"Play Beat Platinum"


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Hell no, then again a series could work.

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Yeah, it was pretty good when I used it in the it's early day. I would use it but the subscription is the main issue for me.

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Someone's dislike is someone favorites.

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Awesome hope it actually comes.

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The ultimate ed will be $20-$40 soon.

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Yeah definitely after playing bastion and transistors. Wish I could of gotten it free when sony was giving away doing E3 online challenge.

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Yeah, I can deal with shooters but mmos is like why.

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Where on eleague on tbs, I watch that every now and then but I enjoyed the SFV season more.

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People say it's a sport because it's competitive just like real sports that are competitive. They wanna be number one one just like basketball etc... so yeah esport. I like watching fighting game tournaments, shooters like cs is eh it's ok to watch but not good as fighting games.

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Hope that doesn't effect the next soul calibur game. Wonder why people don't like playing fighting no mo?

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Acting in overwatch is what's make overwatch what it is. They make the characters who they are so yeah most people do care. Its what made me like overwatch in the 1st place.

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For you, it freezes on me and I have to keep refreshing just to put ps+ stuff the cart. Either it's the wite or my galaxy s4.

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@Bozo He is annoying sitting in a corner camping and all with mercy healing him and a barrier surrounding him. You acting like every character can counter him easy.

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Sorry but that's just stupid, get outta here.

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Pretty sure he's not your friend, but yeah best of luck to him.

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Lol that's my top player like literally #1, seriously you can counter with most characters so yeah. Tracer is the annoying one, then bastion, then sym.

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Getting remasters of older titles is a must. They're much older and on ps1 that deserves remasters then ps3 games thats already in hd.

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Hell yeah, remember my 1st time playing motorstorm it was fun with and without using six axis played that demo like crazy. Anyway would love to see another rush and maybe cruis'n usa. Sick & tired of seeing need for speed all the time.

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