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I said AAA exclusive as that is what you were referring when you said. "higher budget better quality titles".

And you refer an indie and two remasters? None of which are high in budget or quality for current gen standards. Please tell me you have something better to back your opinion as those were laughable at best.

As for your games coming out later in the year you mention Halo and Forza which arrived last year and will... #2.1.8
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What new AAA exclusives have you played on Xbox so far this year that puts it ahead? #2.1
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I'm only about the first hour or two in so can't say too much other than it is really really hard to put down. But alas work and kids must come first. #10.3
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It certainly is hard to tell in game that it falls below 30fps, maybe it has something to do with the art style used?

Sure hope this gets a sequel AHS style. #1.1
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' Final Fantasy 7 was announced as 1st on Playstation meaning that it'll release on Xbox One'

PC is more likely to get it over Xbox.
Both Xbox and PC could get it but the statement you are referring is more likely directed towards the PC market. #2.4
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Nintendos biggest problem is they don't throw around cash. They should have invested in themselves and bought up a ton of devs after the Wii success and grown massively for the newgen instead they sat around like idiots watching the money disappear. #1.1.1
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Wii did win last gen. #26.1
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That is the point, feeling like you are playing something real. Next step is VR, to make you feel like you are in said playable movie. #8.1
@Septic, are you really trying to argue that Sony can and has outbid Microsoft on almost every occasion? If it were just about money then MS would have the 3rd parties on their side. Truth is 3rd parties simply move to whomever will have the greater sales ensuring greater sales for their own games. #1.2.8
Lol, what is a Sony Pony in reference too?
Is it like the Bill and Ted thing or something else? #1.2.8
$50 bucks is dirt cheap, they cost $80 in Australia. #5
I think it was David Cage who coined it as 'Interactive Drama'. #7.1
Not possible, since all the mechanics behind it were changed. EG. Move was 1st person, this is now 3rd person. Move had you moving a torch around to guide you, now you just use the arrow buttons. #1.1.1
What do you mean 6?

"There are thousands, literally thousands of endings. In fact, I think it’s millions. But that’s not because there are millions of different endings. It’s just that the mathematical permutations of eight people, all of whom can live or all of whom can die in any order in any number of ways. It just gives that many permutations. And that’s just on endings."

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Only early PS3 models could play PS2 games and that was because they had PS2 hardware inside them.

Organizing files wasn't done well at all on PS3, sure better than nothing but I would hope PS4 does it a whole lot better than just album sorting. #1.1.3
Thanks, can't wait to play. #2.1.5
How long did it take you? #2.1.1
It's no coincidence that the system with the most games by a large margin also sees the most sales by a large margin. #10
Well one thing is certain, if they don't win a single month this year WW then they never will. #1.1.9
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Spotify does custom soundtracks, I use it all the time.
Just load it up and tap the PS button to go back to the main menu or game you have open. #14.1.2
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