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Yeah. I'm not interested in diversity for the sake of "representation" or making developers feel obligated to include anything they don't really want to because it'd makes me feel better about society. But they say that variety is the spice of life, and that's how I see it here.

I like female protagonists and characters, for instance, because I feel they offer a unique style, sensibility, and sometimes sexiness. Does that make me a social justice war... #4.1
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Yeah, I don't really care about who the protagonist is in my game. I'm someone who barely fiddles around with character creators or aesthetic customization, at that. All that matters is that the game is fun and interesting to play, and I appreciate the protagonist for what they are first and foremost.

I'm not going to blame gamers who really like that sort of thing, but it should really only be relevant to RPGs. And many RPGs already have tons of options that sat... #9
"From my perspective I enjoy the drama and I'm a full time SWJ hater."

What I'm getting at with this blog is that the drama itself is a cancer on gaming, period. SJWs are more in the wrong with their typical viewpoints and arguments, but anti-SJW gamers also significantly contribute to this over-sensitivity and political correctness that is dividing the gaming industry and community into this platitude-spewing, resentful, and paranoid verbal war over fiction... #4.1
It seems the only games that Anita favors for their female protagonists are ones where you don't see their body 95% of the time. I highly doubt she cares about the gameplay on any sginificant level whatsoever.

Also: The gameplay in Mirror's Edge was very unique and interesting to a lot of people. That's really subjective, so what anyone feels is fun/interest isn't usually worth stressing far beyond personal preferences. Many, however, would also agree that it... #1.11
"If game devs are putting more women/ethnic minorities into games just to placate the social justice crowd then that would just be sad... shoehorned characters tend to be more offensive than none of a minority at all."

My problem brought up here is that gamers often tend to immediately jump to this conclusion at every instance, which I find just as annoying and ignorant as feminists criticizing gaming in a similar fashion. Ciri is the latest example of this, which i... #2.2
I'm well aware of everything you have brought up, and by all means I realize it's a problem. I completely agree, and don't mistake that I'm against GamerGate or that I support feminists or anything, because I'm not.

"CD Project Red has included females and homosexual characters in their games before. Have they gotten a circus of liberal political watch dogs running countless stories and articles about it? Nope."

I'm quite sur... #1.2
I've only played Bravely Default, and I have no idea why it isn't ahead of some of these other games. The music in it is sublime, especially the boss and character tracks. #1.1
Any opinions about CDPR's or Bioware's believability or quality are irrelevant. This has to with the integrity of the people making our games. Without evidence that they didn't do what they wanted to, which should be the core virtue of it all, we can't assume anything. We can dislike or question the creative decisions that developers make, but ultimately we have to respect them. Gamers tend to immediately resort to shots at character as a knee-jerk response, which is something... #1.1
The gameplay has not shown anything to be desired, at the moment. The combat is about stats, switching between weapons to best suit the situation, targeting enemy limbs, positioning attacks at certain angles, chaining party abilities for status effects and crowd control, and efficiently managing cooldown times, mana, and aggro. Also open-world exploration, character customization and building, questing, and transformer mechs. This game is going to be a lot deeper than the original all-around.... #4.2.1
Nothing wrong with an RPG having RPG combat. #4.1
Oh look, someone with a keyboard has a personal opinion. "Journalism." #11
Just from the headline:
1. Peoples' hype does not have any impact on whether a game is mediocre or not.
2. Not absolutely every AAA game this year has disappointed.

The article itself just goes over a bunch of other games and hardly talks about No Man's Sky for most of it. #6
I wouldn't be surprised if everyone is secretly voiced by Troy Baker, at this point. #3.1
I'm less concerned about Nolan vs. Troy, and more concerned about how little talent there is the VA pool of the gaming industry. Can we get new people, please? These two are very talented and versatile, but they're in everything. #2.2
The writer is trying too hard to be snarky and clever. I mean I agree with his opinion at this point, but this article was written with the professionalism of an average blogger. #7
People are completely wrong when they say 60fps should be easier due to more powerful hardware. Framerate is inherently a trade-off between other graphical aspects and will always be, not a feature that gets enhanced and facilitated as specs get better with all other things equal.

Even PC always has an opportunity cost of higher and more stable fps versus higher visual settings. The only difference between consoles and PC is that console players have the trade-off decision ma... #3.2
The worst type of games, except for their bad technical foundation? Huh? Anyway, I agree their engine and production values could use big improvements.

I like their stories. Anyone can call even the best stories bad for XYZ reasons and every story gets harshly talked down on by people negative attitudes, so I'm not going to get hung up on you disliking them. And $5 for 2-3 hours of content is arguably proportionally better than a $60 game that offers around 10 hours of pl... #1.1.2
If you don't like the experiences that Telltale games offer, don't buy them. The gameplay is what matters the least, and people play these games for the same reasons people play visual novels.

Many people like these games and they know exactly what to expect from them. Consequently, they praise them and Telltale for filling the niche. That doesn't make them "overrated" or other conceited nonsense.

"Sorry but if you strip away the bi... #1.1
I hope they get themselves a better engine, so they can boost the quality of their visuals and animation which is sorely needed at this point. With their successes in recent years, they can afford it. #3
"Actually, BioWare already severely limits your options in character creation- you can't pick a body type other than default, all you can alter is skin color/scars/face. This also doesn't apply to NPCs, which are premade models."

Dwarves and Qunari have very different body types, which is what I'm talking about, and every NPC has to be designed for that variable in mind. Armors and equipment also add to the variables. As far as real-time WRPGs, the only... #2.1.4
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