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No one was justifying it. One was trying to give advice and the other was saying that commands on consoles isn't a realistic expectation.

Forge was no saint in terms of user-friendly building, either - especially in Halo 3. And calling Fallout 4 and the settlement building "non functioning" is a big exaggeration. Building resources is easy and works fine; it's the construction and things you can't get rid of that are annoying. (I've also put 25 hours... #1.4.1
I'm glad they're safe. Such a needless tragedy. #30
Glad they're doing this. Fairly decent launch selection, too. #20
Anita is not working on Mirror's Edge 2. That was a rumor with no sources that people spread around with fake tweets. EA has explicitly denied her involvement.

@Spotie I honestly don't care what SJWs think. They can like the new Lara's look for their own reasons; it doesn't change that I like her for my reasons. I'm not going to to put up a fuss over the mere suspicion that SJWs may have had some influence. #3.3.1
More specifically, you have these somewhat large "hub" areas for exploration and side-activities that have areas blocked off until you acquire the right tools and abilities in the main story - like Zelda.

Main story events are a lot like Uncharted because they focus on combat and action set-pieces. Not much in the way of boss battles, though. #5.4
They're good, but not like the old games. You're basically getting Uncharted meets The Legend of Zelda. #5.2
Tired of SJWs being blamed everytime a female character doesn't look like a super-model with outfits that show off her body.

It's pretty much the opposite extreme of SJWs who blame sexism every time a female character does look like a super-model with sexy outfits.

Nothing is wrong with either approach. #3.2
She's in Siberia and dressed for the weather. #6
Unsurprising. Fallout 4 was brewing up controversy more than a week before it released.

A chunk of the fanbase hates Bethesda's ownership of the series and their priorities with it, as well. #30
It isn't April Fool's Day, is it? Didn't see this coming. #25
I think the main thing is that people aren't understanding how the graphics are bad enough to be cause all this fuss and disappointment. (Especially since the developer has never been known for the best graphics.)

Fallout 4's graphics are a ways away from the level of The Witcher 3 - there's not much debate there - so obviously the visuals aren't cutting-edge and could look better. But they look decent enough, and definitely don't look like just an upscale... #2.2
Yeah, I agree. The visuals don't look particularly great, but they don't look bad either. The most wrong with it are the animations, which is true for any Bethesda game. #1.3
I agree. Capcom probably wanted to ensure a T rating like SFIV had. Those suggestive shots, especially since they're repeated over and over in the game, may have been a little too much for the ESRB's tastes to earn less than an M rating.

This point may fly over the heads of some, though. Many care more about victimizing themselves and being offended at the mere suspicion of political correctness and SJWs; more than objectively considering the factors that led up to th... #5.3.2
It's a FROM Software game. Optimization has been a weak point of theirs for a long time. At least Bloodborne has it better than Dark Souls. #1.5.3
I agree that some games can benefit from microtransactions by fairly and harmoniously integrating them. It can allow for free content, high-quality server support, good F2P games, and such. Guild Wars 2, Killer Instinct, and Hearthstone are other positive examples of this in action. #5
The combat looks good. Like a faster, smoother, and more agile version of Revengeance. #13
It's only one track from the game. The original NieR had a track that sounded similar to this one, actually; it had the same "cats whining" vocals. #12.1
Skills are gone now. It's all SPECIAL and perks in Fallout 4. #4.1.1
That I didn't even know there was a melee and dedicated grenade button, when the game is only about two weeks away, makes me wonder how the game will surprise me when I finally get my hands on it. Pretty exciting. #6
No realistic person was expecting The Taken King to fix all of Destiny's problems. Unless it was going to redo all the content and fix every issue all at once, the only thing The Taken King could have hoped to be was a significant improvement to the existing game.

And it is. Grinding is better with the QoL streamlining, the new missions are of notably higher quality than what has come before, and altogether there's considerably more variety in the overall package now.... #7
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