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MS: 'Who needs Blu-ray?'
well..everyone that didn't need HD-DVD for one...<_<

what kind of argument is this? MS expect we use DVD until the end of times? *sigh* resistance to change

they just say this because they lost the new format war #1.1.17
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no need to ban
its a shame about the advantage but, hey, just hope you get a guy with this in your team and in the opposing team xD

I'd get it but atm don't have resources, as soon as I do I'd also get one though #8.2
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held back?
nono, its coming out november my friend. otherwise there wouldn't be a beta =P LBP2 and GT5 are PS3's big 2010 last shot. and its huge =D

Does anybody here think I should trade in my OLD LBP?! I don't have it platinumed...and probably never will anyway, and since LBP2 everything in LBP passes on, isn't LBP a bit pointless to have?! =P #3.2
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First Person Shooters are good for the brain
so is green.

I guess there are many things we have yet to learn =O


this is pretty cool though =D reaction times FTW! *dodges bullet* #2.2
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loving cinema
I believe Inception is Nolans best work

because he wrote the story, directed AND produced it...thats a BIG deal =P if he had stared in it, he would have pulled an Orson Wells xD

It wasn't the best movie ever, it had its draw backs, but considering how ambitious it was, I found it to be an extremely solid cinematic experience, especially for an ACTION movie.

also possibly Di Caprio's best role since The Departed if not better (imo)
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at most 2 years...thats fine

I have to admit, you people say "milking" but consider Uncharted 3 POSSIBLY 2011 and KZ3 2011...2 years

so 2 years (less than 3 years) = ok

now every year


lets hope not.... then again its MS, also known as "marketing strategy" =/ #1.1.10
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the beta has been out for 2 weeks...and you complain about the quality?

have you ever considered people have HARDLY gotten their hands on a VERY complex set of tools?

i mean, seriously, why is it always the PS3 games that show INSANELY AMAZING THINGS, and still "meh doesn't look 1000000000000000000000000000 times better only 10000000000000000000000000 times."

seriously =/ OF COURSE BETTER CAN BE DONE. one factor missing... #3.8
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Why Sony’s PlayStation motion controls fail to Move me
because you are paralyzed?...o.O

is this another one of those "anyone can write a journalistic piece" websites like examiner? but in UK.?

well...everyone has to start somewhere =P #1.5
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inception soundtrack is inspired by the
je ne regrete rien slowed down...=D

amazing though!

also reminds me of how BADASS MGS4 was =D (havent played it in a while ='() #3.1
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unreleased unfinished product vs. recently released yet with incomplete library product.
lulwut? #1.4
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exactly my thoughts
although its still EXTREMELY impressive, it is completely scripted

more a very intense and detailed tech demo than actually full on gameplay, but its still awesome

makes me question why did they even bother with Bioshock 2?! =/ #1.7.1
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nothing to be jealous of, its a pain in the ass =P

but I too stroke mine, for its looking FAR more interesting than Bioshock 2...makes Bioshock 2 look like a spinoff =P #1.1.2
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GoTY 2010?
I THINK SO! look at those levels =D

can't wait to see how the RPG will work!

LBP2, it can literally have any genre emulated! =D #5
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Not that I'm happy to miss out on some great games


screw it, I'm not going to prejudice the future of the gamer by giving this abortion money.

even if tht means missing on some great games, so be it, not like I don't have a choice /vice versa, TOOO many great games, so skipping on a few won't hurt. just know which few to avoid #9.1
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100% agree
I haven't bought an activision game in forever because I don't like the way they work (yes not even a blizzard game, and it pains me because blizzard are one of my fav devs out there =( will only buy their stuff when discounted)

and to those who say "BUUUh but who cares its just gaming"

well, then you aren't a gamer, because REAL GAMERS CARE ABOUT THIS STUFF!

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And the shovelware begins...
Stick to Sony 1st party and other quality developers and you'll be fine. Unfortunately this will sell, fortunately it will be bought by people who don't know any better and will have a bit of fun irregardless of quality.


casual market. #5.1
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stating that phrases are getting extremely chiché
is getting extremely cliché.... #1.8.1
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Kudo just shot himself in the foot (and MS) by saying such an idiotic statement.

Half life, counter strike, crysis, and basically EVERY OTHER FPS EVER (excluding the FEW console exclusives) (including Halo: CE, i played mine on my MAC) is VASTLY SUPERIOR ON PC.

and also very played.

if that wasn't the case, Half Life, Portal, crysis and unreal tournament/ and any ID game wouldn't be as big as it is today #1.1
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hmm...if its a sleeping giant
sony is setting fire to it. hopefully it'll wake up #1.5
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obvious statement is obvious
although i'd go further.

tact is irreplaceable. #2.2
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