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I think The Evil Within resonates better if you don't treat it like a horror game, ironically. It does have plenty of rough edges, but the game does do a good job throwing lots of diverse gameplay scenarios at you, giving the player lots of unique tools to work with, and delivering intense boss fights. It's well-paced and the campaign is pretty meaty compared to most similar games these days.

As a true horror game The Evil Within rings kinda fake, but I think it's... #4
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All the complaints from the review:

- Game is a time-sink and requires commitment.
- Dialogue tempo is "slow" (they probably mean stilted and laggy conversations, not uncommon in RPGs).
- Many cut-scenes, and pretty long ones. Feels like a movie, they said.
- Gameplay systems lack explanations.

Just presentation and tutorial issues. Frequent and long cut-scenes are also no surprise if you've played Xenogears, plus it does... #20
The complaints from the actual content of the reviews I've been hearing are 'too many movies' and 'gameplay systems not explained enough'.

Nothing particularly concerning, especially if you've played and liked Monolith's past works, it seems. #7
I wouldn't say 7th gen was so bad. We got a some innovative games like Portal, Demon's/Dark Souls, and Minecraft. Lots of very good games, too. Maybe not as much as PS2/Xbox, but when I look back on my catalog of PS3/360 games on my shelf, it's a pretty satisfying sight. I guess I'm a glass half-full person, and there have been bright spots this generation.

One thing I want to mention is that a genre got a big revival this generation: 2D Fighters. We've go... #5
N4G has to have this conversation every single time an Xbone game is revealed to be sub-1080p. :/ #4.2
Feels more like something out of Hyperdimension Neptunia or an anime. Way more "poppy" than something we'd see out of a Persona reveal trailer. The presentation and glimpses of an everyday teen setting definitely resemble Persona, though.

The Tokyo setting is definitely SMT, and the Pegasus creatures are out of FE for sure. But yeah, it so far looks like it could be a totally new IP for all we would have known. Not what I was expecting at all.

I... #1.7
Honestly, I see no need to reason load this topic up with so much pointless antagonism. Innocent ideas like this:

'I'd like to see a female Link.'
'I wouldn't like or don't care to see a female Link.'

Become more like this:

'I'd like to see a female Link and those who don't are sexist boys' clubbers and Nintendo is an insular stone-age company if they don't do it. You're hurting gami... #8.3
The series' lore is indeed inconsistent and messy, especially if we're comparing pre- and post-ALttP. However, Skyward Sword is the most up-to-date spin on Zelda history, and the most implicating and far-reaching one, so I used that as an example. But I'd judge that the very fact that the series' lore is so undefined and debatable also leaves the possibility for a female Link in itself. #2.1.10
"You understand that, in regards to Link, the very fact that he's consistently male could also be argued as being a necessary factor in the Legend of the Hero right? It's not, after all, the Legend of the Heroine. Remember, the continuity of Zelda places the characters of Zelda and Link in an inescapable destiny as one is the incarnation of a Goddess (Zelda) and the other is the holder of the Triforce of Courage as chosen by a Goddess (Link)."

Actually, this... #2.1.3
I don't care deeply if Link is ever female at one point or not, but I wouldn't be opposed to it (especially as just an option) if Nintendo thought it was a neat idea. I know the folks at Tecmo entertained the idea, and they drew full concept artwork of it for Hyrule Warriors. They do love the women. :P

Anyway, I don't get the idea the Link should be male for the sake of unofficial tradition for the same reason I don't get the idea that Link should be female fo... #6
Is there really any constructive point to crying marxism/socialism/communism every time a topic like this comes up? It's a platitude as old and redundant as feminists crying patriarchy. It's just tangential noise. #4.2
I haven't fallen for any of the Fallout 4 rumors in the past years, and this news doesn't strike me as anything special either, but I think we very well could see it announced this year. Skyrim came out in 2011, for the record, which is already an unusual break between releases for them. Even considering the console generation shift, it's about time Bethesda announced their new game.

The fact that Bethesda is having its first-ever E3 conference this year really bo... #6
"Well, sure if you just look under advocacy then you won't see much."

Where else would I see the bulk of it, then? As far as I'm aware, the schedule on GDC's site is virtually the full list of panels, round-tables, presentations, etc. And looking at that, I see all but a few of the equality-focused events are under Advocacy. There are a couple minority-centered events outside of Advocacy (as I suggested before by saying "nearly all") like the E... #17.2.1
I'm looking at the event schedule and while "Advocacy" category; where nearly all of the feminist and social justice stuff is bunched up; is by no means overwhelming the overall schedule. It's one of the longer lists, but falls very short of event categories like Design, Production, and Programming. It's also worth noting that "Advocacy" includes events based on disability-friendly design and anti-censorship; not just talking about women and cultural minorities... #17.1
These types of things are very self-serving, unfortunately. If the joke is at the expense of your opposition it's hilarious, but if it's at your expense then it's inconsiderate hate-speech and the person who said it is a worthless hack. #14.1
Fix: (Aside, I'm very confident that the tone of those deriding him right now would be positively glowing *if he targeted feminists and SJWs instead.) #15.1
I see the concern here and I agree with it, but antagonizing developers and industry participants who have become sympathizers of Anita and Company is just self-defeating. We want to convince others of our plight and perspective, and being toxic severely shoots us in the foot there. We play right into the "GamerGate is the enemy and not worth engaging with" narrative by doing that.

Tim Schafer's act there was quite disrespectful and inconsiderate, but calling hi... #15
Their continued existence is due to sales, as I said. Obviously, there was no precedent for sales before the genre really existed. Sales and popularity don't invent, but they certainly do expand and sustain.

I believe consumer habits are the core of the issue, as businesses can't run primarily on opinions and internal ego. #1.1.10
"QTE's couldn't possibly be for lazy customers since lazy customers didn't ask for them and more than enough people complain about them."

Developers and publishers pay attention to their sales numbers more than people complaining on internet sites. When they get good sales, that's the equivalent of consumers asking for more.

And The Order: 1886 and games similar to it do, in fact, typically sell well. That's why we keep seeing th... #1.1.8
I have to agree with your thoughts on the multiplayer. The MP worked in Mass Effect 3 because ME3 was relatively modestly-lengthed for an RPG, so people had the time to check it out and get into it. Plus it was an easy way to boost your army for the finale in the single-player.

Inquisition's campaign, on the other hand, is a much bigger time-sink and its MP offers zero incentives toward the SP campaign. I don't believe it will see the success that ME3 accomplished wit... #1.1
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