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He explained why if you read it.

"It's constantly figuring out what they can do without users going into open revolt and discovering more and more everyday where that boundary is."

Anyone remember the Xbone? Or forcing people to pay online? You have to be blind not to see it.

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It's not really a boycott if you don't own the product it releases on.

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All their devs are tied up with known products, Halo 6 and Forza 7 probably won't be announced til next year and they can't really afford 3rd parties anymore outside of timed ones like DR4.

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@naruga, only the basics are stored, everything from land mass, tunnels, animals, stars, ships absolutley everything is procedurally generated via math. Meaning if a planet is really close to the sun the distance will determine planet crust, living organisims, possible minerals etc.

It's all math based on more math.

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The excitement is in the unknown. Not even Hello Games knows everything about what is in the game. (Yes, seriously!)

What you see in this game could be something nobody will ever see or experience, ever.

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Why you always leave off the FX?


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You do realise that less need for the console = less console sales right?

And less console sales = less need for MS to keep supplying it to consumers.

It's a transition step, if people stop supporting Xbox (which it appears MS are driving consumers towards) then they will stop spending millions on R&D and quit making them.

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Amazon still has two day 1 editions left.

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Did lose to Wii though.

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My point is, yes talent was lost but it is not irreplacable, MS could have easily rehired to get new talent.

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Tens of millions bought the Wii just for Wii Fit, nothing more just Wii Fit.

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What about Lionhead?
They were turfed before they could even make a game which was going to be considered 'bad'?

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No, that's a poor excuse.

343 still made a new Halo without 'the talent' (original staff)

The coalition is making a new Gears without 'the talent'.

RARE should be no different

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Resolution is the least of Xbox's problems. Not even Remedy want to be exclusive anymore.

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"We are in for a treat gamers!"

I just hope that when MS leaves consoles behind Sony drops the stupid online fees.

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Xbox is going through some big changes (that you cannot deny), the move to PC is a transitioning phase and where that transition stops (with or without dedicated hardware) is still unclear.

Scorpio might be a testing ground to keep hardware pending sales OR it could be an open box of once they which spoke.

I'm not trying to scare anyone but changes ARE happening and they ARE going down a different path to Sony and the traditional console model.

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The Tomorrow Children was also recently reconfirmed for this year.

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Lol, you'll have nothing but your yearly renditions of Halo, Gears and Forza and you'll like it.

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Looks like a lot of people focused too much on the word 'Remaster' and completely missed them saying they will be rebuilt from the ground up.

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I wonder what this site will be like if MS announces Scorpio to be a PC like steam machine.
Not long to go for E3 now.

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