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Alundra needs to be on there. #23
Well this is already a Joke the link takes you to the site but all you see is this

"404 Error

Page not found

We are unable to locate the page requested. If you think this is a broken link, you can report the error by visiting the Contact Us page. Otherwise, try returning to the Home Page or using Search to continue browsing" #1
Yeap we do have a Cinema called the Vue in the UK so this isn't a big deal. #1.7.1
Its not just grey. Only 12,300 units available in the world .They are extremely limited and all units are individually numbered and when you look closely, you’ll even see that the PS4 has the face button symbols branded on it that catch in the light. The touch pad have the button symbols in graved in it and it has the original ps1 logo on the DS4 and the camera and the console. #4.1
Woot I know where that sore is i'm getting my self a limited edition PS4 for £20 sweeet #12
its the up graded pc version. #41.1
this is what a new Alundra should be like :) #3
Ur welcome not gonna lie ur trailer goes straight to the point lol. Shows u what people want to see. #18.1.2
So when its 10am in the USA what time is that in the UK? #15
That's not the full teaser trailer. #18.1
Its a Console Exclusive he meant to say. #1.1.6
This teaser trailer was leaked early but found a copy on daily motion here is the link guys. #17
I completely agree that there's a lot here know one knows and the only people that know whats going on is Sony and Capcom and maybe MS. People need to stop over reacting. We will know the full truth in the next 2 days. #24.1.2
double post my bad. #24.1.1
Feel's like we are slowly going back to the PS2 years when Third Party developers made games exclusive for 1 console. Got a strange feeling that Tekken will be the next exclusive Third Party Game going exclusive to one console. Any how does anyone know that Sony paid Capcom to get SF5 exclusive on the PS4 all you know they wanted it to be exclusive for the PS4. Like how a lot of Level 5 games have always been exclusive for Sony console in the past. #24
Wait can she even do a good American accent if not Ellie gonna sound English lol #10
I really want Level 5 to be like did you really think we would wait till E3 2015 to show Dark Cloud 3... Please show Dark Cloud 3 level 5 and sony. #39
What website can watch it on and what time anyone know? #8
Bro we don't talk like that. #1.1.11
I love it and the music in the background is great. #18
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