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The specs aren't really surprising. A portable console has to make sacrifices in horsepower since it has to factor in battery life, cooling, size, cost, etc.

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After reading numerous articles from over the past year, I'm convinced this website is trying to compete with Polygon in terms of clickbait and nontroversy pettiness.

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I dislike how every short-lived series of complaints and arguments scattered across a few forums and Twitter has to be considered an uproar and a controversy these days. People are so easily baited into dwelling on this petty nonsense.

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Really disappointed about this. :-/

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"Just recently it came to my (Robin Ek, TGG) attention that people have started to complain about Cindy Aurum´s looks and cleavage"

There have been people complaining about Cindy's clothes for well over a year. It didn't and hasn't amounted to anything.

Just another petty SJW/GamerGate issue for political-bait sites like TGG and Polygon to fuss over and drag out. -_-

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Glad to see the good reception over this. Looking forward to playing the campaign. :D

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I'm hearing that this doesn't also support 4k Blu-ray for some reason? Kind of odd. I hope they address it.

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This discussion is just more finger-pointing and antagonizing, which is similar to the divisive negativity that the OP is speaking against. We can go on about how terrible and stupid 'those people' are all day, but it's only going to make things worse (if anything) in the bigger picture.

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I never see a reason to engage in this. At the core of the matter I'm just a gamer who likes playing games - not the systems I play them on, not the people who make the games and systems, and not for the tribes people construct around them. I'll go wherever the good games are and encourage other people play them too.

And as far as criticism of companies, it's all fair. No entity in the gaming industry is, was, or ever will be perfect, and ultimately we all care ...

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That's one long road-trip. 0_0

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Excited for this one. I love open-world games with tight gameplay mechanics.

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Despite my frustrations with these practices (particularly how they bog down natural reward design in games), I do think that cosmetic micro-transaction and loot box product models can be the lesser of two evils compared when practiced wisely and relatively fairly. Keeping a multiplayer game supported long-term and the player community united across all content is probably more important than a few cosmetics I wish I could unlock normally or earn faster.

I think when you ad...

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I'm still salty that Japan is getting this next month while I have to wait until next year. :P

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Huh, I had no idea that your ranking cashed out into competitive points at the end of a season. Was this known before? That makes the system significantly less ridiculous.

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"these people need to use there skills to take someone down who deserves it ."

They shouldn't be bringing anyone down at all. This kind of stuff is wrong, period.

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From the article: "He basically says free speech is something important but then throws out the notion in the very next sentence because this skin is sacred to him. His hypocritical argument falls flat even without my previously mentioned points."

I'm not so sure that's hypocritical. Supporting free speech doesn't mean you can't contest others' decisions or argue your own perspective against them.

If he was threatening to get...

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It's pretty crazy how popular this is. The other night I was driving home from work and I saw like 20-30 people running around together downtown with their phones out playing this. It was past 11pm. 0_0

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Why do we need to point fingers at anyone so zealously? All it has done is create a cycle of demonizing and name-calling that we clearly aren't going to win (if anyone "wins"). The moment people start throwing out deconstructive labels like "sexist" or "SJW" at developers, groups, games, and forum-goers is the moment discussion spirals into a toxic flurry of distrust and disgusted insults. I think the best route is to respectfully inform developers and others...

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Can we all just stop rabidly pointing fingers at SJWs, feminism, sexism, racism, etc and hating each other over these issues? All this unconstructive "culture war" and name-calling crap does is make people feel angry, provoked, and too resentful to be respectful and reasonable. This stuff has been going on for years and the situation is only getting worse for everyone, if anything. At this point, I'm not sure if this toxic back-and-forth will ever end. :-/


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Just got past the 5th boss and this game is really fun. Everyone who has PS+ should give it a try.

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