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It's Indiegogo, not Kickstarter. #2.1
I'm often opposed to hollywood actors in videogame series. They're most costly to hire, harder to reuse, and consequently limiting for the characters they play. I don't think we want another Dinklebot situation. #18
What does that have to do with anything? His job and his personal beliefs are different things. #1.2.7
It has leveling, stats and skills, and dialogue options. It's absolutely an RPG. #6
I've often thought that RPGs with action-based forms of combat tend to pale in comparison to actual action games. I'd be interested to know the reasons why ARPGs so often highly lack mechanical polish and balance. Maybe there are technical factors.

I don't think it's always such a bad thing, though. Take Oblivion and Skyrim, for instance. The combat is just kind of there; it's not good, but it's not super-annoying either. The main thing it does is add... #2
A few months ago, they also said Tusk was a sure thing (along with Kim Wu) if Season 3 happened. #2.1
I would never have called Destiny great, but I do think it's salvageable. The gameplay foundation is very solid; most of what's missing is content, variety, story, quality of life, etc. Those are things that can be addressed and partially fixed with big updates and expansions.

Hopefully The Taken King is the big improvement that Destiny needs. It sounds like it's making the right moves so far, the issue with Legendary gear aside. #18
Yeah, I'd recommend people who aren't sold on the game give it some time. Platinum games usually attract a lot of skepticism initially, then prove themselves over time. #7.1
I like what I'm hearing about Scalebound. Non-linear, lots of dragon customization, and a big world with large-scale battles and dungeons.

The gameplay looked somewhat rough, but it's pre-alpha and looked promising otherwise; like Dragon's Dogma meets Devil May Cry. #8
Fallout 4 is going to be more like Fallout 3. Bethesda cares most about player freedom, dungeon-crawling, exploration, sandbox features, and such. We'll likely see those priorities reflected again in their new installment to the series.

New Vegas was made by Obsidian and they care most about story, characters, and choices - that's why New Vegas had a deeper story and a lot more factions and paths than Fallout 3. But Obsidian isn't working on Fallout 4, so don'... #2
It's a ground-up remake, not a remaster. #4
Massachusetts and Boston were alluded to occasionally in Fallout 3, referred to as the Commonwealth. People were predicting this setting years ago. #2
Mighty No. 9 is coming out in September. It's nearly done. #2.1
"Game X is Overrated"

A title like that is about as honest as clickbait gets. #45
PS4 port or no, Limbo came out 5 years ago. #21
Fighters are meant to played over and over, so even if the pricing for the in-game currency is steep and requires "grinding" it shouldn't be too bad for hardcore players.

Assuming that you can earn the currency by playing normal matches, that is. #3.3
They're all Link, duh. Same reason you can't play a female character in Four Swords. #4
Sometimes I gotta wonder why some people do this kind of stuff. They do nothing but cause trouble and inconvenience, and go through a a lot of effort to accomplish that. Their way of thinking must be very childish. #16
I wonder what that first one is about. Alternate movement response mode? #5
I have no problem with it as long as it's an all-new story with new characters, and has little or nothing to do with Joel and Ellie. #13
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