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Then do that, PS now isn't designed to replace your old console, it's for someone who maybe didn't have a ps2 or 3 and wants to try some of their games without buying new hardware.

I don't know why people keep having to say it but just because it is released and called playstation, you are not obliged to buy it or use it, it's an option for some of the 100 million people with Playstations out there, and it's not a failure if it only a proportion of the... #1.4.1
I loved playing all the best games from the last 2 or 3 years on the pc like Last of Us, Journey, Uncharted, GTAV and Resogun. Oh wait, stupid article! #15
Amazingly, it turns out that if you buy a console, it does not oblige you to buy every single game.

If you are happy with the game on ps3 then ok, if you haven't played it before then maybe it's interesting to you. For me, I didn't buy the left behind Dlc and got £20 trade in on my ps3 copy so it's gonna work out basically cost neutral for me to buy on PS4, there may not be a huge upgrade in it but the picture quality of the Shining blu ray ain't much... #44
I don't think anyone is having to pay those prices, it's called capitalism, if you don't wanna pay it then don't and the service will change or die.

And why should someone need to be reimbursed, it's a rental service, once the rental period ends then who cares. #1.3.1
How's this, the lull if there is such a thing is an issue for a relatively small but vocal group who want and do buy a new full price game every week and complete it in a day or two. A huge number of people who buy consoles buy one game a year, fifa, madden, cod etc irrespective of platform and play it exclusively for a full year before moving into the next game in the series so the lull for them is none existent.

For me, I bought a ps4 and killzone is still in the wrapp... #9
Honestly I cannot tell the difference between them, not a clue which is which and frankly don't care. I'll buy one version of the game(ps4) and enjoy it on its merits for what it is, not how it compares with other versions of the same game.

Same feeling last gen, apparently cod4 on ps3 was very poor compared to the other versions but I can't testify to this, I enjoyed it on its merits for what it was rather than what it wasn't. #25
Everybody Dance I think #2.1.1
Because you don't own a phone? #4.1
Didn't intend to but watched the entire clip, very impressive #9
I've said it before and I will say it again, they won't sell xbox as the brand has good resonance and at this point is cost neutral at worst. However, they may decide to not release new hardware in a few years and keep xbox as a name for a suite of services.

However, in the unlikely circumstance they did sell, it would be a Chinese company like ZTE who would need the brand cache. The companies listed in this article are all big enough to launch off their own brand. #45
I just hope that the order doesn't get so overhyped it is doomed to get a kicking on release for not being the greatest thing ever. Naughty Dog made Uncharted and it was fun and interesting but it took a sequel for it to become extraordinary so I would settle for nice looking, fun to play and has god ideas for the first game and build from that.

I just hope that this game doesn't get mauled on release when it ultimately is good but doesn't measure up to our memori... #7
It's not trying to be a movie, it's just that it is in cinemas where it is used most. A 2.35 ratio will mean that the environment and the surroundings will be on more of the screen rather than the player, ultimately it will make the scale of the world grander and more awe inspiring by makings he character smaller and thus more vulnerable.

Think Lawrence of Arabia for the effect #1.13.1
I've always said Microsoft is unlikely to sell xbox, mainly because it costs little at this point to keep going and the Xbox brand is so closely tied with things like Bing and the music and video service. However, it is emenantly plausible that in 3-5 years they neglect to release a new console but keep the brand on in phones and tablets rather than go through all the expense of developing and marketing a new platform (billions I imagine).

Why would Amazon need xbox, the... #24
How about something like this

Hi Mr publisher, you remember that game you released 5-15 years ago, you know the one you made money on for its first few weeks and since then has been doing nothing for you as all copies are pre owned. How about you let us put it on PS Now and we give you maybe 20p for every hour someone plays it for absolutely no extra work for you whatsoever and your not losing anything. Never know, your game might become a cult and there will be demand for... #20
I have no problem with this provided it sees proper Game stores stocking more choices of new games, it is a real failing of a specialist store to have the top 10,2 shelves of other new games and the rest pre owned often 4 or 5 times more than new stock). At least keep a couple of copies of new copies of what would be agreed as best of the generation games, just try to buy a new in plastic wrapped copy of LA Noire on the high street, near impossible.

And that is why digital do... #5
Tis true, I seriously had my doubts about if hacking apart Ellie would give a cure, and more so if the Fireflies would use a cure for the common good or would they use it to wipe out their enemies.

I think however that the triumph of the game is that you are under no doubt that Joel would have happily handed her over up until maybe halfway through Pitsburgh but he grows to love her and so by the end you can genuinely understand his motivations for offing the fireflies. It is... #12.1.3
Bravo, you completely misunderstood the ending. By that point, Joel needed Ellie, she pulled him from the brink and to save himself he was willing to screw all humanity for his own ends. Nothing to do with leaving it open for a sequel. #12
It's not the hardware that will make some things difficult to get on the PS Now, is licensing which is the problem. Music, advertising logos, use of certain engine can all make some things uneconomical to release.

Just for example, call of duty licenses real world weapons for use in the game but they won't be lifetime licenses, to release on PS Now they will likely need to renew all these licences for the new system, but what if someone refuses to relicense their weap... #3.1
Would buy this and GTAV again in a second but that artwork is horrible, if is real, I hope to god that's not the final cover. #9
Love Nintendo, every time they release a new Mario game I swoon a little, really think about it, decide it's just a little to expensive to buy a console for just this, think about a 3DS and equally get pulled away. That's the biggest problem IMO, the biggest competition is itself because there are 2 platforms with the Mario and Zelda games we all want, but you end up buying neither.

I hate to be one of those people who tries to tell a huge multi national corporation w... #20
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