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"Some you can call me Rock or Nover I don't mind either. (^-^)V"


Great Review!!! #1
Good review!! #1
Hey!! #1.1
good review you know your Brs...
and you gave it a average score i am not mad but happy a lot of people have been knocking it about but know noting. #1
There is also a PC port... #1.2.3
Ah just think of the ps2,Xbox, dreamcast and GameCube era they would make loads of games all the time risking money on very fresh brands and one of the best things of all not getting flooded with dlc. #10
Looks like its MGS1 (twin snakes) ,2,3,4 and PW got a felling i will pick this up for that cool box and (twin snakes). #24
I seen in the gameplay it shows you what items are coming up when flicking though the 5 you have witch is a nice change. #4
Its what I think.
mark meer is good but I think jennifer hale sounds better...jeez #2.1.1
Well I play because I am a girl.
The voice actor is better.
pretty much the whole story is barely changed from each stand point small bits here and there not like in persona 3 where you choose it because it changed the story a lot. #2
The game has one of the saddest endings...

The snake in the end always dies. D= #16
Got one for The walking dead by default =P
and MY first Disgaea 3 never tried it again didn't feel much pride in the trophy only in my characters.... #57
I heard he can speak fluent Japaneses and is directing it.
Sure he is not put all his time into it as he has pretty much a big part in the development of the ps4. #2.1.3
Its nice to see lists putting less know game like Guacamelee.
Could have seen more...but its ok.
Alright list. #3
This is the second time for Battlefront 3.
Its like it has some kinda curse... #6.1
Does not change the fact that they had to cancel those games could have continued them somewhere else.

EDIT: Also I hope those people that have lost there jobs find new work. #1.1.1
This is very sad news...
I was hoping Disney where going to expand the star wars series. #1
So you are saying
New Weapons = New Pokemon
A new Region = New maps. #1.1.1
Gladly squire have been talking about the new re-release of Final Fantasy XV and that the ps3 version should be out when the game comes out of Alpha... #2.2
Steins;Gate its been on a lot of consoles but never left japan. #13
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