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@lamertamer, 1440p fits evenly on a 16:9 display (widescreen tvs).

4K TVs aren't made direct for 1080p either doesn't mean the resolution won't fit the display.

Edit: you can see which resolutions work on 16:9 displays here -

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Yep, likely aim for 1440p if they can't reach 4K.
Framerate will only get a push over resolution when devs want the games to also work on VR.

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Two weeks prior to GiantBomb announcing the papers a GAF user confirmed the codename to be 'Neo'

He/she also later said the papers come from SonyDevNet


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Should be easy considering they have Uncharted 4, No Man's Sky and GT Sport + Neo and VR all launching this year, could even reach 30M+

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'Nothing is official until straight from the horses mouth.'

That was technically. It were papers from the horse.

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The Giant Bomb details came from Sony Dev Net, so was kind of official back then.

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Stop making generic games and try something new.

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FY2014 Sony sold 14.8M PS4.
So good 2.9M increase there YOY

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Millions will rebuy, so definite increase.

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Last official number was passing 1m back in January.

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Missing so many good games like -

The Tomorrow Children, South Park - The fractured but whole & Boi : Afterbirth;

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Xbox is too western for me, glad you like the games but they aren't for everyone.

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EA backtracked on that a few days ago.

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Yep, can now officially say 360 has surpassed the Xbone in sales.

360 reached 17.7M in January of 2008.

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Not that surprising really.
If taken at face value of 55m.

55m - 37.7m (PS4 end of 2015) = 17.3m Xbones.
Maybe close to 18.5 by now though.

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EA Access is a cancer on gaming.
If Sony picked it up and made it popular do you really want that cancer spreading and have other devs doing the same thing?

That would mean you won't get their games in Games with Gold or PS+ effectively killing them.

I would much rather get a variety of games from a variety of devs in a single service as opposed to having to support each individually.

EA Access needs to die.

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360 and XOne have sold more or less the same at this point and if we talk games (where the real money is made) then the 360 is absolutley flogging the XOne.

Halo 3 sold over 10m. (Last official numbers)
Halo 5 sold over 1m. (Last official numbers)

Sure you can say this was simply due to a dying franchise but the numbers aren't being made up anywhere else of that scale.

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Coalition be like

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It has two offline modes against bots.

One is called 'Situations'. (Basically the tutorial)
The other is called 'Terrorist Hunt'.

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