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so they don't actually understand how a YLOD happens?


seriously - YLOD USUALLY occurs when the isolation glue holding a certain component on the PS3 comes off
(thats what happens due to this gen's SUPER fancy hardware)

its fixable, and its usually hardware related, and it affects a very small number of people...

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because I played it on the PC, you know, the superior version out of the 3, and it crashed every 2 hours.

it isn't about the PS3 you tool, FO3 was just a buggy game on ALL platforms

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the writing IS exceptional for an action game

writing doesn't have to be DEEP to be good

you people are extremely sour if thats how you react =P U2 does have exceptional writing because of the WAY it delivers the story.

he never said the STORY was isn't, its quite cookie cutter, but the WRITING - the way the story is delivered IS exceptional

you can dispute it and be sour and resentful, it doesn't tak...

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I have a PS3 so I'm automatically a dumb ass because companies price games at an idiotically inflated prices

here's a real reason - a game released on a console has to pay a fee to be made for the console, since some of the revenue goes to the console company (sony, MS, Nintendo)

how about that? a logical reason without being immature =)

@ JsonHenry - thank you for having a brain

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Move - out and doing well will sell modestly and solidly
Wii Motion - a little "cheap" in function (shoveware's galore), but synonym to "motion controls" and it works
Kinect - not out yet, but so far...hasn't shown anything convincing, but impossible to judge its success


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being cynical doesn't make you right =/

its you're on N4G, therefore if you act like a fanboy and say the right thing in the right article, you will get agrees, even if what you say is down right retarded

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guys - I agree GT5 looks better than most games out there, and HR is also quasi photo realistic

but consider a game that is:

open world / free roam/ huge (say oblivion size or even GTAIV size) and then try having those graphics

THATS why we'll need PS4/new xbox/new PC tech - and other tech - the PS3 can achieve mind boggling quality graphics, but at a price.

you don't have games like infamous looking like GT5 (YET - i...

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and FO:NV for xmas, leaving GT5 and LBP2 for next year (give me a break not a big racing fan here!)

need to see which I'll choose (this or GT5) but I'm, very excited for this game!

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and reach is absolutely demolishing everything in its path


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*jumps off a bridge with the Union Jack!*

good numbers all around, although the PSP does seem to be loosing steam, sadly =/

still good to see consoles are selling! =)

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no one here reads articles on N4G...only titles, and apparently Halo Reach isn't that good because I see a lot of 360 fanboys in this article and 1 normal gamer that took teh time to read the article....-_-

I think they mean the way move works too sensitive can make it hard to use

for example :

get your PC, grab your mouse, click on your FAVORITE FPS, and select controls, go to mouse sensitivity, and put it on max.

now ho...

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it is unique....its sh!t, but that doesn't take away the fact thats its unique

if you feel the need to "rub" things into...people (?!) you are really picking at straws here

I LOVE MY PS3, and sony have yet to let me down as a customer

but i think this game looks like SH!T

now, anything else you wish to rub?

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i thought the fun part of trophies was...attaining them

this defeats the purpose of the trophies in itself...

Eamon - but the control is absolute...the PS3 is in essence a computer (even a washing machine has a "computer")

next news

"Hackers run Windows 7 on PS3"

its only a matter of time =P

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no joke! it was at E3!!



lets not judge a products success BEFORE its released! -_- no matter how retarded it is

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xD sorry couldn't resist!!!

anyway - I'm certain this is to soften the blow of MOVE and Kinect, but it won't have the same impact. still, I doubt the Wii needs a sales boost =P

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then 360 fanboys can play the sales!!!


-_- srsly...including dance central in this article is sad

that aside, Its a fair list, maybe include some XBL arcade games? they have good ones there maybe fable 3 too?

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release all the nascar games you want.

the real nascar simulator is GT5 =D just look at the footage!

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have to wait till december though =(

until then, will be playing FO collection which includes FO1, 2 AND TACTICS! =D (finished FO3 recently, cnt b bothered w it again)

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so you can marry a kid now?!


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