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every good games get these articles, just ignore them people!

let the author go play Nier or Kane and Lynche dog days,

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so, no one is saying this is a review...except for the retarded web site

still, I'm not surprised MOVE didn't impress...its too early on

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off topic + trolling + incoherent data with no proof + 2 week old account = BUTT HURT

you sir are a waste of oxygen.

and why should anyone care? You did, you took the trouble to click the article, write a comment AND even press the CAPS button

you seem to care more than anyone else.
here have this for your pains

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it can cause loads of problems, including in start up
always take my disks out =) will make console (any) last longer

same goes for PC's and Mac's!!

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SERIOUSLY?! even though nintendo PASSED on the tech?

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just not the name.

but its RUF...same car models same cars...=P

if I had a ferrari enzo and changed its name to a Furry, it'd still be a ferrari enzo in mechanical terms...just not called ferrari enzo

but ok....IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING except the name of one car manufacturer due to EA buying exclusivity for its use


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well Its fair, with GT5 and Move coming out this holiday, LBP2 would have been too much.

I'm not happy about it, but I understand it.

sony have so many games they need to space them out, =) I see next years GoTY being disputed between LBP2 and TGL =O


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I mean come on, if its not licensed, its probably sh!t =P

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they ruined Comincon

now they will ruin DMC...


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amazing hit-seeking missile...

-_- seriously, i can understand cars & girls but consoles and girls?!


to be in spirit of the article...i'd prefer a 3 some, but I can't afford it, so I went with the reliable girl that will always be there for me and not have a break down and leave me just because I over play her....

@OneSneaky - LMFAO! SNOOKIE?! COME ON! at least pick a functioning human reference please! ...

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still failing -_-

why don't they stick to what they are good at?

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I don't get why there's so much Halo Reach hate =/ I mean, Halo 3(repetitive meh crap) comes out, and everyone is s*cking d*ck

ODST comes out, and its only 9's and 8's and 10's and "its not DLC" articles (srsly!? -_-)

reach comes out (really innovative and good game for the series!) and everyone's sh!tting on it =(

I agree w kaveti - reach is different AND great, and people want it to fail. happened with a bi...

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like N64 didn't need in

it does...

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he looks HORRIBLE. with the union jack and the gay emo hair -_-

so westernized it makes me sick....

totally turned off my DMC least until I see gameplay, but art direction matters a lot for immersion!

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ever has...=/

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but i'd guess the console war is slightly more "commercial" due to it having started earlier (NES vs SMS in mid 80's)

I'm nt sure if there were processor fanboys back then, but thats when the console fanboys began...if not earlier!!

more history =P just as pathetic though x(

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I want to...but a part of me KNOWS its not worth it without a wheel/pedals, and I will not be getting them ($$$$)

so...I'm on the fence.

maybe when it goes down in price? I only plan on playing it with dualshock...don't know if its worth it ='(!!!!

because of this, I didn't agree or disagree =)

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and us gamers are the targets.

*boom headshot*


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and I realized...there are no plot holes, so as long as you finish it with all endings /do all prompts...


I know this because with 2 endings I filled in A LOT of plot holes from the first play, thus realizing...anyone who complains about plot holes haven't finished the game completely =) (I haven't either but thus accept plotholes = lack of endings)

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i read the article...and I still don't understand how 3D has "killed" KZ3...

its optional...if you don't use it, it will look as good if not BETTER than KZ2...

help me out here ppl, is he saying something exceptionally intelligent I cannot grasp?

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