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is XiSasukeUchiha not a troll account?

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man, we will never see such an epic showdown between Ms and sony like we did at E3 last year, MS got wrecked despite having a not too bad press conference.

also Aisha Tyler was kinda cool last year for ubisoft wouldn't mind seeing her again. someone from the crowd should totally shout "LANAAAAAAAA!" if she is present at this years E3

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no it probably is a design difference but the FCC documents currently released don't cover that they only cover radio emissions

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the internal hardrive can be changed by the consumer its pointless for sony to release a new console with the sole purpose of changing the HDD

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you are correct. its not a different hardrive nor a different colour, the name indicates towards a design change possibly both internally and externally.

i personally am very excited by this as i have always gotten the second model of every playstation released as opposed to spending big on the first model. there are plenty of games out there for the ps4 but i still don't get the feeling that i must have one that will probably change this E3 so i...

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lol what a load of bullshit, the only reason guantic dream is a sony exclusive studio is because MS turned them away

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sigh, i new this was going to happen. its not about oculus Vs sony. project morpheus is good for VR in general and is good for oculus rift as well. its about having one unified push to bring VR into mass market something VR and AR (augmented reality) has failed to do many times before. the interest is there, the technology is there, the support is there and now the products are there. the rift is pretty damn good at what it does in being an open platform for PC and the support from valve but ...

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this account is going to get very annoying very quickly. mark my words N4G..

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the online hate is what led to the DRM policy reversals XB1 fans should be grateful and so should MS. when will MS ever learn to take the opinions of the people buying the product on board

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people are just unaware of the distinction between HD ready (720p tv's) and Full HD (native 1080p TV's) in the same way that some people will be unaware of UltraHD (3840×2160p) and Full native 4k tv (4096×2160).

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its a "streaming" service not a digital distribution service. you can still buy your content off SEN

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it is not available on steam but you have to remember that the steambox is a PC not a console, if origin and titanfall have linux support you should still be able to play it on a steambox, if not then loading windows on your steambox shouldn't be too difficult. thats the beauty of an open platform like PC.

origin was down because of DDoS attacks by some internet trolls. the service should be fine before long

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don't get too excited the photos were provided by nintendo chances are she doesn't really care she just got paid for it and a free wii for the kids.

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must be a logistical nightmare for the devs if they haven't already

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i strongly agree with you on this one godmars the attention on sales at this stage is way to high. most of it is bullshit as well the people who REALLY care about sale should at the very least have some sense in them to realise sales figures are most accurate when measured annually looking at sales only two months in when both console have yet to release in ALL markets and even the ones they have released in are not fully saturated is the most pathetic act of fanboisim i have ever witnessed. ...

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the trophy is pretty easy to get fast car in cape ring does the job

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no, people just want to take every opportunity to bitch about MT's in a game they don't care about

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what? the article is specifically talking about concurrent users people using the service at any one time not the number of people who signed up for steam did you even bother reading past the title? steam has about 65 -70 mill registered users if you were wondering and considering that PC is an open platform and that steam isn't the ONLY place you can play games on pc and doesn't account for every pc gamer that is quite impressive

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you should keep in mind though that gaming habits on PC are completely different. people tend to use their PC for other stuff most of the time while having steam open in the background meanwhile on consoles if some one turns the console on it will be for the soul purpose of playing games. its hard to have an idea of what this difference in gaming habit make between pc and console but i would imagine it has some part in the difference between total users and concurrent users

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E3 2013 was the best we've had in years

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