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The final puzzle is pretty BS, though.

That said, the BS is the point to this. This a playable teaser, not a demo. And it's purpose it to hide the Silent Hills reveal, and gamers have to work through all the vague and obfuscated crap to get to it. #1.1.1
Sounds like you need to broaden your tastes beyond (J)RPGs. #3.1
It's been a great generation. I can easily think of over 50 games that I've enjoyed immensely and have met great critical success on the 360/PS3/Wii. #4
Agreed. Shield and strafe, and you've already beaten 80% of all Dark Souls content. Dark Souls isn't terribly hard, there's just a learning curve.

That's why I'm looking forward to Bloodborne. With shields gone and faster combat, the player will actually be required to think and react more dynamically in order to succeed. #18.1.1
Less punishing, not less difficult. He doesn't necessarily mean that the game is easier, just less hard on failure.

It could be a good thing. I could do without the long backtracking from bonfires after dying when trying to take take down a boss, for instance. That's not challenging punishment, just annoying. #1.7
They're hardly a "shell of their former self" just because their narrative chops aren't great. They seldom have been, actually. They only made Devil May Cry 1, which I think was before they were even Clover. That barely had a storyline at all (not that any DMC has ever had a great story). They also made God Hand, which had a very simplistic and shallow storyline. Same with Viewtiful Joe, although it is a bit more substantial than those. It's hardly all bright spots. Okam... #4.2
I'm going to miss shields. >_> #4.1
They were bought out. As long as console exclusives exist, this is obviously going to happen sometimes. Consequently, there's going to be some disappointment every now and then. It's not like Sony hasn't recruited their own exclusives.

Am I a bit disappointed? Sure, since PS4 is the superior hardware and I'd like any game to be on it. However, this kind of thing is inevitable and all I can do is accept it. No need to be a drama queen about it, like everyone el... #2
Never played REmake, so I'm looking forward to this. #4
You can argue any game RPG isn't finished that way. Bugs? Stupid AI? Balance issues? Small side-features that aren't very useful? A number of short and underdeveloped missions? Literally almost every western-developed AAA RPG and open-world game has every single one of those. Most of which are far smaller and less detailed than Skyrim.

And no, the modding community doesn't mean the game is incomplete. Large communities of modders always add new features and improv... #2.1.11
I'd hardly call an open-ended game (with about a 3-year development cycle) that contains several dozens of hours of free-roam content, without mods or DLC, incomplete.

There are major shortcomings and issues, but the game is well-featured. The main quest is short and anticlimactic, but it is a complete story. (Bethesda has never been big on storylines, really.) The NPCs are unreactive idiots, but they do populate the towns and offer quests and activities, fulfilling their... #2.1.9
Seriously, where is everyone getting these time machines? #54
I'd wager they didn't do so because then PS+ and PSNow would have to compete with it, on their own platform. Sony would want to prioritize the profits of its first-party subscription services, rather than compete with third-party company and risk PS+ and PSNow losing out on subscribers.

Meanwhile, Microsoft systems are generally the more popular platform for EA titles, particularly for sports titles. Those are massive franchises and MS currently doesn't have servi... #71
Eh... Souls games have always had hit-and-miss boss fights. This DLC is no different. Some are great like Artorias and Looking Glass Knight, others are pretty unengaging like Gaping Dragon, Moonlight Butterfly, and Old Iron King. Some are just average like The Last Giant and Priscilla.

Oh, well. As long as it's not the Bed of Chaos... #1
The gaming industry should be fostering its own pool of voice talent, instead of spending budgets on borrowing from Hollywood.

Hollywood actors give off average voice performances in videogames, and aren't worth the money it takes to get them on board. We need more industry-native voice actors with range and talent. #42
It's not even a topic being explored. It's fictional characters doing fictional things, for fictional reasons that have nothing substantial to do with real-life groups and psychology. #15.1
But people with muteness might think we're making fun of them. :/

Or, we could just stop trying to believe that everything everyone does is some sort of message that is either supporting or insulting us. We can all just assume that we're not trying to be deride to any groups, and brush the small stuff aside, right? #12.1
Are people seriously going to think that murderers and sadists are common, and we should be cautious of mentally ill people because of that? Because of videogames? OCD, Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, etc. aren't even remotely the same thing as a violent psychopath. Many of the people struggling with those illness are perfectly sociable, too. I'd like to think that's common knowledge.

If someone is diagnosed with a mental illness and is allowed to be among the... #1.2.1
There's a big difference between the psychosis we see in fiction, and what mental illness really is.

Anyway, it's not the job of a videogame to inform people what mental illness really is. If someone thinks that many people who are mentally ill have anything common with Vaas, they're an idiot. Compulsively violent and amoral psychopaths are very rare individuals, with a very specific range of psych profiles.

Anyone with a brain should know that an... #6
Nintendo hasn't been the behemoth it once was since the N64 era, yet they're still kicking. #1.1.7
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