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This was too predictable to be upsetting for me. Zelda has made itself infamous with delays so this is to be expected.

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Heh, the bosses aren't exactly being measured up against a high bar. Sounds exciting, though! :P

Not going to click on the article for fear of spoilers, but I'm glad to hear impressions of the game are very positive.

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I don't like the Radiant Quest system either, but those quests are generally completely avoidable and it's not a big deal if you don't do much with them. Fallout 4 has more than enough proper quests to make up for them, if you ask me.

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Fallout 4 was a complete game. The main story was weak as usual for Bethesda, but the side-quests and content packed into the rest of the game do create a full experience that lasts for a long time.

Also, the $50 season pass includes the DLCs that will be released after Far Harbor. You're not just paying $10 extra compared to buying the three currently known DLCs individually; there's more after.

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I thought Fallout 4 was better than Fallout 3 overall. There's a lot more content and the combat is more polished.

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It wouldn't surprise me. I think if we made a list of games that weren't delayed in the past 10 years or so, it would be shorter than the list of delayed games. :P

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Platinum Games + NieR = All My Hype

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It wouldn't necessarily be a big change. They could just segregate the two groups of players - only easy mode players can summon easy mode players, etc. I doubt there aren't any acceptably elegant design solutions.

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Adding an option for an easier difficulty isn't 'changing the formula' at all.

I'm have no personal interest in the idea as I'd just play the regular difficulty like I always have, but it's not like the option for an easy mode would necessarily hurt anything or be a detriment to the established audience.

I'm not seeing why this is such an issue. Plenty of games that are generally harder than Dark Souls have an easy mode option....

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As someone who mostly identifies as liberal and also doesn't buy into the stuff Anita Sarkeesian and her crowd promote, I'm actually a kind of offended by you saying we're just useful idiots.

I'm getting pretty tired of the politics and bashing growing in the gaming communities because of these issues.

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I think the debate is in a rut because both sides (SJWs/anti-SJWs) seem more concerned with being outraged, demonizing and name-calling each other, and whining about their oppression than actually reaching out and earnestly trying to foster solidarity and understanding between both perspectives.

I've been pretty unimpressed with what I believe are toxic and excessively antagonistic attitudes coming Antia Saarkeesian, as well as pundits like Thunderf00t and Sargon of Akkad...

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Titanfall was super fun. Looking forward to this.

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I'd be fine with FROM tacking on an easy mode, as long as it didn't compromise the way they normally design and tune the game as veteran fans like myself are used to.

Personally I think the difficulty is only one aspect of Souls games' appeal, not all of it. The lore, atmosphere, sense of progression, and level design all stand on their own regardless of the challenge of combat. I think someone would still be able to enjoy those very much even if they were on an e...

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Shouldn't have been there in the first place. It was pointless politicizing.

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While I'm not panicking about the current state of the game with its long future ahead and criticism it will be able to incorporate feedback from, I still think it's pretty inexcusable for a full $60 to release with so little content/features and so much paid DLC on the horizon.

I wish I could say that the in-game currency makes up for it, but from what I've seen the prices for Fight Money are very steep and pretty much require you to be successful competitively a...

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Was it really a loss for Andromeda, though? He very possibly had the full scenario all written out when he left.

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*sigh* It's a shame that Silent Hills is never going to happen. That franchise really needed a game backed by top talent again.

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Some people are always upset when an exclusive is lost. This isn't news.

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Considering that the game allegedly lasts around 40 hours to complete and 70 hours to do everything, the price tag for The Witness seems fair.

What matters most is how much value you're getting for the price. Not "indie" or "AAA" status.

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I had moderate expectations going in and I'm enjoying it. It's an engaging and fun game for what it is, despite its faults. It was worth my hype for it, anyway.

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