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@jmac53, first party games are also going to PC though, here's the lineup-

Quantum Break (Xbox One & Windows 10)
Halo Wars 2 (Xbox One & Windows 10)
Fable Legends (Xbox One & Windows 10)
ReCore (Xbox One & Windows 10)
Sea of Thieves (Xbox One & Windows 10)
Gigantic (Xbox One & Windows 10)
Cuphead (Xbox One & Steam)
Killer Instinct: Season 3 (Xbox One & Windows 10)
Gears of War:... #1.3.3
@edmix, you're incorrect for using Windows 10 as your argument as Windows holds steam and other platforms which MS will never see a dime in, Windows store however that is the money spot. #5.1.3
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Being their focus to have their games on both Xbox and PC isn't confirmation?
Ok. #2.5.5
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"Gamers playing games on XB1 and Win10 is our focus. ." #2.5.2
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They're all going to PC. #4.1.2
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Clearly something had changed since Phil is now saying all games going forward will be on Xbox and PC.

Maybe with the way things were headed for Xbox they finally decided to pull the pin. #2.5
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Everyone on Phils Twitter. They're coming out of the woodwork. #1.4.1
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This is likely Satyas vision more so than Phil.
Windows is the top dog and MS need to back it to try get Windows store off the ground. #1.1.3
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4 of that 10 million was from 2013.
Adding another 6 million for 2015 is 16 million.
They obviously sold more than that in 2015
but it'd be no way near the doubled figure (12m) you are suggesting. #23.1

Sony was at 37.7m shipped as of end of December, Sony would ship around 1.5 million a month (sales are usually at or just under 1m per month).

37.7 + 1.5(Jan) + 725k (Feb) = 39.9m PS4 shipped

60 - 39.9 = 20.1m XB1 shipped

Not 100% accurate but likely ballpark figures. #17.1
This feels very reminiscent of Free Radical skipping their popular franchise for a bomba and saying the good game is coming next and it never does, IT NEVER DOES! #1
Macklemore does alright #2.1.3
Because EA already provided the total number of 55 million.

Minus Sonys number of 36 million
... #1.2.1
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Obviously, it took MS a whole year (all of 2015) to produce the same numbers PS4 did in the last quarter alone.

It was a slaughter and with Sony releasing a ton of big games and VR this year the lead will only continue to grow much, much wider. #1
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Time to buy some glasses mate, a whole new world awaits! #5.1
PS4 has actually innovated quite a lot-

Virtual Reality;
Sharing images/video via controller
Live with Playstation.

Paying for PSN wouldn't count as an innovation as MS was first to force that on people. #5.4.1
Followed up by a Warhawk remaster being helmed by BluePoint. #1.4.1
Someone else would step up cause their is money to be made and people like money. #24.3
^^^ That's bait. #5.1
The exclusive games are all still mostly American focused.
Quantum Break doesn't look too bad though. #6
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