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If you feel burned by hype, that's your fault. Marketers will do their job, but you choose what to expect from the information provided. People knew what to expect from the Beta, so the end product is no surprise.

That said, Destiny was still disappointing to me. Destiny fails to meets even standard quality in some aspects, which are disappointing with or without hype. I expected much more interesting and varied mission design and enemy variety from Bungie and a project t... #14
I think it looks quite interesting. MOBA meets FPS isn't something I've ever heard about before. I also like how diverse the classes are. It could be a very unique and compelling competitive and co-op game. #1.2
Bloodborne is not a carbon copy, even though it is the same kind of game. The playstyle is much more quick and aggressive, guns and transformable weapons have been introduced, mechanics centered around managing mobs have been introduced (including a possible day/night cycle), the online co-op aspect will be different, and many of the mechanics in general have been switched up or added.

And originality has little to do with quality and satisfaction of players. People know what... #12.5
Dark Souls 2 had a much improved framerate and technical foundation over Dark Souls 1. There was nothing like Blighttown and the framerate was much more stable overall.

If you're talking about choppy design, yes. But let's not pretend Dark Souls 1 didn't take a nosedive with its design after Anor Londo and that only half the levels and bosses were standout. #12.4.2
Umm... what exactly do those games have to with that conclusions? If they're online-focused, online wasn't shoved into them. They were designed for it from the ground up. Whether they did it well is another matter, and not every game is going to live up to expectations no matter what it focuses on.

Watch_Dogs is the only game that may apply to what you're saying, but its problems did not lie so much in the online features. Your argument is misguided and weak. #15.1
Sounds interesting. Assuming it's real, I can't wait to see gameplay. #41
Great graphics and it looks like it plays pretty well so far, like a more interesting version of the combat from Kingdom Hearts. I'll keep this on my radar. #71
The mission design is very repetitive and bland, maps are nearly empty of all but enemies, and the RPG elements are shallow and devoid of most real choice, grinding is badly done, enemies lack diversity, the story is barebones, the load times are frequent and long, and the PvP is quite unbalanced. The main campaign, free roam, and endgame are all underwhelming.

Hype or not, it's just not a very good package. The only things it really has going for it are tight mechanics a... #3
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Looking forward to this. Guardian of Light was really fun. #1
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I suggest you inform yourself. PG games always have variable framerates. This isn't any different from W101 or MGR. Bayonetta 1 was a bit better than these, but even that below 30 in certain instances and the framerate dropped to around 45 for big sequences; the game was never constant 60fps in combat, either. This is the "Platinum quality."

And they aren't taking it easy with Bayonetta 2. It looks improved in many ways and they've made a lot of smart bu... #9.1
The visuals look really good. That square pool plaza in the video looks like a stunning, inspired environment and there are many more like it. The art and backgrounds are really detailed. #7.1
The game just feels... undercooked. The maps are restrictive, empty, and vapid of all but enemies, the mission design is unacceptable, leveling up offers no choice, the loot is a ton of recycled weapon models, the enemies are not diverse, the storyline is barely there and is very short, and the PvP has major balancing problems.

I kind of wonder what Bungie has been doing all these years. I wasn't hyped much at all and I was still underwhelmed. #5
If you need know why the scores are low, read the actual reviews. #70
It only did that in one or two instances for a split second. The average is about 45 or above 50, depending on what's happening on-screen.

But yeah, it is kind of disappointing. This performance is a bit worse than the original, which also had an unlocked framerate. I guess that was the sacrifice they made for improving the visuals, backgrounds, and climax features. #2.1
So we have to rely on the AI (or co-op) partner for the flashlight? Ugh.

I guess Capcom thinks that having a friend to chat with over the atmosphere, keep you from dying when you should, and annoy you with unreliable AI is the essence of Survival Horror. #29.1
Complete lack of maturity. Just a lot of scapegoats, excuses, and strawmen.

Anyway, I agree with pretty much everything the article says. Since so much information is directly available to gamers now, gaming media has been forced to use cultural criticism to stand out and not their actual reporting. Then, all these rabid social justice extremists get their claws into the vulnerable gaming media, generating controversial opinion content. Combine that with social media and the... #9
From the article: "She is not a third-party character like Snake and Sonic were in Brawl, she is a bonafide Nintendo character now . . ."

Bayonetta is not a Nintendo character, nor does Nintendo own the Bayonetta IP. Those rights go to SEGA. Nintendo has ownership of Bayonetta 2 as an installment, but that's it. #8
I see the upgrade clearly.

The backgrounds are significantly more detailed, colors are much more vibrant, the lighting is improved, and the Climax scenes are even crazier and more chaotic. And according the hands-on impressions, the framerate runs at 60fps with less drops.

Compare the airship tutorial segment in the opening of Bayonetta 2 to the one in the original. It's no contest which one looks better.

The game would look better on nex... #1.2
It's like female characters can't have any arguable character flaws at all to these people.

Elizabeth has had almost no human interaction in her entire life when Booker meets her. I'd say she's impressively well-adjusted, all things considered. #23
"While the Bayonetta 1 was good, it wasn't anything that we really hadn't seen beore in games like DMC..."

Bayonetta invented Combo Offset, which was an all-new innovation for its genre, not seen in DMC. It also introduced concepts like Charge Modifiers, Witch Time, and Wicked Weaves which DMC also has never had. Among other differentiating aspects, like Beast Forms, Hands/Feet weapon loadouts, etc. Overall, Bayonetta is actually quite different from Devil M... #4.3
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