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It's nothing less than a solid game. And it's a blast to play if you ask me. #55
Toxicity is inevitable in a medium where everyone has access to everything, and can say anything they want unfiltered without consequence or substantial social context. I try to ignore all the drama queens and trolls, because that's really all you can do. #11
I hope you're right. But I'm not getting my hopes up, since this is getting to the point where government is being appealed to.

I really just can't see this ending anytime soon, at any rate. People are obsessed with any sort of social statements they can perceive. I remember Bioshock Infinite getting criticized for Elizabeth being "naive" despite that it fits the character and pretentious drivel about how Elizabeth serving the "patriarchy" by g... #11.1.1
These writers and sites know very well what they're doing when they create articles like that. I'm less inclined to blame them and instead all the people who fall for it every time. The console wars are like a broken record. #10
I realize that common ground is not going to happen, as I said.

Anita and Friends are too indignant and biased to escape their narrow viewpoint that gaming is a sexist culture that diminishes and pushes out females. They're outright looking for reasons to be upset, from what I've seen of Anita's character analyses; it seems that any female character that shows a little skin or has character flaws is unfairly labelled a sexist trope. I realize how unreasonable and... #11
"Do you know what happens when you listen to people who say "GEEZ, you all need to stop talking about people like Anita Sarkeesian and stop giving her attention. They'll just go away and this will all be over if you do"?"

So idiots and trolls making threats and then Anita and that whole crowd going to the government is the product of people ignoring them? Unrelated at best, and just the opposite at worst. The only thing this goes to show is that the ti... #10
It's been an upswing for the Wii U library at least, which I didn't see coming. Bayonetta 2, Shovel Knight, and Donkey Kong are GotY candidates for me and there's numerous other good games that have come out for the system this year. (I hope Fatal Frame V gets localized.)

I also really like Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Transistor, D4, Killer Instinct, Shadow of Mordor, InFamous: SS, etc. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is also actually pretty good, i... #12
It's in a blurry area. Many visual asset are completely remade, the lighting system is completely different, the UI is completely overhauled and is redesigned for dual-screens, and there are also new animations. Those things actually are remade, and not ported. Enhanced ports aren't characterized by remaking assets, especially to this extent.

Other areas like music, are the old versions with touched-up quality. There's also most of the character models and charact... #2.1
Korra looked like a cheap Activision game to begin with, though. The graphics aren't very lovely at all and look like the quality of a typical licensed game.

I'm not really surprised the game turned out the way it did, even though it's Platinum. The development cycle of the game was very short and I'm sure the budget was less than stellar. #1.1
Can't disagree with facts. It's not entirely remade in the exact same way OoT3D was. It is the exact same treatment.

It's new textures, smoother character models, and some special touch-ups in particular areas. MM3D is undoubtedly using many of the same assets from OoT3D, as did the original version of MM with OoT since Termina is an alternate world. #6.2
"but OOT was remade entirely & i think this shouldve been too.. What a shame.."

You're disappointed in the graphics compared to OoT3D? The new coat of paint in MM3D is the exact same treatment. #6.1
The biggest problem with the DS4 is the low battery life. I swear it's that pointless light bar...

Other than that, it's fine. #12
Depends. If the media is spreading prejudiced ideas about GG, it isn't going to be entirely in the favor of it. I think there is indeed such a thing as bad publicity. #1.1.1
This all kind of makes me wish something other than the Zoe Quinn thing started GamerGate. I mean, I'm sure many of us have wanted the gaming journalism to clean up its act quite a while prior to this whole thing. Right? I think a less touchy starting point would have given GamerGate a much easier time.

But since the Quinn case started it, now all efforts are going to be misinterpreted and misconstrued as an attack on women by whackjob feminists and SJWs right off the bat... #6
They aleady had a massively successful Kickstarter camapign. All this extra crowdfunding is just greedy and redundant. #5
Competitive Smash is kinda boring, if you ask me. It's just a ton of dodging and smash/special attacks that miss half the time. #10
So far it sounds like pretty bad value. #60
It's hit-and-miss. Some of their games deliver, some don't. #4.1.2
Looking forward to this. Shantae is a series I've enjoyed and I really want to see it grow. WayForward has self-funded these games so far (other than Half-Genie Hero) and it's obvious they really care about the franchise. #1
And plenty of people found it fun and it created a lasting community of MP players. #1.1
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