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""Play Beat Platinum""


No what was a fine deal was when it was $16 with the season pass packaged with it. Still wait for complete edition or something. #3.1
I would say imagine 14-20 years from now of how games would look. Doing so would make you imagine what you'll be like then and how old you'll be. #5.5
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Some of those deal been that price before black friday. Also you must be a prime or bought something else with it to get no shipping cost. Mines was $6 shipping and $4 tax. #1.1
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I was thinking they should call black friday black week. #3.1.1
Shouldn't cyber monday be on monday. #3
Disagree needs to be removed. #1.4
Well actually Witcher was like $20 at bestbuy I think, anyways amazon still gotta show there's price one it. Lol doubt it be cheaper. #22.1
Nope, I did planned to have more games on wii along side ssbb but ended up just having that. It doesn't count anyways my friend said he wouldn't buy a console just for one game. Boom he got a ps3 just for bbcp, then wii u just for ssbu, then xbone just cause it was $88. I was like wow but you just said.... #14
Oh so December 1, guess I'll save it for the flash sale also wonder I can stack it with another discount code. #1.2
Lol its not even in a email, the code is on the site. Fail. #4.1
I'm thankful for being alive, my family and friends, but I'm not thankful for the casino for taking my $1000. #75
Sure is a lot of articles on this popping up. #5
Yeah, also to add to that a gamer is a person who loves video games, follows the news on games. Has conversations on games and play many types of video games and not just one game like people who only play COD or NFL/NBA or candy crush imo. Also enjoys playing them for what it is maybe and dont complain about everthing and respects the people thats makes them. Then again there are a lot of sub categories like casual etc.. there needs to be a real definition in detail that deep detail. #1.1
How about you be quite, you don't work there. Stop saying things like you know everything about it. #1.2
Eh what I want is something unexpected something that hasn't been said or discussed or put into a list. That surprise WOW!. #1.4
Doubt there's a flash sale this Friday considering black friday is next Friday so yeah I doubt but who knows but them. #4
Look like a troll face. #1
Re-review should happen more often, since there be patches to fix some issues. #4
Old games that's still playstation which one day will play ps4 games. #5.1.1
It can happen, but it won't. They competing with each other and why have ps where you can have a xbox that plays xbox and ps games. #5
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