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what a completely unrelated comment...this is about CNET.

anyway, fair review. CNET hardware reviews aren't the best I prefer their software reviews

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another project that lacks creativity -_- seriously, people should give FPS a break its getting over saturated

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this is pretty awesome, but its a bit unfair, but cool we have the choice

- @ everyone complaining - chill, its not THAT much of an advantages, its not they are cheating =P

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....=O ?!?!?!??!?!


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so TLG, the new Ni Oh game and Versus (+ Valkyria Chron 3) looks Horrible?! and thats JUST PS3 exclusives, a lot more games are out


modesty huh?...yeah not very common nowdays *smh*

oh and DMC looks like sh!t

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I read "MS: 'Japan has embarrassed Kinect'

didn't make sense o.O maybe the way they play it?

heh xD

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use your opponents weight and momentum against him.


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is that there are TWO of these articles. wtf?! =/

we get is, GT5 insane

of course it will look better than F3, its not only because its GranTurismo, but its also being released a whole year later.

give it a rest. they are bother awesome gaaames =)

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this guy spends half his PR Mana talking about the competiton

the other half cheering over NPD reports.


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o.O...enlighten me =P

its never convenient! its always INconvenient when a console breaks down.

seriously -_-

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GOWIII is one of the few games I replay at least once a month.


If you don't play GOWIII anymore, you either didn't enjoy it that much (possible) or you're just a fool xD

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they took risks = true way to success!!

thats why Sony went from 2nd to 1st to 3rd:
PS3 was a BIG risk, and it backfired at the start

as we say in portuguese "Quem não arrisca não petisca"
as in
If you don't take risks in life you don't get anywhere =) sometimes the risk fails, and you suffer

but when it succeeds...OH how it succeeds!

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or they just troll move articles -_-

I'm surprised about this! I thought Kotaku's word was the way =/ I guess I was mislead yet again (as with GT5 loading time =()

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SIXAXIS + Move = chilled

you do know how light SIXAXIS is right? i believe its perfectly doable =)

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it doesn't mean THE WHOLE TEAM worked on one track for two years. thats stupid.

obviously it was in teams...its just the over all time was 2 years =P

over all time for some cars was 6 months

impressive =) this game will be an epitome of this generation.

lol @ 360 fanboys coming to every GT5 article so butt hurt by its overwhelming quality they only say stupid sh!t.

@ all 360 fanboys: go buy a ps3, GT5 and...

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=| rather unprofessional....

well, thats kotaku for you

then again, not surprised.

now lets see kotaku do an article like this about GT5 midnight launch ;) (hint* they'll use the same photo - because they are credible that way)

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he owned your a$$. just take it and cut your losses, don't resort to personal attacks and name calling

I'm bubbling him just to counter your -buble out of pure butt hurt ownage

and this isn't about being PRO motion controls.

this is being able to look at Move objectively as a piece of hardware

if you are unable to grasp that, thats no surprise...considering your IQ


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another fanboy to ignore.


yeah understood that. he's just an idiot that for some reason enjoys seeing people reply in irritation

maybe he polishes his monkey off to it ?

"Ohhhhh so many replies! OOOOhhhh that guy called me a fa***t, OHHHHHhhhh they are so annoyed!!!! UUUUHAHHHAHHHHHOOOHHH....yeah. ..N4G is amazing"

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Halo doesn't top goldeneye (for what goldeneye was at the time)

HL does...but Halo no =/

theres Goldeneye...then theres Halo

don't even go there...

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