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"Killin' 'em"


"The world is the kingdom once prospered in the past with few survivors"

Prequel? Playing as Gwyn? #3
Seriously though, getting a sweet car impounded and then having the decision to go bail it out with your hard earn cash or hop the fence and steal it is pretty awesome. I hope that is a possibility. #23
First thing I'm going to do is go bowling with my man Roman! #22
If this game lives up to my expectations I may actually participate in the next-gen. I don't play video games as often as I use to. But if there is something that is as good or better than SOCOM 2 I might go ahead and get a PS4. Shiz. Those were the days. #56
All we wanted was a SOCOM 2 Redux. Thanks for "SOCOM 4", Sony... /sarcasm #55
LOL, that would have been a great last one. The last one says "Socks" with an image is just some socks and no explanation. HAHA. #20.2
Oh Gawd!
Almost read that Spoiler. Thank you for that note!

LightofDarkness: you have a very sound argument and write it well. Probably the most competent comments I've read on N4G. We need more like you, no matter which side. + BUBBLES! #7.2.4
Demon's Souls world tendency was not explained and you are right about that, but I thought it was much more linear (the maps) which made things a little easier to understand, but I think it isn't as much fun as the exploration in Dark Souls. But I seemed to understand the story more. Another argument about Demon's souls that is against me was giving the black smith that fire demon's souls to further upgrade weapons. I totally missed that on the first play, now I make sure I... #7.3.3
There also all old. I've seen all these fan made designs already. Hits. #2.2
I agree with LightofDarkness
Who here that plays has NOT been to the wiki page? Seriously. It is impossible to compete online (especially before the patch) with out going to the wiki page or chat.

I love that there is no hand holding which is awesome, and I even refused to go on the wiki page, but after 40 hours + of playing, I now know that I am way behind average. (Not because I am a NOOB, I played Demon's Souls) Since I can't sit for 6 hours and not accomplish anything in a game (Level up, le... #7.3
that sucks (Black Knight Armor).

I can't wait to get back in this game now that the patch has been dropped. #17.1
it wouldn't be called "invade" now then would it?

It would be like come over and we'll have battle fun-time or something. #11.2
Fog Ring... :\
OH GAWD! I'm so far behind! Please tell me it gets easier after the Undead Burg!

LOL. just kidding...

but seriously, what is this "fog ring" you speak of? #1.1
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Ha-lle-e-lu-jah! #15
That must have taken a long time to make. #3
I just want online to work correctly and have more humanity drops. and souls from skeletons and ghosts would be nice too. #7
Buy a $60 game to cheat... At least put in 100+ hours before ripping yourself off. #6
I'm playing dark souls now...
maybe when I finish the game in a year(since I can't play video games much anymore) I'll pick this up and be set for 2 more years. F the next gen #40
That was pretty good!
It's amazing how far video games have come graphically. #5
fail? Mods?
The point of the video was to show similar locations between real life and the game. Not to compare graphics and which looks better. #1.1
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