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They wanna push the games they want to and this is a game they don't want on there. I think that's fine. Try getting wal-mart to sell it. Same thing there. They just don't want it. Respect for autonomy.

Oddly, sex does offend people. I mean, Rapelay was definitely something that should offend every single person, but this game seemed like it would only offend those people who think sex should not be satisfying or enjoyable.

The art is pretty nice....

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Achievement unlocked!


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She's doing what she loves and making money off it too.
She gets paid to attract attention.

Also: You can't "try" to cosplay; either you cosplay or you don't. Clearly, she cosplayed.

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Blaming the victim. You are terrible.

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His voice, it is magical. I'm glad he will live on through the films and games he took part in.

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Doubt it.

Removing the religious subject matter would be removing a huge chunk of what makes the game. If Nintendo wants them to do that, I think (and would hope) that the dev would turn away from the deal because it is a compromise that would take away pretty much everything the game is: a violent, graphic, and pretty hilarious parody on religious scripture.

But meh, that's my opinion. I hope Nintendo would be able to overcome it's silly views and ju...

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"I hate shooters."

That's all you had to say. I didn't have to read any further than that.

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So you're saying it should be more like... a TV dinner?

I would love to see a Die Hard map/mod in Half-Life 2 or CS:GO. That'd be pretty fun.

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Makes me think of the good times in Bad Company 2.

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They missed the opportunity to take the time to complete their game.

So... I actually don't see any problems with them releasing in September, even with those other games. $20 for a hack-and-slash that will probably entertain people more than a traditional mmo. People are willing to shell out that much for more quality gaming.

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Looks better than Crysis. By that, I mean that I think it looked like it had better of a chance at being interesting and fun than Crysis 2.
Buuuuuut, meh. Crytek V toilet

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They've been slow as hell on developing BF3 patches anyway.

I still appreciate the attempt to satisfy the subs. But I still hate their guts.

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This is damn good bait and they've surely succeeded in attracting the attention they wanted.

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Only if he didn't butcher the material as he did with Robin Hood.

Either Scott, they would have probably made the movie something worth seeing.

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Clearly, you don't know what suffering and agony is.

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Yeah, I'd think if you were going to shove a leash up someones backside, they wouldn't be happy with the idea of you publishing their game.

Although I am unhappy with what Day-Z is at the moment, I'm definitely happier he is sticking to his guns.

And isn't he a part of Bohemia Interactive? So technically, he probably couldn't publish the game unless he left he company, right?

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Consoles ain't dying, but goddamn do they need to get a large hardware update. Hold more memory and that jazz so they can continue to develop smart artificial intelligence and larger worlds.

I'd like to say the current gen of consoles are holding better games back, but maybe developers are still not taking full advantage of the consoles.

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I've come to love that trailer. It's pretty gorgeous and well-made.

My only problem is the slut-nun assassins suddenly became quite scantily dressed and they don't act at all like trained assassins, but I know it's all effects the developer wanted. Maybe the nuns thought 47 would be distracted by miles-long legs and catholic lingerie outfits. But, why walk together as easy targets? They must be quite full of themselves.

And I like some contex...

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I've wanted to see this creation for a long time. I want to see what they have documented and how they may have managed to capture the horror.

Maybe it will be the "We Were Soldiers," of video games. It doesn't cover the war, it just covers only a battle that, alone, should be able to throw us all into a trance.

I want to see this. I want to see this damn game so damn bad.

Edit: Fuck the politics. This isn't about the p...

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Is the map editor restricted to creating multiplayer maps?

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