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I was going to say the same thing. The new MMO game has been known for some time. I just wonder if this is the game SE is talking about when they say FFXIII will not only be on the PS3. Because if it is to me this is not that great of news I would take a real RPG over a MMO game any day. Just so I do not make MMO fans mad I am not saying MMO's suck just I prefer RPG's over MMORPG's. #1.1
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This is a great achievement and is only the beginning. I think when WarHawk and more online games come out there will be more people wanting to play online. Plus if the rumors of a new Socom game are true that game will also bring in more people to PSN. #1
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Well if this is true and is exclusive I think this is great. I do think FF7 could help sell PS3 but not as much as most people will have thought. So I hope this is true. I guess every one will find out soon at the Square-Enix Party. #3
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All I can say is Jack Thompson is most likely high on some thing. This guy is nuts. People lost there family,Friends,Brother,Sister you name it and all this guy can do is try to make himself feel better and blame it on video games. Lets say Jack Thompson is right and the reason for the shootings was because of a video game. Does that mean every one that plays games like GTA have to go out a shoot people or even add mario He kills turtles by jumping on them.

I think games are a... #2
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Well I like it and to me that is all that matters. May be MS is not getting that much money out of the 360. But at the same time they are. I liked
the first Xbox and people could say it failed. But if it failed then why is there a 360. I have heard in the past this gen MS will break even and the next bring in the money. So it takes time to bring in the cash. So for MS they see the Xbox brand as a way to make money and if it takes three different versions of the xbox to make money they... #2
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I guess the rumors of super rub a dub coming out on the PS store are not going to come true. Plus I was hoping to see more PS1 games come out on the store seeing as now you can play them on the PS3. I hope next week there will be better stuff over just movie trailers. #1
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The game really does not look that bad. I just hope the game will be fun and play well. #1
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I am with you I like the games like Animal Crossing and Viva Pinata. So if Sony was to have a fun game where you do not need to do much stuff other then have fun. I hope this comes out North America or even Europe I could see this selling really well. Plus Sony needs games like these to bring in more people to want to buy a PS3. #5.1
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I also think it will be a plus but BR will not come in handy for some time. #1
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Nice find _insane_cobra I can't help but wonder if the other two systems are getting the game why is the PS3 not getting it also. I know Crash is not a PS game any more but you would think there would be some kind of law that says that if you make a Crash game it must also come out on the PS3. Well I guess not and it is cool to see Crash again. I just wonder if it will be any good. #7
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I think this is a big mistake. I know lots of people that think not having damage makes the game worse and I have to say that I think that is true. Damage makes the game more life and GT has always been about being a life like game and even if adding damage means people have to wait longer for the game I think people would do that. #2
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Fx35 I do not think that is what the guy was meaning. I think you reading out of context. I think what He is saying is future games will be multiplatform and that means Lost Planet 2 and Dead Rising 2 will also be on the PS3. I hope I am wrong though but I think that is what He is saying. #15.1
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I can't believe this got posted just the other day I sent Digi-guys an email on this game and was wondering when we would hear more info on the game. So I it nice to see other people then just me can't wait to see more about this game.

Plus this game is an exclusive go to the site at and at and they say the game is only being made for the ps3. #15
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I know it never says any thing about the sixaxis but I think that also plays into the game as well. The 360 has no motion sensors and the game could not work on the 360. From what I have read almost every thing is played with the motion sensors of the PS3. So if this game was to come out on the 360 it would be a whole different game.

I do think from what I have seen this game could also have come out on the 360. But I think it is best that the game will only be on one system th... #8
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I this would be a game if true Sony would want real bad to only be on the PS3. Plus it could be real SqaureEnix said that a game people would want to see would be coming soon and they would show it at the SE party or what ever it will be called. Plus 1up some times lets games slip out before game publishers what the public to know about them and if this is true. This could be the big game that could really help sell the PS3. #3
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I am starting to believe the rumors about Sony lowering the price of the PS3 by 100. I can see Sony being able to do that know that the 20 gig has been killed off. This way Sony can get people that only wanted to pay the 20 gig price a better offer.

Plus even if Sony does do that and makes some people mad Sony know in the long run it would be better for them. #4
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I will say Jaffe has made some really great things in years past. Be it Jet Moto,Twisted Metal,God of War and most likely Calling All Cars too.

I think it would be neat to see him start up his own company. This would mean then He would have to work long hours again make AAA games.

I wonder if He ever does make his own company He would go back and work on Heartland but this time make it for a home console over a handheld.

After reading the article I... #12
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I think SingStar will be a big hit on the PS3. I was at the store the other day with my family and my sister saw SingStar Pop and wanted to buy it for the PS2 and she is not a big fan of video games. I told her to wait and get it on the PS3 and after I told her what all was going to be on the PS3 version she said she really would like to get it.

So I think SS will be a big hit with the casual gamers and females. I also think more guys will like SS in the PS3 life time over the... #9
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If I can get free stuff I am down with this. So sign me up. #3
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I would change one thing. You have down twice you should have the main link going to IGN. But keep the info
forever-fantasy said also.

That being said I do not like the name X but it could have to do with one of the main bad guys in the KH universe. #1
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