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""Play Beat Platinum""


Thats good and fair, but still it'll be better if they move on to the next tales and make that a ps4 title instead. #5
And fuck you, the story is one of the top elements of a game every gamer knows that. #2.1
I say remasters for psn/live, but it'll be awesome if they where remakes instead of remasters. #3
Those memory cards are still around the same price, nothing change. I would know because I watch the 32gb like a hawk. Stupid articles always say 32gb on sale but its not, they just say that cause it say save 32% of $99. #5
I hate watching others play, it's hard waiting for my turn in a fighting game. It's more fun to play then watch imo. On another note people that watch probably suck at gaming so they rely on others. Entertainment laughing at others fail etc... #14
You supposedly follow all those sites everyday, and you never heard of it. lets see theres plenty more articles on n4g about it. A sequel was announced at jp conference last week pretty sure there was a lot of article. I only follow n4g and gematsu and once in awhile ps blog I been known about and played jp demo as well as known the date release. I can say more but theres no nee... #2.3
The game didn't come outta know where, it's just you not paying attention. #2.1
I use to buy the series I like 1st day, but I wait for sales now mainly $30 and lower now like those $5 psn sales and definitely black friday. Started back in 09 I think after realising they end being $20 off after a month. On another note movies has a bigger budget and a price lower then video games which are around $10-$40, I say games should be at least $40. #8
As one of the people that plays it, I haven't spent a dime, I got good equipment and I beat every new quest with no problem. So your comment is a load of bull same for everyone else. #1.3
SCEJA said something about bringing mobile games to vita quote "I think we’ll also see some games based on existing smartphone titles come to the PS Vita.” #5
TBH I never heard of her, I usually just follow new game announcements as well as gaming news thats interesting. #12
It'll probably be on vita one day, thats why I haven't picked up D2 yet so I can have all the dlc and new features. Then again since its on ps4 you can do remote play. #1.1
Basically canceling pre-orders cause theres no reviews on the game before release date really. "Shakes head" #18
I come to N4G aka News for Gamers to look at news. Not to look at articles of people opinions that usually don't be that good. #9.1.1
Who cares, this is a news site not a opinion site. Thats what forums are around for. #9
People always jumping to conclusion without knowing the facts. Just because it's being done by omega force - temcokoei doesn't mean it'll be warriors game. If it were it would of said musou/warriors after DQ. Another one is Fairy Fencer F: ADF people assumed it was a port but its actually a sequel its like they disregarded ADF. At the end they start bsing etc.. like on game faq. #3.2
It says ps3 error error #3
If they were to bring it to ps4, it'll most likely be the ultimate collection with KH1.5 and KH2.5 all on 1 disc. #10.2
I looked at gamefaq boards, a lot of disappointed people there. A guy says something like nothing but ports, I say all those people got issues. Thats all I read over there are people b!tching about everything. Well unlike them i'm satisfied like always, with the ps+ service, and this conference and I can't wait for tgs conference and announcements. Great job sony keep it up. #6
Well just like the ps3, I'll be downloading fan made themes. Ps3 themes best site for themes for ps3. #19
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