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Ninty should promote the Wii U as the best selling console in the world and then cite their Japanese numbers.

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P2P has fewer people connecting to a single host which is why it was more stable.

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BS. MS was charging back when it was P2P. 3rd parties host their own servers if not go P2P.

If you want to go that route then 3rd parties should be free to play online.

It is just a money making scheme and has been since day 1.

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Actually he/she said-

'what I did want is something that looked even half as fun as the gameplay we were shown'

Next time don't be so condescending so you don't look like an ass when proven wrong.


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If you maxed all those out you would've played for around 50hrs, maybe even closer to 100hrs.

For a game you didn't find to be fun you sure put a lot of time into it.

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A console without generations means it's actually a PC.

PC does not have generations, you just upgrade when you want.

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@81BX, leaked documents had said the games must be available to both so I believe they'd stick to it.

Wouldn't mind seeing Until Dawn get the Neo treatment though.

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@Majin, when it comes from credible sites it should be considered as a rumour what else is that tag meant to be used for if not 'rumours' of pending news?

But nah lets just have garbage opinions and call it news from gamingbolt who claim info comes from devs just by them saying it does, and while at it ask ridiculous questions not about their work but things that don't pertain to them like are they struggling for power whilst making a side scroller.

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Mods must feel stupid for blocking the other articles now.

I wonder what games Sony will show off with Neo.

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Thought it said Starhawk for a second there. Damn.

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What did people think it was an FPS or something?

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Probably won't happen until PSNow is available everywhere and many PSVR titles are available to buy so both can be switched respectively.

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@Kingdomcome247, MS had both feet planted in Xbox camp at the beginning of this gen.

Since then they have had many staffing changes, not to mention a new CEO who brought a new vision.

Xbox Entertainment Studios closed, Twisted Pixel closed, Lionhead closed, Team Dakota closed, Xbox Fitness shutdown and possibly others I am forgetting.

Now all exclusive games are going UWP, meaning one foot is officially out of Xbox camp and in PC and it...

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Hopefully when MS finishes its migration to PC Sony will remove the requirement.

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He explained why if you read it.

"It's constantly figuring out what they can do without users going into open revolt and discovering more and more everyday where that boundary is."

Anyone remember the Xbone? Or forcing people to pay online? You have to be blind not to see it.

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It's not really a boycott if you don't own the product it releases on.

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All their devs are tied up with known products, Halo 6 and Forza 7 probably won't be announced til next year and they can't really afford 3rd parties anymore outside of timed ones like DR4.

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@naruga, only the basics are stored, everything from land mass, tunnels, animals, stars, ships absolutley everything is procedurally generated via math. Meaning if a planet is really close to the sun the distance will determine planet crust, living organisims, possible minerals etc.

It's all math based on more math.

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The excitement is in the unknown. Not even Hello Games knows everything about what is in the game. (Yes, seriously!)

What you see in this game could be something nobody will ever see or experience, ever.

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Why you always leave off the FX?


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