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Eh... Souls games have always had hit-and-miss boss fights. This DLC is no different. Some are great like Artorias and Looking Glass Knight, others are pretty unengaging like Gaping Dragon, Moonlight Butterfly, and Old Iron King. Some are just average like The Last Giant and Priscilla.

Oh, well. As long as it's not the Bed of Chaos... #1
The gaming industry should be fostering its own pool of voice talent, instead of spending budgets on borrowing from Hollywood.

Hollywood actors give off average voice performances in videogames, and aren't worth the money it takes to get them on board. We need more industry-native voice actors with range and talent. #42
It's not even a topic being explored. It's fictional characters doing fictional things, for fictional reasons that have nothing substantial to do with real-life groups and psychology. #15.1
But people with muteness might think we're making fun of them. :/

Or, we could just stop trying to believe that everything everyone does is some sort of message that is either supporting or insulting us. We can all just assume that we're not trying to be deride to any groups, and brush the small stuff aside, right? #12.1
Are people seriously going to think that murderers and sadists are common, and we should be cautious of mentally ill people because of that? Because of videogames? OCD, Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, etc. aren't even remotely the same thing as a violent psychopath. Many of the people struggling with those illness are perfectly sociable, too. I'd like to think that's common knowledge.

If someone is diagnosed with a mental illness and is allowed to be among the... #1.2.1
There's a big difference between the psychosis we see in fiction, and what mental illness really is.

Anyway, it's not the job of a videogame to inform people what mental illness really is. If someone thinks that many people who are mentally ill have anything common with Vaas, they're an idiot. Compulsively violent and amoral psychopaths are very rare individuals, with a very specific range of psych profiles.

Anyone with a brain should know that an... #6
Nintendo hasn't been the behemoth it once was since the N64 era, yet they're still kicking. #1.1.7
"So grow up? People talk about things they like. That's what they do. People talking about it too much ruins it for you? Oh, brother. I've heard of first-world problems but this is first-world whining."

Amen. The pettiness of these people makes me want to tear my hair out in frustration sometimes. Do people really think like this?

A lot of people like a game more than you? Big whoop. #2.1
I think SMB1 would pass a solid flash game these days. I liked the future classic Mario platformers much more, and I don't think SMB1 holds up nearly as well as them. The game mechanics, level design, and visuals are pretty simplistic even by NES standards.

It's still a landmark for videogames and a piece of history, though. Also, I think the first link in Ezz's post was for SMB1. #1.1.4
I agree. The whole term is just BS. If I don't like a game as much as others, that's just my opinion. Otherwise, you just come off as a conceited, broadly disrespecting and oversimplifying the opinions of others. Some people are stubborn jerks about it.

I thought Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar games in general, actually) was super-boring, for the most part, but does that make other people wrong to call it a great game? Not at all. I'm sure people can all agree on a... #1.2
The combat looks pretty good, sort of like a successor to God Hand and Anarchy Reigns. And the element-swapping looks interesting to play with.

However, even with Platinum developing the gameplay, the game is confirmed to only be a few hours and the budget is clearly not impressive. This is straight digital-only arcade game with a very short development cycle, and not a full-feature title. #9
People called it a poor man's God of War?

The cancelling and evade mechanics in God of War aren't as universally flexible or fluid as Bayonetta. Bayonetta herself is much faster and more nimble than Kratos has ever been, allowing for much more aggressive combat. The Dogde Offset innovation alone sets Bayonetta apart. The only thing holding Bayonetta's combat system back was the same-y weapons, which the sequel is clearly fixing.

Anyway, God of Wa... #4.1
I agree that the environment for female protagonists in gaming is much better than a lot of people realize. Remember Me and similar titles failed and are looked down upon because they were lackluster, not because gamers dislike playing female characters.

There's so much good here. Tomb Raider and Bayonetta are considered some of the best games of their respective genres over the past console generation. Mirror's Edge and Beyond Good and Evil are some of the biggest cu... #1
What a useful and worthwhile article. :/ #1
Gamers need to stop obsessing over number scores. This article is constantly speaking in terms of number scores, which are highly inconsistent and vague forms of measurement, espeically across the entire scope of the gaming media. No wonder gamers are getting duped if all they're looking at is a number.

Watch gameplay and actually read reviews to find out if the game is for you. Get informed before you buy something. #21
The items aren't the discovery. You discover things for the items, and using the items.

Finding 500 rupees to me was far more satisfying for me than finding the Hookshot for the 20th time. That's because had a real choice in what to do with those rupees, and opened new possibilities in the game world with the item I bought. That's discovery being enhanced by choice. There are useful items you don't even need to get in order to complete the game. It didn't... #7.1.1
For many longtime players, yes. Just because it's gotten so predictable. I get the bow in the dungeon that has a lot of targets I need to shoot, then I go back and hit those switches, etc. That move only works only for so many decades. It's not really even discovery at this point; just the typical flow of Zelda.

A Link Between Worlds managed to help this a lot, though. Renting items meant the power of discovery was revitalized by the power of choice. The player could... #7
The tactical pause-and-play view looks improved to me. It looks like we can chart out party movements point-by-point at once, which will be more precise. Not to mention that some of the spell effects get previewed once we make our selection, which is a nice touch.

Real-time playstyles aren't exactly new to this series. A completely real-time playstyle was doable in Origins on anything but Nightmare if the player was quick enough. For most fights, anyway. I'm just glad... #1.1.3
If the world is open and lets you engage in a variety of activities from (or near) the beginning, it's open-world. If the world is mostly a guided experience through a linear series of corridors and challenges, it's not.

It's about the openness of the world, not the narrative. Thus the name. #6
Gets more clicks, I guess. The video doesn't talk about it at all. #1.2
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