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@showanw, Steam doesn't look like it will be closing shop anytime soon.

Origin is another. #1.3.5
PS Plus is all about the games.
If it were only online then I wouldn't pay for it. #3.2.8
Who foots the bill on the steam servers?
Who foots the bill on the N4G servers?

You shouldn't have to stand for paying for online, it is greed. #1.3.2
Numbers are made up, should hear the real ones sometime early next year. #16.1
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Gotta be fake.
Is ABC123 or `123456'even allowed as passwords for XBL? #1
Ripper starring Christopher Walken was of the same genre. Same with the 11th hour. Both games came out in the 90's. #14
If they fully transitioned all their games to work on PC then what would be the point of owning an Xbox?

That sort of move sounds like they would have plans to eventually stop making consoles. #4.3
The guys making uncharted 4 weren't involved with uncharted 3. They moved from making uncharted 2 onto the last of us. #1.1.6
@ShugaCane, you don't have to play it and can keep using your imagination if that is what you prefer. #1.1.10
Or a mix of Joel, Ellie and Tommy.
Tommy should have a much bigger role in the next. #13.1
Nah, games like Jak and Crash don't really need revivals.

If they were to be done then they should go to smaller devs (indies or whomever). Let the big devs focus on current and new IP's. Bringing new stories and new mechanics.

I love old game revivals as much as the next person but they shouldn't be carried out by big budget devs. #6.2
It ended with questions and sequel has a chance to provide answers.

The ending was no Breaking Bad, there is more that can be done yet. #1.1.1
From what I can tell it appears to be a lot of people flocking to them asking why there are a lot of people flocking to them. #4
@shinmaster, Wasn't the first to do it but might have been the first to totally botch it. #1.1.5
Uncharted 4 is looking pretty awesome for an indie.
Until Dawn was another of my fav indies of the show. #6
I'm sure North Korea would have no problem if it were just that show Kim Jong-un got killed in. #5.3.1
"And yet somehow people from all over the world continue to immigrate to the US."

People also like to immigrate to all sorts of other countries, third world included, US is no exception. #5.1.6
Clearly the writer is a sicko #6.1
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These articles always have one title added to the list to drive hits and get people talking. The same title is often always used as the image for the piece.

Not even worth commenting. #4.1
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Potentially, deliverance of how they go about it would be a factor though. #5.2.1
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