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listen to the man.

do you actually believe after the conduit developers wouldn't learn that you HAVE to allow customization?

+ been stated many times Move > Wii mote when it comes to precision =/
you must be very young or very naive, because all move hardcore games will have very detailed calibration. <...

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4 years, 38 mil.

38/4 = 9.5 mil a year (almost 10 mil a year)

i'd say thats impressive, especially considering the horrible start it had

won't be anywhere close to PS2 numbers though =/ maybe 60-80 mil lifetime (which isn't bad at all!)

so as long as it doesn't UNDERSELL (like dreamcast) thus cutting support, I'm happy with the sales.

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"The Last Guardian may or may not have 3D support.

The Last Guardian may or may not have a connection to their past games. "

that means it WILL have 3D support and it WILL have a connection to the past games (in a very mysterious way.


Remember - the baby at end of SoTC = horned boy from ICO, so I don't doubt there will be a very light and discrete connection to the older games.

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screw it if i won't play the game with wheel (too much for me)

Im getting this and sucking at it with dualshock!!! ITS WORTH IT!!

*stagers on the ground as he fumbles through everyone's jaws looking for his own*

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*contemplates finally getting a PSP*

=|....i'll wait for the PSP2 to come out -_-

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then thats because you never played a Team Ico game

get the Team Ico collection for PS3 and then you'll understand why this might be THE game of this whole generation (for many people anyway)

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the font choice is also horrible...-_-

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cheers to Snake-OO and Holatarola for being honest, fair and not a blind fanboy!!


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ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG! win! day 1!!!

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since I'll only be able to start / continue demon's souls after Jan 2011 =(....*tears*

still, good news for 360 owners =) From Software are one of the most solid Japanses devs out there

now lets hope this game sells =/ it isn't an FPS people!

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but will it work?!

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*cries out of pity at the demise of DMC...*

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thats exactly what I was going to comment before I saw your comment! ='(!!!



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might consider getting this...haven't been into it, might get all DLC once it gets bundled up for a small price or something =P

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The Last Guardian WILL BE GoTY 2011

I'll bet on it (I might be wrong...but I have a hunch)

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although I enjoyed (actually I LOVED) RE4 and did enjoy RE5 as an arcade shooter, i think when the "zombies" started using machine guns, it got stupid...

I just long for an RE/Zombie game where:

a) you have MILLIONS of zombies to avoid/kill
b) very little fire arms / ammo
c) have to survive
d) no crazy story, just zombie apocalypse and survival (no not dead rising thats too comical)

RE will never be this way ...

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all humans hate it...even when its good

but this is clearly a BAD change. And maybe it isn't the real dante, but then its a cheap marketing stunt to get everyone talking

either way

i don't like the new "guy", and just because ninja theory feel they deserve to remake dante because they get to make the game THEY ARE WRONG and they shat all over a great character.

Imagine Goku's design was changed, or Maste...

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I still cant believe they get away with this scoot free. The media/gamers should be on their case like crazy...yet they aren't =/ (or it doesn't look like it anyway)

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if Black Ops is how COD games will look in 5 years, does that mean that in 5 years COD games will look 5 years old?

I find this statement to be absolutely moronic...not a surprise coming from Kotick

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duplicate article

but its tricky - one site with photos of 2 different games =/ bound to get 2 articles accidentally

blame those who didn't report/approved.

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