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not to be a big party pooper
but reach scored the same as ODST...

does that seem fair and consistent?

idk...I would have thought Reach >>>> ODST....=/

this isn't doubting Reaches quality (it seems to be best Halo since CE - the only one I liked)

i'm doubting EDGE's consistency...or lack of thereof. #1.1.16
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I think this is made by bethesda
the point is they are complaining/ taking a jab at JRPG's...not the element I think you missed the point =/

and I didn't watch MGS4, I played it, and a good 10 hours of it as well

sure there are a lot of cut scenes, I watched them for the story, but I PLAYED THE GAME.

don't know about you

agree though, JRPG's have been faltering...I blame that on SE's quality weakness for major consoles ( the... #1.3
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and gamers are going to play sales are they?

are you a FF fan? because you don't sound like one, you just sound bitter at everyone's disappointment

Nomura DID state videos would be posted online during TGS/after TGS

they haven't

fans have the right to be disappointed. stop being so cynical, if you have a problem with everyone's displeasure then just don't bloody read the comments. #2.3.1
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Resident Evil 0,1,2,3 and Code:Veronica
yes!!! #16.1
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I actually agree with GOWIII being first...
its not only newer, if you REALLY play it in HD and look closely, there are NO JAGGIES, and the textures are mind bogglingly perfect

its almost uncanny

the ONLY thing i'd say that makes it look like a videogame and not real life are some of the OTHER character models, when next to Kratos there's a clear difference in quality

that aside, almost every single pixel in that game is perfect. its rather daunting. and if people will say &quo... #1.6
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well, everyone is over reacting
but xskipperx82, I can understand your comment, but its a bit out of place here.

I'm sure you mean you EXPECT the inevitable 360 announcement, but to say you can't wait for it its almost spiteful to some people here

like nightmare states...if you have all 3 consoles why are you so eager for 360 announcement?
would you get 360 version over PS3 version? its quite contradictory...

other than the fact that it would make any 360 fa... #2.6
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sony never stops delivering the quality games
vinniepaz never stops bitching in PS3 articles

you stfu, people can say what they want so as long as it isn't trolling another console you sour little man

pathetic. #1.3.4
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=O #7.1.2
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it only does virtual prototype testing
=D #4.1
1898d ago by bjornbear | View comment I am again in a Kinect article, but this one is worth it
more than the iPad?

*googles iPad Sales*
"Apple sells two million iPads in less than 2 months"
so...kinect will sell more than 2 million units in less than two months?! REALLY?!

wow...this will backfire...HARD =|
+ why iPad? what does kinect have to do with the iPad? or is it MS gr... #1.1.4
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turnbased combat is what drove me away from the awesomeness of FF...i hate it


looks absolutely amazing

PS3, it only does artistic games in HD =D #1.1.3
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mark my words
baseball = game will be centered on throwing the baseballs on fire at enemies

possibly on rails

prospectively limited by lack of buttons FTL #1.3
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I'd say they are waiting for a few things:
LBP2/GT5 to pass (thus not taking their thunder)

Next big PSP games to be released (I'm sure PSP2 will be B/C but until they release as PSP's last swan song, no PSP2)

Timing it along with that PS2 add on

waiting for next big conference (GDC?)

waiting for new quarter earnings season to kick in

eitherway, will wait for PSP2 before investing on any portable playstation. #1.1.3
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i usually delete any "friend" dumb enough to fall for that stuff
lets face it, if you're dumb enough to fall for chainmails and phishing...I don't want to game with you =P

good addon

inb4 "WHY WASN'T THIS INCLUDED BEFORE?!" retards. #1.2.1
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they will be retexturing the game with higher res texture too
+ adding trophy support and rendering it in HD.
+ selling both games for the price of LESS THAN ONE

so I have NO idea what you are complaining about

or do you expect PS3 to retexture PS2 games as they run on it? yeah? want jesus to come by give you a foot massage too then eh?

*facepalm* #1.7.4
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good isn't the right word

its marking.

if theres a videogame that will make you want more in the end, and leave you completely in awe, its SoTC

there's just something about it and then you will understand =)

P.S expect to feel saddened by your of the few games where you FEEL BAD for achieving something (sometimes, sometimes you just feel like god)

not to mention it probably had... #4.2
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the levels of WIN of this are UNMEASURABLE
I never got into yakuza games (although i did love the demos', just not enough $$) but THIS!!! THIS IS DAY ONE!

and after I might go out and buy other yakuzas ( from what I understand its like Shenmue meets streets of rage!?)


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doesn't just suck
this is an epic fail

isn't APB one of the most expensive games ever?

this really sucks =/ well...take big risks, take big falls.


ooh ok, cheers for the info. Maybe thats why it failed?!? too bad either way, that is a lot of money down the drain regardless #2.1
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hahah killer
pretty much >"attached image"

clicked on title and got vastly underwhelmed

expected Crytek exclusive or something,not...this

still, lots of eggs in the Kinect basket! #18.1
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Lol Only Ps3 fanboys actually approve this crap
Lol Only 360 fanboys judge a games quality by its sales.

lets face it


isn't it enough thats its BETTER than Halo 3? 360 fanboys are so obcessed with sales you are starting to lose sight of what REALLY matters in gaming

the bloody game. #1.1.2
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