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Gets more clicks, I guess. The video doesn't talk about it at all. #1.2
The Last of Us is a fantastic game. I'm not arguing that.

I'm not new to videogames. It's just that for a company that prides itself on its cinematic skill, I don't want to see such major scripting issues. They're such high-quality everywhere else that these oversights stick out all the more to me. That's all.

There's no reason why Ellie just disappeared in that scene. Or why they couldn't have chosen a much more survivable inj... #2.2.1
I don't think it was believable. Ellie just disappears off-screen for the scene. Physical trauma like that would likely cause unconsciousness immediately. Joel would have bled out within minutes.

And while trying to save Joel, Ellie gets directly hit on the head with a pipe iron. It makes a big thud and she just instantly recovers and shoots him on her back. That would knock her out instantly, no question.

Just poor scripting. Injuries seem to be Naughty... #2.1.1
That rebar incident they talk about in the article was easily the weakest scripting in the game.

Where was Ellie when Joel was being assaulted by a lone assailant?
How could Joel possibly hope to survive a rusty rebar penetrating his abdomen, through both the front and back, without immediate medical attention? He would bleed out very quickly. What about Tetanus?
How is he able to fully function after immediately waking up from a weeks-long coma?
Many other people have said otherwise. The game had a ton of DRM, crashing, and control bugs at the PC launch, that CDPR acknowledged and spent months fixing. It's a large part of the reason the Enhanced Edition was eventually created. #2.1.1
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People need to stop comparing these two like this is a franchise war, or like we know how they will both turn out. They're two quite different RPGs and, to my knowledge, the time-machine hasn't been invented yet.

I mean, The Witcher 2 was a technical mess at launch; most people could hardly even play it. And Dragon Age 2 had a lot of unexpected design issues, on top of already sounding like a step down from Origins. #2
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I understand the reasons and it's fine to be disappointed by Bioware. However, it still doesn't excuse the childish behavior about it. #1.1.1
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I really liked Dishonored, so I'd love a sequel. There are many interesting places we could visit that were teased in the first game. And there's so many ways they could expand on the gameplay!

I think it'd be cool to play as Emily, but that doesn't really make sense. She became the Empress and ruled into her old age, according to the ending. Unless The Outsider was lying. #4
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Games aren't films. I don't understand why gamers need to feel some sort of inferiority-complex over it. One is pure script writing and storytelling, one is not. One is interactive, the other is not. They face different challenges and different solutions to those challenges.

Not to mention, they are in different stages of their evolution. It took several decades for television to refine itself to the point that it was considered of comparable merit to film, for instan... #6
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It kind of amazes (though doesn't surprise) me how intensely toxic and venomous the gaming community has become toward them. It's fine to be disappointed by a videogame, but people act bitter as if Bioware is their ex-wife or something and actively wish ill for their future projects.

Are gamers really this immature about being let down? It's like a child holding a grudge. #1
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It's not that black-and-white. Some SP-focused games make solid MP experiences. Uncharted 2 and Mass Effect 3 did well for them.

Anyway, this is integrated SP and MP, not totally seperate modes. These exploratory games make sense for that. Minecraft does it, Dark Souls, etc. Multiplayer and social features are a great fit for these games that enrich the overall experience. #8.1
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Yes. Everytime I play Mario, I get an uncontrollable urge to smoke pot and get high maaaaaaannnnn. #41
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What's wrong with the art direction? It's colorful, vibrant, and pretty detailed. Are you sure you're not talking about the technical side of the visuals?

Anyway, it looks far better than anything in the series to date. Certainly not the best, but pretty good overall. Thank goodness they moved to a modern game engine. #2.1
I don't understand why people are acting like victims of injustice, here. They aren't stealing from your wallet. If you give them money, it's your perogative and it's your risk. #1.3
Procedural generation is a very precarious type of game design, so I'm skeptical of how this will turn out. These types of games need a ton of diverse world-generation variables on top of many enduring, rewarding game systems to not get boring after a couple hours.

It does look really fantastic, though. Whether it succeeds or fails, I hope the industry is taking note of what this game is trying to do and develops it further in the future. #23
The lighting is a bit brighter in the PS4 version in that comparison. Otherwise, I'm not really seeing a difference. The character models in general apparently haven't seen any major improvement (ex. the polygon edges on Joel's ears). There's no major texture upgrades, either. #23
It's very similar the typical post-Kickstarter Paypal option, but this is an actual crowdfunding campaign effort nonetheless. It's exclusively aimed at bonus content and none of the money will be used for the existing content that has been promised, according to their page.

Essentially, it's an incentive for new potential backers that will benefit both the game itself and also the people who want to (basically) pre-order the game plus other bonuses.
I already own the The Last of Us. I have no intention of paying forking up an extra $50 to play an upgraded version only a year after the original release. #4
Will these artciles stop saying "necessary"? Food and water are necessary. Videogames are not.

What matters is if people want to play these upgraded versions and are willing to pay for them. That's a question of business, not necessity. #26
Anything over 50% is all we can safely say right now. #1.2
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