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The game has in game trophies. I'm a level 50 Summoner with ilvl 81 gear this game will be amazing once they bring out more open world content and stop support for the PS3 which will happen around the first expansion pack. We should be taken to the SKY Yoshi P said with the next exp pack. #8.1
I love my Fat chocobo the Jump animation is amazing #6.2
I love FF14 but SE did copy a lot from WOW. I hate fates. And i hate that fact that there isn't a lot of open world content standing around queing in duty finder is not what i cool fun. #3.2.1
Keep in mind that once you get to level 50 END game content sucks. And if you are looking for a MMORPG with open world content this is not the game for you. At level 50 you spend more time standing around every so often using duty finder its like a lobby. #6.1.2
I could see that happening that was so cool. #1.1
When I think of "Sword Art Online" that's the kind of VR i want i hope its something like that. #24
A Game Like "Log on Horizon" and "Sword Art Online" and i will be happy. God i would play FF14 with this wow hooo #25
No lol big no lol #1.2.2
Agree adding co-op will end up killing it and making it like what co-op did to resident evil imo. #1.2
Agree played on the PS3 would play it again on the PS4 an amazing game. #1.1.2
god i haven't even started on coil yet bloody hell. #6
I don't understand why he had photos of the old FFXIV up also. Font size for quest will be made bigger on day of release they stated that on the beta forums. #1
Get a Tutor i have a private tutor that is the best way to learn Japanese. Start learning ur Hiragana Table and Katakana table if you really wanna learn Japanese. #1.2.1
You mean FFXIV lol #15.2.1
Thats an amazing song. #8.1
How the beta isn't even online to download on the ps4 psn store. My bad just checked again it is up.

I need to update the PS3 client i'm so happy they fixed the Pet system. #2.2
Noooo Disney are going to kill Monkey Island #7.1.1
Power Rangers will never happen Disney don't own it any more and since when did Disney ever own Monkey Island that belongs to lucus arts. #7
I would play Ni No Kuni all over again on the ps4. #14
o joins join this face book page if ur still interested in Dark cloud and want a Dark Cloud 3 #12
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