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satan is just a dude with horns

see, i can devalorize the evilness of Satan, thus proving: ANYTHING can be devalorized... #6.3
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chinese democracy:
that is true. if you check GOWIII user score is far lower than average review score, as in Uncharted 2, and if you check user reviews, there are a few guys who gave both games 1 's (360 fanboys for sure)

one of them only reviewed U2 and GOWIII (he made an account just for that) and undoubtedly will review GT5 aswell and give it a 1, bringing the average down by a lot

USER REVIEWS DO NOT WORK - they are littered with stupid fanboys all around
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Is it wrong not to love Halo?
is it wrong not to love Pantera? or a masterpiece like The Touch Of Evil?! Yes!! if you don't like those things you can't listen to music or watch movies ! /S

you make it sound as if its a moral issue.
its a bloody videogame, and like anything involving a subjective angle, NO ITS NOT WRONG, it depends on the individual
I don't really enjoy halo that much, my favorite is still Halo: CE and after that (played halo 2 and 3) meh....but thats just me <... #1.4
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this must be the most idiotic comparison ever...
but thats just my opinion...I just find this insanely detached...

al I can say is: Reach must be an exceptional game

Afterlife is what i'd call "visual trash", it goes along the lines of 2012, Transformers 2 and other movies that have no substance, but look pretty, and thus keep 14 year old boys satisfied. #1.3
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well edge gave 0DST a 9
so I expect them to give Reach a 10 and say its gods gift to gaming, and that you don't ever need to buy another game again until you die.

thats how they roll...=|

then again, I agree they do this.

however I wonder, where was this article when MAG was about?, an online only game that required you to play at least a couple of weeks? they just rushed it with rest of review scores and made it clear "they didn't have enough time wit... #1.6
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this is quite sad =/
well...aren't baked beans eaten cold in england sometimes though? (english breakfast) -
this is bad but not half as bad as those WoW parents that neglected their child to death
then again, this happens with more than videogames, it happens with everything.
OH SH*T i just realized the dog died ='(

theKiller - You are being extremely sarcastic right?...I hope so, or else I feel sorry for your reasoning.

consider the average quali... #1.1.8
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so around €40 no? ?!?! ZOMG!! COUNT ME IN! ZOMG!

remastered too!? is there any footage?! omg...=O SoTC remastered + extra colossus (the 17th!) WOWO!!!

day ONE! image this won 2011 GoTY game deal! xD #1.13
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i think they were being killed by getting shot from behind
i think if you shoot from behind/ hit the jetpack fuel it blows up and you die

thats why they blew up =3

jetpack - good for a frontal assault, not so good for skirmish/defense

at least that what it seems #5.1.3
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Where are all the Xbox 360 Exclusives?
most probably in video game stores, and peoples homes

@ Mizz_mai :
but seriously were all getting reach and gears 3 but seriously what else is there...??

well the hardcore 360 owner defender will say he just needs multiplats...but PS3 owners and even PC owners can get those too so..I don't know #1.16
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Microsoft : “No ego is bigger than ours”
seriously. Halo is big, but not that big
risk getting mauled by certain Halo fans, but for one GranTurismo as an exclusive franchise is far bigger

as well as COD, Fifa, Starcraft, WoW, Super Mario....list goes on
Halo is big, but making a statement like this just makes you look duuuumb (and full of sh!t)

one thing is being proud and confident in what you do, another thing is being under delusion and say something thats out right untrue.
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... #1.3.2
1975d ago by bjornbear | View comment
inb4 msn is owned my Microsoft
...but it is. =P

fair score I'm sure regardless, I don't expect MSN to over rate MS related games, just non MS related games get underrated. #1.4
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one game doesn't make any consoles year


all 3 have had a HUGE year

Nintendo with SMG2 and Metroid other M + 3DS announcement = huge

MS with ME2 (timed though - not so big) and Reach + slim + kinect = HUGE

Sony with GT5 and GOWIII +LBP2 (not sure how that will sell but it will be critically acclaimed for sure) + move = HUGE
even PC with Star Craft 2 = HUGEEE

so no, it isn... #1.6
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I got first one but didn't finish it
one of my fav RPG's / strategy games ever! I played it along side watching the anime (its surprisingly good) and they are IDENTICAL! its awesome!

can't wait! I hope it doesn't come out before i get my PS3 back n finished VC! then I can continue the awesome story! I hope they follow it up with an anime like the firsT!! #1.7
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sorry to say but its true what Oldsnake007 says
the average usually goes DOWN with more data, its the general tendency rule. there are exceptions, but on average a huge collection of data causes the score to be reduced, not increased.

this is just the way most videogames on metacritic have gone, especially the high scoring ones, from exclusives to multiplats, most games start at a higher average and go down.

still, it will be 9+ and that's what matters, who cares if its 92,93 or 94, anything above 9 i... #2.2
1976d ago by bjornbear | View comment
for me its TLG, Versus (curious) and maybe any new announcement
fact is, TGS will be all about The Last Guardian and Versus for the world! =D (and GT5 but even I'm getting tired of seeing so much footage xD) #1.3.1
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xavier tooth - ignored, you make PS3 owners look bad
Zir0 - thats your opinion, but to say that as if it is a fact is equally as pathetic as xavier - tooths comment

resorting to trolling to reply to a troll's trolling is simply idiotic.

you're both fools

reach is shaping up very nicely, and any 360 owner should get this game since one of the big games of 2010.

you don't need to put other games down just because you want to put your game up, thats stupid.
<... #2.1.3
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"Bu-bu-bu-but Move will bomb."
No hyrius, no one ever thought that (no one worth taking seriously anyway)

the true doubt of move is, will catch on and be considered as an equal to DS3 instead of a gimmick/casual only alternative

that only time will tell, but it is shaping up nicely with KZ3, Infamous 2, Socom 4, MAG / MAG2, HR, LBP2 and RE5 support

but no way will Move bomb simply because of all the attention the Wii created for motion controls, people are naturally incli... #1.2
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Tool? why?
because I loved COD1, COD2 (still my fav), COD 4 and when I played MW2 it felt like they ruined what was once one of my fav franchises

so I'm a tool?

tools are the people without critical thinking that just take what ever is given to them in a "oh wtv its fun anyway" sense.

im not going to get Black Ops because I have a hunch that, like MW2, people will exploit it and ruin it in the long run

If im wrong I'll... #15.3
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I don't understand the reaction to this
all the scores have been 9 or plus, one review is an 8 and people that usually praised gamesradar now disown it

just ignore it

its ONE review. As I said before, Halo: Reach will sit at a 9/10 which is outstanding, and leave it at that

in the end what really matters is your own review anyway. get over it

+ its gamesradar = THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN SH!T - whats sad is we needed this review for all the hardcore 360 fanboys to real... #1.4
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