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Ironwolf the truth is the studios know there are more then kids that play these games. Just think about the days of Atari. The people that played those systems are in there forties. Plus then you had the NES they are still buying game consoles to this very day. So there is money in the Game bis and it is not just for kids. Also another thing when DVD came out the PS2 had a DVD player built in and that helped push the sales of DVDs. Maybe there was no other thing then DVD but had the DVD not b...

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I am up for a new Chrono game. Even if it is only a remake that would be nice too. As for PaRappa I would like to see another one. Plus the other games would be cool to see too.

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I am looking forward to Fallout 3 & Elveon. But I can't help but wonder why Project Offset is not on the list.

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It is great to finally see people saying there are some great games for the PSP. I can't wait to see what next year holds.

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This is the one thing I wanted after playing Warhawk online was to be able to to the good old PS1 version and now I can play it on the PSP and PS3. So that is great news.

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This should be cool. I can't wait to play this mod.

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My vote is for Uncharted 2 or a new IP.

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I for one am all for a new Duck hunt. But think it would be best a budget price game seeing as they would not be much more you could add to the game. I remember there were disks and ducks that you could shoot. So I don't think there would be much need for a new one just remake the old one with new graphics and I would be fine with that.

Kid Icarus I think really could be a cool game and I think there was talks of a new one so that is good at least that way Nintendo is at least ...

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Great news God of War has always been a great game. So it is great news that this version will not be rushed. Now I want to know if it will be out for the Holidays of 09.

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I am not sure this is that great of an idea I for one am still not sure how the DS version will turn out. So this idea could be a good one. But you never know. As much as I like the PSP I would prefer Ubisoft to make a new Assassin's Creed over a new one for the PSP.

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Daxx I was more meaning like a scifi twist on WW2 like the Tanks could fly more along the lines of hovering above the ground though. That kind of stuff back then in 1940. Yes that is not realistic but it would be different. Plus another thing last time I played Resistance WW2 never happened. So both games would be different then. Though in some ways the idea is the same just a different end result.

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I think this sucks but there were rumors that it would have some surprise in the game. What if Treyarch did a Insomniac and changed WW2 and instead of having old weapons. The weapons be more alien like and change other stuff like that too. At least then it would be different.

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I liked Pilot Wings and Wave Racing a lot on the 64. I think it would be great too see a new Pilot Wings and may be even Nintendo could bring back Wave Racing too.

As for Wrecking Crew and The Adventures of Lolo I never heard of them. But They they could be fun so why not make new versions of them.

I remember StarTropics and this could be a nice game. I also would say the Wii would be great for it.

As for a new Super Mario RPG game I would like tha...

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Well This would be cool. It would also show that Sony really is wanting the PS Eye to last.

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Well if this is true then I will finally be able to get Batman Begins. I can't wait to watch that movie.

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I can see DrPirate you are a fan of Beat and I will agree with you Beats is a great game. I wonder if Sony has any plans for a PS3 version too. I would give that also a try.

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I could see Sony go in to buy RockStar there was the rumors that Sony wanted to take RockStar under there wing. So this could be what the rumors were about. I am not sure if Sony would be the best company to buy R* but at least they would be better then EA.

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I would like this so much. My guess if this is true Sega would start getting third party members now. Then in like five years bring out the Dreamcast 2. I think it would come out around the same time the next PS,Xbox and Wii version comes out. I also would hope EA would makes games for Sega this time around. I may not be the biggest EA fan but having EA makes some games would help out a lot. Also I think Sega would make a Deamcast 2 in some ways like the Wii. This way it would be cheap to mak...

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I myself like the dark feel more. But may be there could be a day and night feature added for people that like it more bright. So the longer you stay on that level the better chances to could become day or night.

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I am so happy top hear Zack and Wiki is not dead. I liked the first one alot. I was even starting to wonder if it would get ported to the PS2 seeing as it did not sell that well on the Wii. Wow I will say it is nice knowing a new game that I wish would have sold more is not going to be put to the side. So I look forward to the new game.

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