"Play Beat Platinum"


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Sony had something like that, play on the go or something. Can a laptop even play games like xbox games or do you need to build it up like a pc.

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There wasn't really an issue when games went on both ps3 and ps4 hell or even the vita. It's like people want it to fail or something. To add people bought the games on ps3 instead of the ps4.

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Dang those things are big.

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Bs, sony put pressure on ms which why they coming with a power machine much earlier then usual just like both did to nintendo which why they also has a new console on the way.

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Anyone watch eleague on tbs on Friday nights.

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Should of just creative an entirely new game not related to RE.

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Sony 1st party mastered it. Also agree on what he said about the future talk is dangerous.

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I say $500-$600, they said for hardcore gamers so i think about those prices after seeing those $200 controllers are for hardcore gamers.

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We need some dodge ball, vollyball, surfing, kickball etc....

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Like mighty no.9.

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They should of never let it changed from what it was. Cause I had interest in it before it went nintendo exclusive before changed from girl to guy unless that's another I'm thinking about.

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Alma from NG isn't that hard imo. Usually fighting game bosses are pain. They always an inhuman with crazy azz power or giant spamming azz. Kof12, battle fantasia, chaos code etc... even virtua fighter has an inhuman boss.

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Wth you talking about, I was talking about rumors as in the hundreds of rumors article etc... before e3.

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Haven't played AC since AC2. If I were to play one it'll have to be free or price down to $5.

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Idk but there's to many articles about the same thing. Went from hundreds of rumor articles to hundreds of these articles.

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I would get it myself but, trying not to buy anything for ps3, definitely with a backlog. Anyways why buy bioshock when there's a remaster coming.

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They acting like they reveal the 100% spec of the consoles like what the hell.

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Yeah, bout everybody there been with Sony for decades. I miss jack.

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I remember reading them after I played a good amount of a game and learned somethings that I didn't know.

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That's so lame, they should have another mode with that in it.

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