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""Play Beat Platinum""


A real gamer don't get rid or sell there games, also a smart gamer would get a game on sale which buying on sale would be cheaper the buying then selling. #1.2
I got an idea, make a DQ7 HD, and a new entry. While at it bring them over on playstation as well. #7
Play my vita almost everyday enough said. #8
@thekhurg professional reviewers reviews the games as a job and nothing more. Instead of enjoying the game they sit there and focus on the wrong things so they can write there stupid reviews. #1.4
I was gonna download the free one from ps+ for ps3, but it was 21gb so yeah it'll be awhile till I download it. #4
From my view the gamers are over hyping the games. I never hype I'm always balanced so I rarely get disappointed and I usually never pay attention to reviews and bad things of a game. #14
I guess what they need to do on the sequel is to make it longer, no qte, and scene skipping. From what I know those are the things the game is getting hate about. #19
I don't read reviews so this is my 1st of the order and looked at a pros and cons. So basically these people on the Internet bsing about small things. Short length, no replay value, and cinematic scenes and qtes. Other then that everyrhing else is good. "Shakes head" #3
Yeah like that feature on the wii. It shows how many hours you spent that day and on what. #6.2
So immature. #2.1
Then they have to polish it and probably do other things to get it ready adding more time to it. Guess it'll be out next year. Camp fast travel sounds like tome raider which I just started yesterday. #1.1
Can't you back the characters up with a save on the cloud. #1.4
Only thing I have to say is play it for yourself stop following other people opinion and follow your own. Your a fool if you do follow other people opinions. #11
Can't believe people agreeing with this comment. You can't play it on YouTube you can watch but not play a big difference. #2.2
Child of light is tempting again since I wanted it the last sale it was up. My backlog is the thing thats holding me back. #5
Tbh I haven't played it haven't read what he said or this article, but from what you said not living up to the hype its all on you. Should of never hyped it to begin with same for every game. #2.3
Eh don't really see a difference between both just a little more jiggle I think. #7
Still a fail and fail on our part but still it says reptile vs kitana at the bottom making it seem like this video shows them fighting each other. If there's multiple videos you should of just had the link to them and not having one video on the n4g page. #2.1.1
Fail! there's no kitana. #2
In away yes, the games suppose to complete as in ps2 days. Dlc suppose to be add on content that's not already on disc. Ex: the latest tales games the costumes like butler/maid, swimsuits should of been unlocked in game like the ps2 tales instead we have as paid dlc. Instead of having costumes in game they take them out and have them as paid dlc that's a no no. What should happen is they should have half of them free.
Another thing is they put things like gald an... #9
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