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Black ops 3? #4
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@ Ark_

I think we can all agree to that. #18
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People need to get over the DRM box that xbox used to be Geez...what is it 2012 again. PS4 got lucky all Microsoft had to do was make a non-drm xbox 360 1.5 and they would be in the position Sony is. Even with the damn power brick. #26
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The original Wii also had a power brick, how does Sony do it? #25
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@Funky Town_TX

Ohhhhhh.....Burn! LMAO #24
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At least the comments section is funny. This guy on the other hand is probably a tweeker. LMAO! #41
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I'm not reading through pointless comment thread use your gut feeling to understand whats right and what wrong. Damn people need to think for themselves. My first thought was holy shit that's (Re-Don-Cue-Las) and that about sums up the entire comments and article too. Plz ppl get a life!!! #54
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I agree...but each one is good it's so close. #2
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My fav doctor, even though i did enjoy Matt Smith also. #2
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Halo 5 getting the console tonight and yes I already own an Xbox one. #33
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Yes, because it comes with a great looking design which imo looks perfect not to bland like no effort went into it, but not to flashy either just right imo. Then you get a $100 limited edition Halo 5 game, 1TB Hard drive, the $25 warzone REQ bundle, the custom controller. I also bought the master chief controller which is out already and the thing is super sexy. Again not to flashy and not to bland....Perfect!

And Halo 5 Beta was the shit! #22
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It's clear sony doesn't have the money to keep up with microsoft and if microsoft wanted to they would well do whatever they wanted to. But microsoft is smarter than that and they are playing a game called "I Win" in which they are the clear victors each and everytime. They enter the market fresh with only halo to save them, they lose billions, then they completely drop support release the 360 now gaining attention, but still lose cause of RROD... #34
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Sony has their titles as does microsoft and nintendo it's the freedom of choice that helps people decide. I for one embrace the xbox one. Sure it's first announcement was stupid and pitiful, but since then has evolved into a gamers dream like we all imagined microsoft could be. They have done a full 360 in the past year. Lets stop hating on what microsoft has done in the past things change people grow and the world gets better. I'm just glad ther... #33
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I bet if you look at percentages most people play games the exact same way. Actually it's probably split into three different groups pros, mid-level, and casual. Pros know every detail on how to gain an upper hand cause they have to at that level of play to be successful. Mid-level they play for the fun of it and are there to be entertained. Casuals try and have fun for periods of time slowly progressing through something they will probably not finish or remember later on. Destiny is a go... #8
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Both Sony and Microsoft had great conferences it just so happens to be that microsoft has backwards compat......well the rest is history.

Sony had a decent attempt with a remake (Final Fantasy), an old sequel (Shenmue), and The Last Guardian. Which we can all agree are old ass games.

People really should shutup and buy both systems and see for themselves which is better....guess what fyi they are both awesome.

Or if you buy both you could... #18
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No shit this game is amazing first game on my list. #12
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Xbox one has a better CPU, PS4 has a better GPU and RAM. Ok with that said the games are still being made the same way and look just a tad bit better on PS4. Xbox one also got 10 percent more performance out of their GPU without Kinect. 720p at 30fps is last gen stop with the hate both systems are equally fun which is all that matters. I'm atm having more fun on my xbox one... just sayi'n #4
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Not true...just sayi'n #3
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I guess I don't understand whats broken about the gameplay? It flows pretty nicely from my experience playing it. I do think the passing could be better but thats on me most of time other than that its a pretty accurate representation of the real nba. BTW whats the best settings to use as far as difficulty, sliders, camera angle, speed, and others that makes the game even more real than it already is on default? #2
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^ Remaster Plz #10
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