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""Play Beat Platinum""


They did it before I think so I'm not surprised. Hope we see some indie rpgs. #6
One game is under water another in the sky. The next probably end up on a hidden island or underground city. #4.3
Just to be clear I don't have a ps4 yet, so even if you have the disc version will it still big. #9
Wth it's 8gb guess I won't be playing it either. Those 32gb needs a serious price drop and the 64gb needs to be brought over.

The hell it's not 8gb it's 3gb with like a 1gb patch. #26.1
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Haven't played it, I played other monster hunter type games like God eater and soul sacrifice. Theyre good but got boring after awhile, I can say it's repetitive in away. #6
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Doesn't matter it shows no details down there so yeah doesn't matter. #1
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Not every African are darkskin. #16.2
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Wth is wrong with you people she still look black to me same for Zack. Ya probably altered it some how. #14
So true. #8.1
Wrong it wasn't always about free games. When it 1st arrived it was about the ability to have game patches and system software updates download automatically to the console, early or exclusive access to some betas and demos, full game trials, and regular store discounts with a few game like minis and psn games and free avatars and other features like cloud saves etc... Later it changed into instant games. Now it changed again now needing it for online for ps4 but staying the same for ps3.... #9.1.1
They didn't announce anything cause its not the time to do so. Tuesday is the 31th so were not getting new games Tuesday. We're getting them on the 7th of April with an announcement on Thursday probably. #1.4
Know what I seen something on the NG channel called the 10 or 50 things you didn't know series. They said a certain part of the government keeps every tweet ever sent in a secure place for history. So 20 years from now someone can find it and see how f***ed this guy was. #2.2
Yeah, some people get in trouble for saying certain things on the Web. The popos needs to Crack down on this stuff definitely if a threat is against a child. #2.1
There's always someone with a problem after an update. #4
I like the f2p games like no more heroes. Option to pay for the full game. #2
It said free nude pose, so it saying actually nudity no stickers. #6
Whatever I meant to say wish not which I was on a mobile phone. #7.1
I want tales of hearts, freedom wars, and fairy fencer. Which NA had this sale. #7
Amazing how JP games are so sexual but no nudity but NA/EU games arent sexual but has nudity at times. Anyway never play one of these games the game play seems like DW series but with no battlefield. So is it just stages with a small arena doing the same thing over again. #5
Good for you. #1.1
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