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I would so love to see a new RoadRash and it using the Burnout engine and made by Criterion Games. Then this would be really great news.

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I kind of think KZ2 is looking more like it will come out in 09. We don't know of many games yet in 09 and so I think that one could come out then. Plus Guerrilla said they want a public Beta and there has been no news of that yet. So I think Resistance 2 will be the big FPS from Sony this year and KZ2 next. Because if you think about it you do not want your big FPS games to come out at the same time. Because then they might eat into each other's sales.

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I thought this was a given. There is already third party members making games that work with this. So I am surprised Nintendo is just saying they may make games that use the Balance Board.

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I got to say this game really sounds neat and different. Its to bad it comes out in 2010 though.

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Well I still play video games and I am in my Twenties. I go to work and Collage and on the weekends I play with 360,PS3 or the Wii and I still find time to be with other people. I may not play games as much as I use too. But when I can I will. But just because I play games still does not mean I am an adolescence.

So I wish that people that made these articles would not just think that if you still play video games in your Twenties and older means you do nothing in life other th...

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I wonder what it is but from his past work I bet it will turn out great.

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I hope this news is not true. I really have been looking forward to this game. So I really hope every thing is going along great.

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This is a petition I can get behind. I am all for people not getting left in the dark. There is some great games on these stores and I think any one that wants to buy some things should be allowed. So I hope Romania and other parts of the world that can't use these stores will soon.

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I think this is a smart business more and one that should have happened sooner. But the one thing I don't under stand is why Sony is still making PS2 games. Like the Twisted Metal game and the Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters games that were on the PSP. Instead they (Sony) should have made them PSN games instead. Because what if some one wanted those games and does not have a PS3 that can play those games.

So if the 40 gig is the future. I just want to know why there are more ...

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I really wish Sony would have launched with the white one too. Because I would have gotten that one over my 60 gig. Plus it would get less dust and finger prints. At least not be able to see it as easy. I have to PSPs the old one and a new white and you can never see finger prints or dust. So I think the same would be for the PS3 version.

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I hope this means Gears 2 is right around the corner.

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This is not a shock but it is good to know none the less. I am glad to see that this will allow the GOW games end with a big bang just like it did when it first came out.

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For me at least I think Killzone 2 will get delayed until at least March of 09 if not longer. This way Resistance 2 can come out in November and it will give Guerrilla games more time to polish up there game and may be even add a few things people like what insomniac did with R2. Plus there really is no need to have both games out at the same time.

Plus KZ1 was unfortunately rushed to the market so Sony could use that as a weapon against Halo and we all know what happened next....

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I totally agree with him the stunts and the way Gamecock presents them self's is so foolish and unprofessional. Just the name alone tells you the way the company acts. As much as I like seeing these indie games being able to come out and you want to support them you almost don't want to buy them just because of Gamecock.

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There may be more E games out there then other category but that does not mean that games are still just for kids. I will gladly play a Mario game and have fun with it. I just think E stands for every one like it does. It means any one can play it. It will not be to hard for a new comer or be boring for some one that has been playing games for a long time.

Also for the part about that in 06 that there was only 14% of M games on the market that does not mean they do not sell, I...

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I hope this is fake as much as I want a FFVII game if it is not a full blown remake like the tech demo then why bother. Plus if any thing I could see this kind of remake more for the PSP. But I still would like to see the Tech Demo become true.

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It is nice to see more MotorStorm stuff but I really want Evolution studios to work more on the second one.

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To me this news is so much greater then the new Bionic Commando game. So I will be buying this game for sure.

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All I got to say is Insomniac keeps surprising me. So I can't wait to play Resistance 2.

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If Bionic Commando can come to the Wii I hope it would be a remake over the one the PS3 and 360 are getting or at least a different version. I think using the Wiimote might be really cool for this and if Bionic Commando does come out on the Wii I would prefer to see a game built for the Wii in mind instead of a port.

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