follows:

$399 (cost of console)

PLUS the cost of online multiplied by the life of the console:

7 (years of life) x $50/yr (online charge)
= $350

PLUS the premium pricing on games multiplied by the life of the console

7 (years of life) x $95/yr (premium game pricing, more if you buy more than 6 games/yr)
= $665

Which gives you the real cost of owne... #7.2.2
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It's true that some 5400rpm drives gobble up power but the HGST drive is a power sipper and in general, faster rpm means more power consumption (heat). See pic below. #1.9.1
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HGST basically has 2 series of HDs that are 500GB and 5400 rpm, the 750 series and the 500 series.
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80-100 is typical for a laptop drive
175-200 is typical for a desktop drive
500-525 is typical for an ssd #1.1.3
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@peasfor and vishmarx

Does the survey include the tens of millions of wii console 'gamers' that have only ever owned and played the pack in wii sports title? #1.1.4
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Most HD sports channels are 720p60 with some premium ones being 1080p60, HD news networks are 1080i30, HD movie networks can be 720p60, 1080i30 or 1080p30 and they all use a 3:2 pulldown because film is 24fps. Most HD broadcast tv today is shot 1080p24 and also uses 3:2 pulldown and broadcasts at 1080i30 or 1080p30.

Film is shot at 24fps because of very old standards based completely on the physical film media. Rolls of film were/are expensive... #1.1.19
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I remember at the beginning of the current generation of consoles when few people had 720p televisions let alone 1080p and tons of people were playing ps360 on tube televisions.

Fast forward to today, 4K televisions have been available for a while now. Seiki has a 39" 4K television for $700 and a 50" 4K television for $944 and TCL has a 50" 4k television for $1000. Those are competitive prices. Even Samsung's UHD display is $3500 for a 55" which is l... #1.1.54
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