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i ordered from Zavvi and delivery was confimred for launch the 30th! happy with that to be honest! what's a day! mines a uk zombi u premium pack with pro controller included! tracking my parcel as we speak with the courier.

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what i dont get with these people who review this version is the fact they go on about two main things! the online numbers! ok so the console has been out in the USA 9 days and only a 1000 are playing on line at any one time, even thou the miiverse shows over 10,000 people have it so far! plus the game and console has not launched world wide? give it time, you can't compare against consoles that have been out 6 years! wii had near 60,000 playing on line on blops at it's peak! the seco...

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it amazes me any of you on this can even think MS or sony will bring this tech on their next consoles! beggers belief!!!! what world do you live in?? when fan boys of ms and sony are knocking the wii u for being £300 or $350 and toooo pricey when it has a more advance GPGPU then the CPU and GPU of those consoles! i see MS and sony going the route of nintendo with advanced GPGPU maybe with a cpu that hs a few more cores then the Cpu in the Wii U! just look up GPGPU on google to see this i...

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it seems only a few american sites have rated this game with low scores, most euro sites and people who have played it give it excellent ratings! there seems a lot of depth to it having watched many videos, including a changing character on death, each character comes with their own set of skills!! no two characters are the same! I can't wait to play it based on the hours I have spent watching people play it, so i know some flaws which to me are not game breakers!

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will they make europe and japan download this update or will it already be installed on the console when they release on the 30th November and 6th December! I understand to some degree the US market having to install this as the console was released the same day the services with Nintendo went on line and i presume they held back the online services so the press could not view prior to release when they were testing the Wii U? I would think they are still building units for those markets so c...

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your sad!

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if they are comparing over the weekend they should include wiiU! I think the Wii U will be by far the best of the consoles!

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I bet treyarch wished they had the direct deal with nintendo and could have developed the game around the Wii U!! at least the wii u has the power to run at constant 60fps and 720p but upscale to 1080p! the wii u also loads the fastest out of all consoles and has much better colours, textures etc!

It would be good on release if they compare all 3 consoles!

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See someone gets the point at last!!! there is no point knocking the nintendo system because of belief you have about sony and xbox!

people want value for money today and these companies know that! why producr something that maybe out of reach of most people! I agree I think all 3 will be on par with some differences! MS buying up the games market and advertising has sold the Xbox! this is the only reason it may have done better then Sony PS3 because more people see more adve...

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yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnn fan boys fan boys! who cares! your a bunch of mugs if you think sony will produce a console that makes the nintendo look outdated and make huge losses!

Sony have financial troubles due to dominance of companies like samsung and losing huge chunks on their phones and Tv's kids get real! if this is the leap this fan boy in the video thinks then it's gonna cost your mums and dads a huge amount of money!!! then little danny will wan...

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Do read article above or link here! http://www.notenoughshaders...

Wii U is next Gen and future proof! it's down to the developers to design games around the power of Wii U! hence until they learn games will look similar to PS3 and xbox which are vastly less powerful machines! it's about time and waiting!!

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This article answers many questions that this web site has thrown towards the Wii U It should be put up with a different title so fanboys and haters know that the Wii U is NEXTgen and people can buy it withour fear that they should hold out for what MAY be offered by sony and MS! do not waste 2 years waiting as you will be missing out on a great games console and some fantastic games!

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welcome to wii community! and to help you will have the boot camp which allows you to learn the multiplayer but against AI bots!!

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not sure what your smoking but here in the uk it does not show a Wii U tab!!? so what's the story? is it only available in the USA?

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yeah! been to the site and its no longer showing??? whats going on treyarch! give us information on Wii u

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As a Wii player and soon to be Wii U COD player is annoys the hell out of me that so many kids play a game rated 18!! they should be banned! what are parents thinking! im a parent and would never let my kids player 18 rated games! hell i was in tesco store and the check out lady said an adult customer freely admitted to buying COD for his 8 year old lad, as soon as he did she refused to serve him! respect to her and one upset person had a wasted journey... stop the trash talking squeakers and...

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Yes, i could see the controls such as suspension changes, diff changes, call pit, launch control and pit speed limiter being dials just like on a real F1 steering wheel!

Making the game more realistic if they can bring such realism in to a game rather then just point and steer etc.. the buttons at the back can be the gear box controls for up and down.

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And so they should! us Europeans are paying the most for the least service!!!! console here on premium I got at a discounted rate of £284 with Zombie you which works out at $455.

You Americans think it's too pricey in the States well for less money you also at launch get TVii! This should be one of the priorities of nintendo to give us an equal package or reduce the price further.. This was one of the services I have ordered the Wii U for so I hope it comes and works...

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interesting that they say they are still to finish the game, I guess this could mean further tweaks to the mechanics and graphics? the graphics already look like they have been worked on from the very first time this game was shown! I also understand now that the light you carry only lasts 90 seconds before you need to let it recharge? before it was on all the time! This will add further tension and mean you need to think when you need to use it most!!!! some surprises in store then if you ca...

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it's down to the developers to produce the games at 1080P the fact the wii u system states it support this means it can run games at 1080p!!! FACT otherwise they can not advertise this on their product! the issue is that current game developers are porting at present ps3 and xbox games that are not designed to offer 1080p resolution but as far as I understand their are games including Zombi U which have been built from the ground up for the Wii U that play in 1080p!! give the system 12-24...

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