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delay = certification of quality (usually)
so...ok I'm equally as bummed by this but its not like the game is going to be WORST.

if anything, its to assure its perfect upon release

why don't people complain about things that SHOULD HAVE BEEN DELAYED BUT WERE RUSHED INSTEAD?!?!?!

BECAUSE...people are too impatient now days -_- #1.1.3
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GOWIII and Castlevania had a baby brought up by Hideo Kojima and CO.
and this baby's genetics was spliced with SoTC **fixd

and then we got

CASTLEVANIA: LORD OF SHADOWS!!!! and it will be awesome.

@ rgneoz3 -that is true, but he was executive producer, and the game was under Konami's/Kojima Productions Name.

the game is as much Kojima Productions as Mercuryware (?) - as in, he over saw the process, MAKING SURE game was to standard.

the game's quality is very much du... #1.1.3
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this might just work...=O
I mean, unlike many directors, he seems to be following it up devotedly, not carelessly

being a fan of the game AND talking to Ueda, I'm feeling more reassured...(it won't be Legend Of chung lee at least -_-)

still..its a HELL of a complex narrative to translate to film...I hope for the best

@cheeseknight - yeah but do you think being in contact with Ueda would ALLOW him to fail that bad? #1.1.3
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impressive =D
very cool...can't wait to have THE WHOLE STAR WARS TRILOGY done !!!

still not over the fact we have to wait till 2011 =( ....I guess FO: NV will have to keep me entertained fr xmas (GT5 too maybe) #1.1
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interesting to see PS+ is clearly the superior service when it comes to bonus'
out of all services (yes that includes XBL, Wii and PSN) - at a cost of course

only service that is still superior is the PC, but thats due to its open platform / community (mods, patches, etc) and the fact that its free =3

impressive though, good to see PS+ not ripping off its users...might invest in it one day! =O

@ all uninformed people - YOU AREN'T PAYING TO PLAY A BETA

you pay for a service that happens to include EA... #1.1.1
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isn't he a little latE?
the game came out 2007 or something right?....

still, lag should never be a problem with a good game,

@Immortal321 - no but I'll give you a disagree and -bubble for being immature and off topic =3 #1.6
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wow blaze you were FAST to comment on this article hmm...
well, this is horrible, but I guess its due to hackers using 3rd party hardware

I'm sure they will come up with a work around and I don't doubt this is temporary

then again, this is pretty bad =/ lucky my I have no 3rd party stuff...

* upon reading some comments, its clear this isn't affecting everyone =P maybe its a little will be on it, they are always fast fixing mistakes.

can't wait to see Blaze... #1.14
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super lame....
I'm very disappointed =( I understand due to the beta they understood they need to fix things..

but still, GOD DAMN IT! -_________________- #1.1.7
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why ? this is so stupid =/

i guess they have their reasons but...GAH! now 2011 is over crowded -_- #1.4
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wow is an understatement
Flow looks IDENTICAL to the original

and the RPG gives you ENDLESS possibilities =O

its almost scary to think of the things we'll see by december...considering beta has been around for less than a month =/ and to limited people...

WOW is WAY understating what this is...this is like..."UGiuGiuBGIUgg78f7 tD5TESdty!!!!!" ...O.o #1.2.1
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Capcom: DMC4's 2.7m sales not enough
so we gave the middle finger to all of those 2.7m fans and decided to abandon them

NICE ONE CAPCOM! I see the marketing strategy...but all I see in capcom is greed now, no respect for fans anymore...and don't anyone here come and say "Oh but its a business its all about the money"

WE KNOW THAT - you can make money without screwing over your fans you know...

I guess that part of gaming is dying with the big corps....='( #1.10
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so...the author is assuming
only the fanboys read/are aware of whats in the EULA?

well...then fanboys are the only people with BRAINS

dumb asses suing didn't even consider it hmmm =P #1.1.9
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Anton Chigurh
we'd see a Pole peripheral with that for sure =O impossible to grind against air...<_<

@ k-lan

=| that was a very sad display of butthurtness...where's Move mentioned here? cheap and uninspired... #1.2.4
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I think holatarloa meant
HD exclusive. #5.1.2
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WOW I totally missed Resistance 3 being announced o.O
?! wow! cool! I never EVER got into Resistance games...the gameplay / vibe didn't capture me

but R3 might be at a whole other level! =D however as a MOVIE it looks SUPER appealing

still, good list =) something in there for everyone. #1.7
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very #1.1.2
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so your suggestion for future console manufacturers
build a PC and sell it off as a console...

agree, next gen will be based on huge HDD

then again, you have games with 35Gb (GOWIII, MGS4) even a HDD isn't easy (unless 1TB hard drives become accessible to instal in consoles) #2.4.1
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in other words "MS payed us to keep these DLCs exclusive" #1.5
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It Only does
awesome humor without sacrificing the quality or integrity of the game =D #1.3.1
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...but "james bond" always had different actors...
sean connery to roger moore to RANDOM GUY (who was in one of the best james bonds!) to I forgot but he was good too to Pierce Brosnan to Muscle Man

basically, JAMES BOND ALWAYS HAD DIFFERENT LOOKS. because the series lasted longer than the acting lifetime of the actors...

DMC is a videogame, and if I'm not mistaken, THE REAL DANTE WAS IMMORTAL!
smh....bullsh!t reason =/ #1.1.3
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