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""Play Beat Platinum""


Haha they sat there and mention opinion outpost, I've done that yeah I made money and bought plenty of black Friday games but you'll get really tired if doing it. #11
Just about to say the same thing, they clarified it, looks like people didn't get the memo. #5.2
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Wish every company would do something like that. Like why have the rights to games where you just to let it collect dust. #11
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Black ops was my fav and last cod. #13
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Most of those 3ds games could be on vita there not own by nintendo. They could easily have them be on both systems. #6
Using my ps3 all the time and my vita if I had a ps4 right now I'll still be using my ps3 more. #1.5
Geared about a tmnt game back then, that'll be nice. If not then there's plenty of other non super power heroes. @Meltic no superman unless it's absolutely going to be good #9
This got me into the farcry series and ps+. #7
What the hell they all are coming to the west except for phantasy star. #3
GTTV don't even come on tv anymore. We don't got no video game show on tv no more. Will seem him at e3 as his last GTTV appearance. #20
Tales of hearts r hope I'm correct that's it actually the game with all dlc.
Nope just the season pass and it's lame, just grade, lazy level increase, and gald who would buy that. #5
Tbh we don't know what the future would be, we're not time travelers. Technology, fades etc is changing every year so we just gotta wait and see before we say anything you just never know. #14
Awesome, better then the sega genesis classic at Walgreens. This comes with NES, SNES, and genesis at the right price I'll try it. Still want to get the ouya for the videos and emulators. #5
What they need to do is let the public you know the people at home that can't be there try the demos at home. Download would be good, but if they can utilize the ps now and have them on there for a limited time. Problem would be traffic so it's not that good of an idea.
Home had a virtual world of it imagine combining home with morpheus and actually let us play demos and interact. #8
Really man he has XBL in the begging of his name, enough said. #1.3
Yeah pretty much, the article begins with him talking about what trophies are. Then he's talking about how ultra hard the trophies are. I have plenty trophies that's ultra rare bout to get one where only 36 people have. One of the only trophies that's hard are games with servers down. #1.3
Still say n4g needs to change the disagrees on here. When was the last time n4g had a update/upgrade. #1.2.3
Yeah, but with friends I'll chat and all. #1.2.1
Yeah they need to sell there IPs if they're not going to be used at all. #1.2
Yeah congrats, they said big win that's a no. It's a win but not a big win if it were it would be worldwide. #1.9
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