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Put me off in the 1st 15 seconds...
...heard of him but thought it was a i know he is a joke =P

As for the comments, which uttely confused me...
"1. Forza 3 To Outdo Gran Turismo Again?" AGAIN? since when did it out do Gran Turismo? And which one? 1? 2? 3? 4?
"2. Transformers is Call Of Duty With Robots" - if it isn't a joke, I don't know what the hell it is, but its def. not a good analogy.

If he cn get that many followers like this...god i def have a chance... #33
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Screw Modern Warfare 2..
..I'll just come to N4G's comments for real time warfare simulator =P

FFS ppl!

"his section is heavily moderated by the N4G staff, so leave your fanboyism at the door please."

However there is a point, I used to spend time on many forums / comment sections like these in the "pre-PS3-kicking-good-a$$ " days, and i must admit, the 360 fanboys were absolutely despicable, and far ruder and less rational than any PS3 fanboy i've seen here... #102
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Hey! Who knows =D
I'm guessing either the score is too high or the review is inconsistent (obv xD one or the other) but don't beat the game down! Ok it isn't a KZ2 or a Halo 3 but give the little Wii a break.

So much time people spent complaining "ewww no hx games on the Wii!! Wii!'s for casual gamers booo"
Well now they r trying! And taking risks! Who knows maybe sequel will be improved apon the mistakes of this one..

Then agen, I would agree w most of you...its gna g... #16
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.... #8
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I have a dream...
...ps3 xmas bundles...which one to chooose from? =O....*head bursts*....

2010 will be a powerful year for PS3, hopefully it'll make it worth all the stuff it took over 3 years..

Unlike Sega's (almost) every console, its cleary going to push through the critisizm and trolling it endured over past 3 years =P yey! #39
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Irony is a dead scene...
"Open-world superhero games and plot-altering moral decisions are nothing new by themselves, but stick them together and you’ve got… well, you’ve got Spider-Man: Web of Shadows."

In the least, quite unprofessional in my opinion (by reference that I've seen many reviews that have no irony, and worked just as well).

No problem with the score, but what interested me was not only comparison with a demo of an unreleased game (knowing that a game CANNOT be judged... #34
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There is a clear line here...
...between fanboy bashing (which is common now days in.....99% of all forums about a PS3 or 360 news) but this is clearly not the case. This review is very poor. I've read many myself (like many of us) and many of inFamous (i expected it to be a 6-5 from all the previews, honestly).

Compared to what 30 odd other reviewers from slightly more "credible" sites like Gamespot and IGN, this review doesn't only come across as biased (which it might not be) but also unprofessio... #20.3
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I don't get it...
You people that have PS3 and just talk down on how bad the PSN is compared to Live and how much you don't play it and how much 360 takes up more of you time...

...can you js sell me the PS3? I'd gladly buy it from you and def. apreciate it far more, I'm patient and I am greatful for all my purchases, dispite it's shortcomings =) #21
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...i'll have to stick to Medieval...=( #6
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ITS CHUCK NORRIS! the 80's when he had longish hair..... #19
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Lets not get distracted...these are comments about the article?...
Interesting article indeed, however very mislead and unfortunately a little over ambitious.

My 1st impressions was "Halo effect...hmm, must be about the the unification of many pre existing elements previously explored in videogames but never popularise or comercialised so well before due to lack of funding or just "taking the 1st bite of the apple" syndrome"....

But no...i just saw sales...sales...millions....of ...sales...

so ok i&q... #40
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Ehm...people are forgetting...
The only reason why PS3 fanboys exist is due to the 360 fanboys, and to an extent, vice versa. It's happened before with Nintendo / Sega fanboys, and its ever since been laughed at...


Read this, and don't you dare deny it you know who you are if you are a fanboy:

360 is clearly inferior to the PS3 as a console, consider the la... #70
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A history of Game Theory:....
This in reply to all those "this isn't a game, this is an interactive movie"...well...

A Game: A situation in which a player or more are confronted with a set of problems in which they must must make decisions...

QTE's, puzzles, and even "path choosing" are all choices, and there fore, games. Just because you aren't killing aliens in fps o over-the-shoulder-shooters (360º main exclusives) doesn't make it "an interactive movie".
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