"Play Beat Platinum"


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Somebody tried to make a point here but ended up being pointed to the ground.

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Thought it was illegal when your making profit from it.

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Learned that back in early ps3 times. Why buy games at full price or used games at $5 cheaper. Which you can buy a new copy on a sale a month later. Then later learn about waiting for goty edition with everything in. Down side of it all is the wait, like batman AK been waiting for that goty for awhile still nothing.

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I want another pop and least finish the story of 2008 pop not more assassins creed.

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Thought it was batman at first.

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Having a 4k bluray build in would of been nice, but still not a big deal. Also rather use an actual 4k bluray the run down my ps4 bluray. People will get over it one day.

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WTD we just had like of the article, last week and a week before. Only difference this has 10 instead 5. Guess there isn't anything else to right about.

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Not all remasters are like that, kingdom hearts was one of those good remasters. Still your right, I wish they remade the game then remaster them. Same story, same gameplay but remodeled for the new system, fix every issue that was wrong with the original game and maybe change the bad parts of gameplay. Somethin like that.

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Funny ya complained about not having folders, now ya got them and still complaining.

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Or guest appearance on DoA5, and smash bros and releases of sonic games. While people still waiting for localizations of some games and bringing virtua fighter 6 to light.

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I haven't played catalyst yet but I really liked the original. You can blame both devs and the customers for the change. The devs listen to people that didn't even care for the series to begin with.

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Yeah, if gamestop had that I'll pass to. I don't think it's worth it, and I have policy never sell a game especially 5 games. Hmm (light bulb) anyway go to a bargain get some games for $5-10 there you go 5 games.

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There was one called collectem that supposedly still in development for sony systems. Thing is its been in development for years and not much on it like they they taking a long break or something

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Don't see why you guys think it's bad to use via usb. I use it all the time, it's more accessible then ps3 for sure. Playlist is faster to create on computer to organize. With over 2500 songs it would take 20-30gb if it were internal. You guys are fools putting the usb music down.

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Wonder what they think about the game. Considering it's different then there types of games.

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Alot of the actually, playstation exclusives to the top games amd mid games. Games like most japanese games and bad games that know really cares about should not receive just cause it wouldn't matter and change much really.

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Either they price it at $499 or price it at a lowering price and lose profit.

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Looks like fast forwarding.

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The original NG3 sucked but razor edge fixed most issues so that one was ok to play. I would of platinum it if weren't for the online trophies.

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I don't understand the disgrees, it says what we been waiting for. It has to be NG4 or for some of us DW9. I also say say PSX cause thats the only event at the end of the year that would show it at.

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