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GT5 isn't as big in Americas as it is in Europe / Japan...

and MOH is a FPS

americas = FPS heaven.

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a very big cooperation =(

so many mindless gamers just "lolz wtv gna get CODBO gna be wicked yeh"

and i don't have a problem with people buying and enjoying the game...

I have a problem with people being completely ignorant to the fact that kotic will be counting money for every single purchase laughing his ass off while he kicks puppies into the fire place.


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over all I'm glad this game is getting more "open"

i don't mind the whole move integration so as long as it doesn't detract from the core experience

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I see what you mean, but i doubt they'll be competing for that market.

i'd say 3DS is their biggest competition

I'm hoping for a lower price point than 3DS + more powerful hardware.

I don't know, it HAS to be more powerful than the 3DS graphically...otherwise it will be DOA =/

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who knows..lets wait and see when it released!

so much speculation =/ even Im getting bored of it

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Dragon Age was equal if not better on PS3! so Bioware know they PS3 stuff =D

plays different?! what could that mean!? =O more RPG options? Maybe they heard all the feedback people were saying of it having too much emphasis on shooting and not enough on RPG and thus will add more?!?!

either way, it will be a great dea =)

I rather wait if it ends up being superior =D

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how dare you kratosgirl *smh*

well, this happens when devs port from one platform to the other (and don't do it well)

ported games always suck, its just a shame devs are more used to 360 (more time with it)

+ its Dead Rising 2, the dev team behind it probably used the same "engine/structure" from dead rising 1 and changed things up, thus having it all in "360 code" - which never bodes well on PS3 =|


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can you believe it?

one interview disected into small parts, generating hundreds of pointless articles?

and then N4G lets them all though

proof - community based websites DO NOT WORK - its a broken system -_-

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the said "we are working on it" but considering the state of this site, it seems like they are working on twitter and facebook accounts and not the actual quality of the site

tbh, its flogging a dead horse, best bet it so rate the site badly / don't give them hits =/

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I don't even remember it...maybe WoW when it first came out?! or COD4 for Mac AAAGES ago

still, not only is it an active boycott ( i just see acti as company DAMAGING the gaming industry more than its helping it)

but I also have no interest...I mean, seriously =/ everything they've released thus far has been MEH....

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I will wait before judging THE GAME's quality

but, as for judging the DESIGN of the new dante

its sh!t. pure and simple.

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I mean, RROD happens, people make jokes, and everyone tried to sugar coat it with "meh wtv its natural MS fixed it for free I just had to ship it in and wait 2 weeks, no big deal, I don't mind, its still a good console"

when Sony gets a little BS from a HACKER (yeah lets trust those guys)

its the end of the world.

its sad ='(

I do agree that maybe they should have included a code that did shut down the cons...

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nope...another day another MS facepalm (and I'm not trying to troll here...seriously, just follow the link)

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can't wait!!

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but this peripheral crap is lamo ='( gotta cash in sometimes eh? =|

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seriously? you sound borderline mentally ill, does this matter to you? does it really matter? in the end does this change anything in your life?

I mean, will this actually detract from the game? its a difference of 800 to 756, which mathematically is 6.5% less cars...and we do not know if this means MORE premium cars.

its never been defined...

so, sure, we "gt5" fans should write a letter to PD denouncing this travesty, meanwhile, y...

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a) a blog
b) approved by the biggest 360 girls on this site
c) with no proof
d) with a flame bait article and title

got approved, and the reports ignored.

wow =P just wow...this is a WHOLE new level of trolling, building up a blog, getting it approved on N4G AND giving everyone who catches it out disagree's

seriously many spend a lot of time on N4G and so on, but this is a whole other level of pathetic

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and Castlevanida LOS OR! GT5 (debating these two)

no BO for me, just not my thing tbh (BF:BC2 vietnam will do for action FPS realism multiplayer freshness)

good to see zombies are back though, might get it second hand eventually if its worth it

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or a very sad grown up

and so are the people that agreed with you

seriously, grow some balls man. and fine it could be a joke

but the "women belong in the kitchen" joke is getting old =/ seriously

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WOOOPS contused GTA with GT xD

still, f*cking awesome! Makes me wish I got GTAIV on a nice PC =O

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