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Never the played the TLOU on the PS3 i will get it for the PS4. can't wait for Uncharted4 #12
If they wanna talk like that they can they are proud of the hard work they have done. So if someone ask them a question then they will answer in full detail because they are proud of there work has nothing to do with trying to over hype it. #5.2.1
That's got to be fake but it was funny as hell. #33
Fantastic can't wait to see what he brings to the new IP. #23
That's cool. #1
@mini why would u do that when if u have the hands free kit or the camera say "Playstation Play <name of game>" and it will bring the game up and start playing it. I have never had to search for any of my games that i wanna play since u can do this. #1.1.5
That was really cute i laughed a little to at the end.
Happy LBP3 will be on the PS4. #1.1
Uncharted with a hint of Tomb Raider interesting lol thought of tomb raider cause of the cages lol #68
I have already funded this on kick starter i get a free copy of the game and some other goodies when it comes out.

Looking forward to this game is that a made up language though or is it french? when ever i here the music i think of Dark Cloud. #8
That got me hyped can't wait for E3 news to fully get rolling. #17
Aludra please bring back a rebooted Alundra.

Dark Cloud
OMG if that happened my brain would die on me lol #17.1
This is what we get for living in the UK. #1.7.6
I just Pledge $45 and this is the reward i get when the game comes out.

======== ASKEL PACK ======== Everything on the POKY PACK (includes digital download of the full game and access to the beta)+ Digital WorldMap. INGAME REWARD : Rares Discipline Cards you can use in game + New Character Skin Have a special Magic Combo you can use in game + Your name in end credit as a backer #16
Bubbles for saying that your the only person talking pure facts on here. #12.1
Time to go on to kick starter lets help make this game come out on the PS4. #4
Dark Cloud
Fatal Frame #15
Awwww can't wait to play this. I love the idol animes and i'm gonna love this game. #26
This is one game i don't want on my ps4 #69
Seeing Reboot of Alundra, Dark Cloud 3 and Primal 2 would win the show me. #18
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