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Also if you own PS VR people seem to be forgetting this.

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I wouldn't say unnecessary when it comes to the pro especially if you own PS VR the pro makes the games on vr run and look better compered to the ps4. I own both consoles pro over ps4 any day for VR.

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William I have its bloody amazing and scary as hell.

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Your all forgetting that the new Tekken has Akuma in it which i think was a test to see what a 3d street fighter character would be like in a Tekken game.

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I do not like the new fighting system.

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Is it me or are people forgetting that this is not GT6. Why are people expecting so much from it.

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Paranormal Activity The lost souls worked perfectly with out teleporting. When it comes to the move controllers. That's how they should of done it.

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Omg this is the game that I want to play in VR hands down can not wait for this.

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What are you talking about Insomniac has made every R&C game.

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whats this got to do with the PS4 though?

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Everyone in Japan has a vita. I see kids on the train playing with them.

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But we do we need a flood of reviews of the same game on this site? Only takes one article post to know.

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Don't care about FFXII but i love FF14 my Red Mage is level 68 coming to level 69. I love the new Main Story from Stormblood.

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Why do you lot expect so much from a spin off its not GT7. This is more about esports and multiplayer. Some of you lot need to get a grip on life.

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The PS VR has sold 1 million up to date so Sony are not gonna stop supporting it anytime soon.

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I hated 12. They tried to use the battle system from FF XI when it comes to how you see the monster in the outside world and lock on to them and it looked so bad. I also hated the story line and hated all the characters.
I never completed it, i think I still have my PS2 copy of it.

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What Treasures of Aht Urghan was amazing. And the score for when you leave the city is still my favorite peace of music.

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Watching this battle system makes me miss the one from the first game.

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Final Fantasy is not going any where as long as it keeps doing well in Japan the game will never die.

Just wish SE would bring back and work on some other Square Soft games if it was possible and also do a Bouncer 2.

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