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Hi Giru017. I totally agree with you but as seen from previous articles of these guys you can see that the game was in closed and open beta for quite some time now and there was a lot of time to have a good picture of the whole experience of the game.

This, gave the guys ample time to go through the game and give the right verdict. I am not saying that you are wrong, but looking at the Beta previews they posted, it's a bit justified for the review they posted.

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I personally would go for Split/Second... since it's not that flashy like Blur and since Blur is just Mario Kart with modern cars, Split/Second gives you a good adrenaline rush and it has a good learning curve since every second counts.

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The controller looks cool, it should be showcased today at CES.

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The review/ walkthrough were released exactly with the release embargo date/time... which was imposed by the publisher i.e. 8th December PST 12:00am

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I totally agree with you. Great comment.

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Yes, some people are that stupid :). They will still play online given the fact that the game leaked before release, and they play online.

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What does GT6 and Forza 3 have to do with Brutal Legend? I think you got the wrong post mate.

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