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i love this lol #2
Even though its no longer gonna be on TV. The series is gonna continue to air Online because its doing better on the internet. #1.1.2
Dude of course Tomb Raider would look better because that version was a port from the PC version where the graphics where all ready great. #31.1
All i kept thinking as i was watching this is, This is how the walking dead should be as a game damn lol #36
Bring on Heavenly Sword meets GOW #8
I hope they redo the 2nd game in the series as well. #3
I want this game can't wait it's like Senki Zesshou Symphogear G #4
Dark Cloud 1&2 and Primal Pleaseeee o and Fatal Frame #15
I remember playing the very first game I'm 29 now so i can't wait for Doom 4. #18
Why do you even care that he post first on every comment. Why did you even have to ask that question just leave the him be. Really if he wants to post first all the time that his concern and doesn't hurt anyone by doing it. #1.3.4
I really don't understand why people are bothered that his always one of the first post. imo his not hurting anyone. #1.2.1
Never the played the TLOU on the PS3 i will get it for the PS4. can't wait for Uncharted4 #12
If they wanna talk like that they can they are proud of the hard work they have done. So if someone ask them a question then they will answer in full detail because they are proud of there work has nothing to do with trying to over hype it. #5.2.1
That's got to be fake but it was funny as hell. #33
Fantastic can't wait to see what he brings to the new IP. #23
That's cool. #1
@mini why would u do that when if u have the hands free kit or the camera say "Playstation Play <name of game>" and it will bring the game up and start playing it. I have never had to search for any of my games that i wanna play since u can do this. #1.1.5
That was really cute i laughed a little to at the end.
Happy LBP3 will be on the PS4. #1.1
Uncharted with a hint of Tomb Raider interesting lol thought of tomb raider cause of the cages lol #68
I have already funded this on kick starter i get a free copy of the game and some other goodies when it comes out.

Looking forward to this game is that a made up language though or is it french? when ever i here the music i think of Dark Cloud. #8
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