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"Game X is Overrated"

A title like that is about as honest as clickbait gets. #45
PS4 port or no, Limbo came out 5 years ago. #21
Fighters are meant to played over and over, so even if the pricing for the in-game currency is steep and requires "grinding" it shouldn't be too bad for hardcore players.

Assuming that you can earn the currency by playing normal matches, that is. #3.3
They're all Link, duh. Same reason you can't play a female character in Four Swords. #4
Sometimes I gotta wonder why some people do this kind of stuff. They do nothing but cause trouble and inconvenience, and go through a a lot of effort to accomplish that. Their way of thinking must be very childish. #16
I wonder what that first one is about. Alternate movement response mode? #5
I have no problem with it as long as it's an all-new story with new characters, and has little or nothing to do with Joel and Ellie. #13
The only surefire solution here would be for Kickstarter to establish certain standards of transparency from creators, and that's assuming KS would be able to enforce them. As it is now, all people can do is put their faith into creators and look out for signs of credibility and competency (or otherwise). It's a free and open crowdfunding platform so those things are going to vary.

I don't think it's that bad right now honestly, despite all the huffing and puf... #3
My main issue with it is the times where I get disagrees but no replies, leaving me wonder why people disagreed. A click is a pretty shallow and vague way to disagree.

It's not a big deal, but I wonder if there would have been a real discussion in those instances if the system didn't exist, since people would have to actually write something and explain their position in order to express disagreement. #16
They didn't show many games, but people got a lengthy dose of gameplay footage for most of the games they really wanted to see.

Fallout 4 in particular had a lot of surprising feature reveals and those alone made the conference for many. #30
Actually, this blog is about the idea of games being re-reviewed by the gaming media to reflect their current state. Online server issues that become evident post-release, post-update improvements, etc.

TC, I think you should rename your title to indicate the content more accurately. Right now it sounds like your blog is about meta-reviews. #3.1
I think a lot of reviewers may tackle games with the line of thought that technical issues should be downplayed, because they'll probably be fixed in the future. I also think reviewers may be inclined to be more lenient or harsh about bugs, depending on how much hype is behind a game. Obviously, there are most likely many factors contributing to this issue.

I'll play Devil's Advocate in favor of this re-review idea. Here are my points:

1. If game... #5
Well, more like 2-3 years. Still a long time, though. #1.8
"What it should be" isn't really any indication of what game is better, though. What the games actually are is the judge of that.

I wouldn't write off Tomb Raider so quickly. It has plenty of elements that Uncharted doesn't have (unless Uncharted 4 has hubs, ability progression, and optional areas this time around) and anyone who played the reboot should realize that. It still has its own identity. #1.6.2
In terms of the presentations, definitely. The UC4 demo's varied gameplay and top-level production values beat out ROTR's heavily scripted demo and unsurprisingly lower (but still good) production values. The UC4 demo showed its series' best strengths, while the TR demo didn't show the best strengths of the last game or represent the gameplay beyond first-hour set pieces.

These games aren't really competing for my attention, though; both of them offer diff... #60
The Uncharted 4 demo did have a mashing segment, though. Uncharted as a series is also known for having cinematic button prompts every now and then, too. #19.1.1
I hope SEGA or whoever owns the rights now sees the KS demand and either ports or HD-updates Shenmue 1/2 to modern systems. I tried looking for it on PSN, Xbox Store, and Steam but no dice.

I want to play it after reading this blog. :P #3
How? Tomb Raider did a lot of things Uncharted didn't: Exploration-based hubs, revisiting old areas, tool progression over the course of the story, crafting and XP upgrades, hidden challenges in the hub maps, soft-cover combat, etc.

It wasn't the poor man's Uncharted, and was a significantly different action-adventure game to begin with. And the devs have said that they're taking TR's unique elements that I listed even further with this sequel. #1.1.8
People seem to be forgetting that there's going to be more in this game than what they're showing at conventions. The linear set-pieces are not the only element in the game; they just present nicely.

The reboot's structure was actually a sort of marriage between high-octane linear action, and exploration-focused hubs that you could revisit. The developers have said they're pushing the latter element further for this sequel. #14
Reaction commands were in KH2 and KH2 only, so I don't find this surprising. KH3 seems to be leaning toward the systems in Birth By Sleep and Dream Drop Distance. #1.1
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