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Like if you have the game early it's all good, but keep it all to yourself and stop spoiling for everyone that dont have it else same for movies. One of these days they gonna start locking the game until release then it wouldnt even matter if you did get it early.

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Idk I just google soul calibur last week and new news popped up related to soul calibur but everything the articles were in Spanish. All I seen was 20th anniversary, which usually last the whole year.

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Been waiting for a sc game for a long time. At least bring a remaster of sc3 to ps4. Also its SC 20th anniversary and I heard there might be something related to SC soon maybe tgs.

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Well if capcom keep making losses and goes down, then theyll have to start selling some IPs. Which might be a good thing, since they aren't using alot of those IP.

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So the namekian transform is growing big like in the movie. I don't remember seeing a human transformation in the trailer can you point it out for me.

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Alot of things went wrong with them. The contollers are one instead of making a normal controller and perfecting it over the years. They wanna make a different controller for each console. They even tried to be different with cd by having a mini disc for gc.
@pcz yep, another thing to add after all these years you still can't play media like music and video on there system from what I know. Like even the dreamcast was able to do music.

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I never seen one for the girls as in one girl and a bunch of guys.

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Yeah, woman like them to. Theres a lot of woman that defends them definitely in japan. It's life.

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Oh yeah that's its, haven't heard about it in awhile.

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What ever happen to that one ps4 game, I forgot the name but it was like a demon souls type or dragon dogma type.

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I don't mind of remaster unless there ps2 games which are much older. Ps3 games isn't that old for me unless there the early ones.

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Wth thought it was a ps4 port. I'll pass until then like why ps3.

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There's a eleage on tbs on fridays, anyways sports are competitive same as video games like fighting and shooting games. It's all about competition them throw in training and physical movement of you fingers. Also looking at the crowed made it seems like a sport hell more people at sfv evo then there is at golf. I think it should have its own ESPN channel or since it's evo top 8 let it stay since it's not every day or week or month.

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Reminds of afro samurai where he don't talk but someone else talks instead. I only beat the 1st 2 but wish there was more enemies free roaming.

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Didn't change mines cause I don't play it, just like many other things out there.

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The topic is talking about the world champion but the picture isn't even the champion but of someone that wasn't participating but supporting another player.

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Ikr, Spartacus as well hell there's alot of tv series and movies is the same way. Leggingd and girls twerking etc.... and they bs about a game that's not real humans. There's fools and people needs to blast them about how stupid it is.

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Thank you, where's my award.

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Who cares I was hooked on wii, but ended up faded away months later. Look what happen to it, anyways people going to get tired of it move on one day.

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