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PSP has had one of the highest rated (portable and not) games of the year (MGS:PW) and a plethora of other great games come out for it recently - its been a very solid platform as of late

8 people are butt hurt a PSP game got a higher score than Reach - silly

who cares? both are awesome and got great scores

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so you must be wrong too...=3

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accidents will happen

hell, people have managed to loose remote controls, light bulbs and all other random crap in various body orifices...

we are human

give a human an object and he'll try stick it in himself/ stick a part of himself in it, they are that retarded sometimes...its unavoidable xD

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am I missing something here? AH ONE SYSTEM! LOL FAIL on my behalf I understood Blu-Ray! xP

Still have to finish 1! =( but I will! easily one of my fav IP's this gen along with Uncharted. LBP and Mass Effect =D

looks WAY better than the Wii version! =O

its clear: The PS3 is the only platform where you can get the full Dead Space Experience...and I LOVE DEAD SPACE! =D

n did he just join with dualshock? can you play with dua...

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=O!!!!!!!!!!....*jaw locks* OOOOWWWW!!!

BEAUTIFUL! I can just imagine one part where your giant chicken dog cat thing is almost dying and seems so close (because he's HUGE) but you take FOREVER to get to him because you have to climb hundreds of bloody structures!!!

ZOMG - hyped beyond hypable (and with reason!)

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LBP2 isn't on PC, 360 Wii or mac...thus Creates strength

that looksed terribly petty and limited =/ - perfect for little kids though

LBP2 for me please thaaaaank you!

on another note - is it just me or don't these presenters sometimes sound SOOOO cringy! =/

"This holiday, create caters from causal to core, all of this and more"

*AWKWARD BAAAAARF" uuuuuuugh....=S I feel sick

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guess have to catch up with it later...- _ -

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so...Westernized and cheap...maybe the gameplay will be great, but to change the image of a great franchise after 3 great games = sad.

they should have just made it a new IP....

DMC Franchise = reCYCLED...and dead to me...and I LOVED the 1st and 3rd dearly...='(

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but you can't compare the combat system to devil may cry or bayonetta...its a whole tier ahead

NG is notorious for its complex battle system, and thats its niche

story wise yes...its pointless, its just a very arcady hack and slash, and I'd say along with GOW, its the best H&S series out there - probably THE BEST for H&S enthusiasts

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recycling old game + Westernizing it by making Dante look generic and "real"
Dante was fine the way he was!

I wouldn't go as far as flipping them off...but I SHAKE MY HEAD at capcom...thank god they aren't ruining Megaman or RE (IMO they aren't...yet =S)

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sure it was

DLC Exclusive (and possibly timed) +1

exclusive GAME -1
Exclusive DLC >>>> Exclusive game I'M SUUUURExD

face horribly spent - I assure you it could have been included in the game

you fail to understand what Forbidden is saying newhumanbreed. basically, its as if they SHOULD have LEFT this extra part IN THE ORIGINAL game (as PART of the 60 buck game) even if it remained 360 exclus...

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i think thats pretty sucky about people not being able to play co-op

however, considering the number of games bought, I'm guessing this is natural, also with varying console models.

te more people you have playing, the more problems are detectable

tbh unless we see this problem expand beyond small areas, i doubt this is a concern of epic proportions

its still pretty bad though =/ lets hope it gets fixed

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well now's your chance =D

once you play games like SoTC or Ico you understand there's 2 types of awesome games:

- fun awsome games like (Halo...)
- fun marking experience games

difference is, one day you'll look back and think "yeah...Halo was fun =)"

...and then you'll think "but*start playing it again from the start*"

there's a c...

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outch =/ thats quite clear discrimination...if you don't pay up for the right console, you're left out =(

well, clever way to get people to buy a HDD / new 360 =3

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“I can re-assure you that through our development process neither format is favoured. In fact, both formats are developed simultaneously so it wouldn’t be possible for one format to be cared for more than the other."

so...ONE OF THE CONSOLES got less optimization - proof that gimping exists.

we don't see exclusive game's developers complain now do we....

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for the masses

remember - to appeal to the masses KEEP IT SIMPLE

as in

most people are pretty dumb =P

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I expected a much better review...even from IGN...=| very disappointing

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the US boxart is HORRIBLE! No wonder it didn't sell there =(

damn USA, all box arts need protagonist in the front with a weapon and 3/4 angle on face with a frown.


still, if its real I don't mind (it does look sh!tty) because to be frank, its like GOW collection and what matters is THE GAMES, not the cover!!! =D

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YOU ****** you make such a good point I HAD TO READ BUT IT HURT!

NEXT TIME make a paragraph as Perjoss states!

however, as I said, you hit the nail in the head when talking about how it appeals to the mass audience

however i'd say its the best halo since Halo :CE, and to say it isn't much different to Halo 3 isn't true, i'd say it had a lot more differences to halo 3 than Halo 3 has to Halo 2

however its true:...

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lets face it, like in a relationship, once a cheater always a cheater

future should just digitally tag any cheater's IP / location / some other high tech piece of data to ensure he/she never plays online again

harsh but cheaters are the scum of the gaming industry (along with pirates) and shouldn't be allowed to play online EVER.

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