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Yeah, you always hear about the failures of Kickstarter projects, but there actually have been a good number of successes.

This list also missed a some games like the three Shadowrun titles, Banner Saga, Broken Age, Wasteland 2, and Darkest Dungeon. I only have some of them, but I know they were all at least pretty well-received.

There's also some promising ones on the horizon that look like they're shaping up nicely so far, such as Bloodstained a...

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I think this general "anti-MP-only" attitude may partly stem from the trend of MP-only games offering a fairly limited amount of content while asking gamers to pay the standard $60 price. Battlefront, Evolve, Overwatch, etc. People don't trust MP-only games to give them bang for their buck, and become disposed toward SP and the inclusion of Campaigns because those features make them feel more confident in the value and novelty a game will provide.

There may al...

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Colors is probably the only 3D Sonic game I'd call arguably solid by modern standards. Sonic Adventure 1-2 have their charm, though. Didn't care for Unleashed, Generations, and I didn't even finish Lost World.

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Kinda surprised at how well this is reviewing. The very different and janky-looking presentation compared to the past games made me skeptical, I guess.

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How so? A 5-point scale communicates sentiments like "Bad", "Average/Decent", "Good", and "Great" well enough. It's just numbers.

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Overall, I thought Ubisoft's conference was much less cringe-y this year. I also appreciated the self-awareness and slight self-deprecation from Tyler. :P

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Sony and Microsoft nearly always have the best conferences IIRC.

I thought Beth's was okay (better than EA's, anyway) as far as publisher conferences go news-wise. Two big franchise revivals announced, updates on their big games, and a good look at a game I'm personally really excited for (Dishonored 2). Nothing spectacular, especially with the lack of gameplay for everything besides Dishonored 2, but not necessarily bad.

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Nothing wrong with the 30fps; the visuals couldn't have looked as good at 60. As far as playability, the framerate was completely acceptable and good enough.

I never felt that the game suffered from outright poor pacing at any point (that said the walk-sim sections are gonna be a chore on replays), although I'll agree there were a few segments that felt slightly longer than they needed to be. There's some small slumps but overall, the pacing is really tight - no...

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It's just the writer covering themselves. It's understandable to advise people to be cautious about leaks until they are officially confirmed. As trustworthy as this insider may be, there's always the possibility that a leak may not be true.

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Sounds exciting, but I hope E3 isn't like last year where like 80% of the reveals are spoiled by leaks.

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I'd be down for a DR1 remake. The first game is the roughest of the series gameplay-wise, so it'd be nice to see it updated.

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The overall reception has been a bit disappointing. I feared as much, though; I was skeptical the moment it was revealed to be a reboot. It's a shame because the first game showed a lot of potential and promise for a sequel, despite its issues. :/

Well, at least we have Dying Light - a game that did parkour very well.

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I agree with this zero tolerance policy and I think it will do a good deal to discourage cheating.

That said, Blizzard makes it sound like they're not going to pay much attention to appeals and I hope that doesn't prevent them from rectifying potential mistaken bans or forgiving players who have learned their lesson after a reasonable (maybe a year or so) period of time.

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Corvo, who is also still playable, is voiced Dishonored 2 now as well.

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Death threats over stupid stuff is pretty much routine at this point. I'm not all that concerned or bothered. :-/

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While I don't think it's fair to label the guy sexist, from Druckmann's account he acted like a child having an outburst; angrily lashing out his employer over some petty thing he disagreed with. When you do that at your job, you get fired.

I don't like how this article is portraying the tester as a misunderstood and sympathetic victim, with the whole thing primarily being Naughty Dog's fault for not trying to understand him better. Everyone is responsib...

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Actually, Wired and Yahoo have mentioned pacing issues in the 3rd act too, among a couple other smaller publications. I'll see for myself soon enough.

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The IGN review seemed reasonable to me. I haven't gotten to that part of the game in question yet, but almost a third of the campaign suffering from poor pacing would be a pretty significant issue. The review also mentions a few other nitpicks like not being able to hide bodies in stealth and an overall lack of novelty.

Clearly the reviewer thought Uncharted 4 was a very good game, and gave it a great score. Is the difference between a 9...

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Oh man I'm looking forward to this one. This is a genre of platformers I miss.

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Yeah, I remember when I first started noticing these problems you're talking about. In the ship level when you have to go rescue Sully but it turns out he was never there and the whole thing was a trap, all I could think was "Well that was a big waste of time."

I also remember that part when you meet back up with Chloe and Cutter after them and Drake/Sully agreed to chase two leads separately, and I couldn't help but think it was strange how they seemed to...

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