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Can you smell what the Rock(et) is cooking. #11.1
Sounds lonely. #1.2.1
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Yep and 11 years to reach 150M. #1.6.1
Sounds like you've never watched an 70s/80's horror film. Go watch A Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Friday the 13th You'll see where this is coming from then.

Back then they had tons of stereotypical characters like this game jock, nerd etc. #4.4
My preorder is ready. #12
I know was just teasing #3.4.2
@Pog, that didn't stop 360 and PS3 sales comparisons, why do you want to stop it with Xbox and Wii U? #1.1.5
You should ask your parents about birds and bees. #3.4
All 3 are doing well, don't forget Wii U is only 3m or so behind Xbox. #1.1.3
I'd class Heavy Rain as a breakout hit.
They reinvigorated the genre which telltale quickly followed suit on and now supermassive too. #1.5.1
It's said to be 9 hours long and have hundreds of different endings. #1.4.2
Sony shipped 12.1M last year for Q2-Q4.
So 12.1M on top of 25.3M makes 37.4M.

The numbers seem pretty conservative IMO. #3
Impressive, so we are now definitely over that 2:1 mark. #1.1
Yep, was thinking of grabbing those two myself. #3.1
@donthate, Get out of here with that where are Nintendo trying to rip us off? Don't hate dude. #4.2.5
@donthate, Get out of here with that. Don't hate on Nintendo. #
9 hours is short? #2.5.1
Responses above seem to indicate that being the year 2015 means nobody has friends come over to visit anymore.

Everyone just stays in their own homes because it is much more convenient.

What a sad world we live in today. :-( #11.1
It's a shame so many gamers and devs got suckered into thinking 60fps was so necessary this gen that it is now impacting gameplay elements.

Halo was always 30fps before this entry and there was nothing wrong with that. (Excluding MCC) #1.1.4
I would like to see them make a game where choices mean something in the long run. #8
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