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Exactly, it's almost the British tabloid approach of build them up so you can knock them down and I feel goes hand in hand with the annoying trend of the angry game journo which has seeped into other media (movie sins I'm looking at you) that the constructive and well researched opinions which distinguished good journalism have been replaced by faux anger, shouting loud and lots of swearing.

Perhaps the cure is to either stop gushing over announcement trailers or enco... #3.1
when I played tlou on ps4 I thought it looked no different to the PS3 version but when I went back, it was a huge improvement but the original was very good at delivering a great environment which my mind filled in. UC4 is a huge upgrade graphically but in a way looks like how you remember the other games rather than how they were.

Looks amazing though, surprised how many tlou mechanics have been borrowed but love that they seem to have tried to open the environment and give... #1.3.14
That is without a doubt one of the stupidest things I have ever had the misfortune of reading.

The reason we need slims of consoles which are less than 12 months old are to install ssds which you can do in ps4 already, to make it more portable (er vita and pstv) and to give fanboys something new to argue about!

Of course my favourite is the idea you could whack extra gpu shaders and ddr5 into the xbox and it would catch up with ps4 performance wise, somewha... #10
Love the vita, would really love to be able to put I a 128 or 256 gb card to hold all my games but it's not a big deal.

Part of me wonders if the reason sony use proprietary cards is to ensure consistency of performance, the variations between a.class 5 and 10 sd card are huge and would significantly impact loading times etc. #25
I still haven't played it but it's downloaded and ready to go. Maybe I'll change my mind when I've played it but to say this is the best thing to happen for a log time seems hyperbole though.

My one thing to add to the conversation however is that I hope this is something we will see more games announced like, especially ubisoft should take note, no more pre rendered videos or pre scripted play throughs 3 years in advance of the game being released, either kee... #3
Hmm articles title proposes an idiotic hypothetical question, doesn't address this in the articles body and instead rehashes press releases and twitter comments to say what every other article has said (essentially we ain't sure if it is lifetime exclusive or not and how much money this deal cost).

Pointless click bait but I clicked the link so I guess it's successful click bait #62
Some are never happy. Maybe given that Japan is the only real region the vita is selling well will mean they will make a big deal of it at TGS. #6
Splinter Cell conviction is the analogy I can best relay, a previously multi platform game which was made exclusive and has never recovered from splitting it's relatively small user base.

I enjoyed tomb raider, and I'd probably have bought it on ps4 but it's not essential enough for me to be willing to buy a new console to play. #8
In 5 years, I have a feeling that the tv makers will have moved to full 8k so that should be the thing to aim for. #31
What is an indie game anymore. People talk like these games are all like pixel junk or something, look at Outlast or the upcoming no mans sky to see indies does not mean charming puzzler or scrolling beatem up. Indie is to me just the name we give to games which release on digital only and are on the whole not published by one of the big publishing houses, why wouldn't you spend £20 on one if those games and get 15 hours play from it. #32
Psi ops - that is all. #16
Then do that, PS now isn't designed to replace your old console, it's for someone who maybe didn't have a ps2 or 3 and wants to try some of their games without buying new hardware.

I don't know why people keep having to say it but just because it is released and called playstation, you are not obliged to buy it or use it, it's an option for some of the 100 million people with Playstations out there, and it's not a failure if it only a proportion of the... #1.4.1
I loved playing all the best games from the last 2 or 3 years on the pc like Last of Us, Journey, Uncharted, GTAV and Resogun. Oh wait, stupid article! #15
Amazingly, it turns out that if you buy a console, it does not oblige you to buy every single game.

If you are happy with the game on ps3 then ok, if you haven't played it before then maybe it's interesting to you. For me, I didn't buy the left behind Dlc and got £20 trade in on my ps3 copy so it's gonna work out basically cost neutral for me to buy on PS4, there may not be a huge upgrade in it but the picture quality of the Shining blu ray ain't much... #44
I don't think anyone is having to pay those prices, it's called capitalism, if you don't wanna pay it then don't and the service will change or die.

And why should someone need to be reimbursed, it's a rental service, once the rental period ends then who cares. #1.3.1
How's this, the lull if there is such a thing is an issue for a relatively small but vocal group who want and do buy a new full price game every week and complete it in a day or two. A huge number of people who buy consoles buy one game a year, fifa, madden, cod etc irrespective of platform and play it exclusively for a full year before moving into the next game in the series so the lull for them is none existent.

For me, I bought a ps4 and killzone is still in the wrapp... #9
Honestly I cannot tell the difference between them, not a clue which is which and frankly don't care. I'll buy one version of the game(ps4) and enjoy it on its merits for what it is, not how it compares with other versions of the same game.

Same feeling last gen, apparently cod4 on ps3 was very poor compared to the other versions but I can't testify to this, I enjoyed it on its merits for what it was rather than what it wasn't. #25
Everybody Dance I think #2.1.1
Because you don't own a phone? #4.1
Didn't intend to but watched the entire clip, very impressive #9
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