"Play Beat Platinum"


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Partial nudity and sexual in a ghost recon, must be a strip club or something in another country.

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Lol, this sounds like, you know what forget it.

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Hell already got that free with ps+, they crazy.

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Eh, injustice had a tutorial, challenge mode lol that's why there's you tube, movie version don't they release that stuff as costumes or dlc costumes. Come on now you can think of better stuff then that.

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Lol journalists.

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I forgot about this, are there going to be more announcements. Chinese games coming over or something.

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I signed up, can't wait. The ones that get the beta should get a free costume for the finial version.

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Me to, also platinum the vita version.

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No, they should of started long time ago same for other things. Then they could of been improved over the years. Sony has the phone app which is nice but nintendo they really haven't mess with online like that they should of added it later.

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Not surprised considering you couldn't even play music or movies on there older consoles while at least dreamcast you where able play music.

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Ikr to bad for my friend, he uses a flip phone. Shame on nintendo for this crap and I'm interested in how this console will do when released.

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Expect a downgrade for alot of games.

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I remember that video of Reggie it was awesome.

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I'll try the tomb raider demo, wanted to wait on full game until I get a ps4 pro and 4k.

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That's nintendo for ya.

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Na, cause I want to play some old ps2 games so no there not bad. Careless for ps3 since the ps3 still connected.

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Hope they work on ps4 1st then downgrade it for switch.

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I don't notice it anymore, but don't the rumble decrease the battery life.

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Wtc pre order character.

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