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Tried it out earlier today. It's pretty legit and I'm impressed by how accurately the AI has copied all my habits with Sadira and Glacius. Fighting shadows feels much more like fighting a real player than normal AI.

And supposedly the shadows will get even more accurate and intelligent the more we record fight data for them. I haven't seen anything like Shadow Labs in a Fighter before, and it seems genuinely innovative. #16
We are talking about an IP that started with killer robots, ice aliens, dinosaurs, werewolves, boxers, and two-headed cyclops. Among other things. :P #5.1
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I'm particularly hoping for Dishonored 2's announcement. I liked that game a lot. #7
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Stuff like this should have been done for Borderlands 2 a long time ago. The loot system being unrewarding held it back compared to the first game, which was a shame because almost everything else in the sequel was a big improvement. #5
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I can see the PvP imbalance being a thing. The main PvP areas are some of the most difficult in the game, so I'd expect that's where high level-difference summoning would occur the most. Other than that, the people who are co-oping and are thus invade-able in other areas naturally present this risk.

Anti-climaxes on bosses for summoned players shouldn't be a concern. If the player uses a friend password, which is the only type of summoning that is lifting the leve... #9
It's true that Smash Bros and Splatoon are different from the rest, but I don't buy the idea that they shouldn't be thought as some form of those genres.

What else are we gonna call them, if we can't call them Fighter or Shooter? Because fighting and shooting are exactly what you do in those two games, respectively. #1.3
I gotta agree with this. In terms of main plot ME1 was the strongest and perhaps it was the most immersive, but in terms of nearly every other aspect I'd say the sequels were a big improvement. I never missed the more RPG-leaning combat from the first game, because I never thought it was particularly tactical or interesting in the first place. I preferred the more polished, action-focused approach in the sequels.

I'd put Mass Effect 2 as the best of the trilogy, overa... #3.3.2
Sonic The Hedgehog 2. I didn't get my own system until I was older, and I got to play this on my grandparents' Genesis when my family visited them.

The last levels of that game felt like banging my head against a brick wall (and enjoying it!), and I didn't properly finish it until years later. #28
Blooborne's development seems to have lost some efficiency in the shift to new-generation systems, like others before it. I don't know any in-depth details of the game's development, but I do know that delays can't be made on a whim. They already delayed it once, at that.

Whatever your particular opinion of Bloodborne is, it is a full 30+ hour adventure and that estimation is excluding Chalice Dungeons. Complete with the sequence breaking, optional levels and... #6.2.4
Why? The only alternative is to leave the game as is, which you say isn't satisfactory to you. The game does feel like a complete and full experience as is, despite its relative shortcomings to the Souls games, so I see no reason to feel cheated. #6.2.2
Here's to hoping they include a full story next time, that truly makes the player feel like they're accomplishing something meaningful.

Actually, here's to hoping Destiny 2 is a huge improvement in every respect. #2
Ha, funny.

But seriously, it'd be stupid to cut down a tree over the issue. They'd most likely just take his name off it again. :P #3
Yeah, I see some people are jumping the gun as usual and saying the expansion content was held back from the main game to milk our wallets later because... well, isn't evidence overrated anyway? :P

I'm looking forward to this. I loved Bloodborne and I'm not gonna complain about more of it. #6.1
Honestly, who didn't expect this after their Bayonetta 2 review?

I was thinking of giving them a little credit for arguing that several female characters were legitimately-written despite their criticisms, even though the subject was overwrought in the review regardless, but they inanely spin even their praise into essentially calling the game hypocritical and two-faced.

But whatevs, I'm not giving Polygon any more of the time of day than this deserve... #8
The score isn't the important bit here, especially compared to other games. It's the reasoning behind it. #1.4
There's like 8 paragraphs that primarily talk about the portrayal of women characters. I'm completely unsurprised after their Bayonetta 2 review. #3
As interesting as that would be, I don't expect Ubisoft to drop AC until the IP is milked dry. #6
^ I think the campaign mode would also benefit from unique elements that help it stand out. Things like boss battles come to mind.

I've noticed that change in sentiment toward SP and MP, as well. Common mindset seems to have shifted a bit from being against all-in-one, to more pro-SP and anti-MP in general. #1.2.2
Didn't even need to click the link to know what the easter egg was about. :P #3
Part of me thinks they should just focus on the multi-player modes, and maximize the features and quality there.

On the other hand, Titanfall's unique mechanics could make for a great single-player, too. Hmm... #1.2
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