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I have to agree with your thoughts on the multiplayer. The MP worked in Mass Effect 3 because ME3 was relatively modestly-lengthed for an RPG, so people had the time to check it out and get into it. Plus it was an easy way to boost your army for the finale in the single-player.

Inquisition's campaign, on the other hand, is a much bigger time-sink and its MP offers zero incentives toward the SP campaign. I don't believe it will see the success that ME3 accomplished wit... #1.1
One mistake I see a lot of gamers make is calling developers lazy and hardware bad if the games don't usually run at 60fps on it.

Framerate is a trade-off with visual fidelity. A higher framerate inherently means an opportunity cost of visual quality and the scope and detail of the game environments. Better optimization can significantly lessen the severity of the trade-off, but only within a limited range.

Basically, this means that the PS4 is no more ca... #5
Darn beautiful fictional people! :P #8.2
You hit the nail on the head in regards to Nintendo's family focus. Not many families play videogames together, and when they do it probably tends to be seldom. More often than not, families buy 'family-friendly' videogames and consoles and handhelds for the kids to use on their own. Nintendo's ideas about the market are incorrect, and aren't as attractive as what phones, tablets, and apps offer.

Unfortunately, a lot of Nintendo's "brief trend[s]&... #1.2
You're the one bringing stupid over-sensitive gender politics into it. Just sayin'. #26.2
It was definitely high-quality and well-made. The soft-cover system and gunplay, and general controls were very well designed. It also offered features that distinguished itself from the competition, like the "hub" maps and evolving toolset for Lara. #2.3.1
I agree. I wish more people could appreciate both, for their similarities and differences. Ultimately, both series have delivered high-quality, well-designed, and distinct experiences. Both can and should be respected.

Uncharted did take inspiration and ideas from Tomb Raider, and used the same other sources of inspirations like Indiana Jones. But Tomb Raider didn't have combat and digital storytelling on nearly the same level of quality until the recent reboot, and Uncha... #21.1
I agree with your points. The interviewer had no place asking such a mood-killing question, especially to start the interview. Molyneux may be practically bad at what he does, and it seems very evident he isn't suited for management positions, but he's not malicious and by no means should be regarded with hostility. It's one thing for an interviewer to be pressing and assertive to attain information, it's another to be disrespectful and condescending. Perhaps the interviewer k... #2
Yeah, every Zelda game has a groundhog day schedule mechanic, sailing the seas on a boat, melding into walls to traverse obstacles, turning into a wolf, and motion controls. #1.1
There's also a newer site called that primarily uses the same click-bait tactics and controversy-mongering content for its articles that does.

The opinion articles on N4G and the sites they are submitted for, in particular, need better examination before they are approved. So many of them, especially lists, are blatantly insincere and worthless. It's watering down N4G and all of its informative, worthwhile content. #1.2
It's a very good dungeon crawler. The story is just tripe filler with flanderized jokes for characters.

I wouldn't necessarily call the the gameplay inferior to Etrian Odyssey, especially if we're not talking III or IV. One forced party member slot, although significant, isn't too big of a deal in my opinion. And fusion replacing skill points can be disliked, I guess, but there's nothing wrong with it and it's a deep, unique system in its own right. <... #1
Actually, one thing I want to point out is that none of this seems to have to do with players finishing games less, relative to the PS2/Xbox/GC-era and eariler.

Do we have data from prior to 7th gen? I'm not noticing any decline consistency chronologically in the graphs presented, which are all 7th gen games. The only blatant consistency I see in that graph is concerned with length. Genre, quality, and pacing also probably factor in highly.

Developers and... #14
I didn't finish RDR because the game was feeling like a serious drag. I got a bit into Mexico and it felt more and more like the game was moving the goal-post to make me run more errands and chores I (and the main character) didn't care about. I felt cheated by the reason the player has to go to Mexico in the first place; a previous major event seriously lacked payoff after so much effort and build-up.

Strictly speaking, it is a high-quality game. But it has major pac... #6.1
That modern games deliver too much might be the problem. A busy person with a family to attend to won't usually be able to complete a big RPG before the next exciting release, for instance. There's too much content to finish in time and they'll likely just move on to the next game when it comes out. #13.1
All it really goes to show is that there's tons of annoying idiots online and we've all got to tolerate them; whether they target us because of sex, age, username, performance, salt, or for no particular reason at all. #2.3
Depends, I guess. On one hand, this is the internet: People tend to be drama queens. They like to dwell on things they don't like and they make stupid and biased assumptions and present them as substantiated facts. In addition, they can say anything they want without any consideration for ethical conduct or communication. It's no surprise that the online world is where negativity and verbal wars thrive. If you're on the internet, positivity should be the last thing you expect. It... #7
It'll be interesting to see where this goes. I like the sound of it better than Metacritic, particularly how it won't fuss over vague number scores and explicitly aims to filter out all the bait associated with game reviews.

That said, I'm still skeptical that it'll be able to keep trolls and fanboys from hurting it. Negative or less positive reviews could get rampantly voted out by fanboys without reasonable justification, for instance. I'm also skeptical... #11
"How can you expect someone to spend days in this world if they don’t care about anyone in it?"

If you enjoy the gameplay. Persona Q, while the characters are blatantly flanderized and the story is a tripe afterthought as a spin-off title, has very solid dungeon-crawling gameplay, deeply customizable progression systems, and interesting level design. And Persona Q is a spiritual adaption of Etrian Odyssey, which has installments in it that are better better than PQ.... #6
Especially for a handheld. Battery life necessitates a conveniently-accessed save feature. #1.1
Yeah, feminist activism these days is nuts. I identify as a feminist because I believe in the equal rights of women and admire the achievements of the movement in the past, but no way do I align myself with these victims of first-world problems and conspiracy theories. Neo-feminists apparently aren't very interested in rights activism where it's actually needed, instead of where it's already been accomplished. They just can't appreciate all the progress that has been made in p... #1.1.2
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