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I almost gave into the hype. Then I realized I have Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary on the 360, along with my Original Xbox Halo 2 copy, along with Halo 3 digital with all map packs, along with Halo Reach and Halo Wars. Halo 4 had a good MP, but the only thing good about the campaign was the cutscenes. Having played Halo 4 campaign all the way through and then going back through the first Halo's campaign. The Halo 4 levels were extremely lame including the ending which you win by a quick... #25
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Foxtrot is right though on this one. But it really sucks when someone can't have an opinion without criticism. But I guess it happens to Bill O' Reilly too (which he deserves). This is why nothing gets done in Washington cause even when something is clear like the fact that Michael Cera isn't a teenager he's 26. He's finished 61 acting jobs and has 2 more lined up, according to IMDB.

Now is it a fact that he's played the same character in 61 different... #9
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Also the gamestop copy wasnt going to be wrapped I know for sure 100%. The walmart copy was wrapped and even had a preorder bonus sticker on it and the game is about a year old. #11
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Went into gamestop yesterday to maybe get a cheaper "new" game. Once I couldn't find the game I wanted a gamestop employee came to my rescue. She then tried to get me to buy it used and when I told her I never buy used, she said why not? I said I like to smell of the new games. She laughed and said she never heard that before and that it was weird. Then I was asked if I wanted to preorder anything and given a list of games to preorder. She didnt tried to sell me the game she fou... #10
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I thought the driving mechanics were solid and realistic, and the environments were spot on. The characters were lame, but the story was ok, and the worst part was your cell phone calls, which could be ignored completely. Two great DLC's later and yall just a bunch of haters me thinks. Was it better than San Andreas? No. Was it still damn good and fun hell yeah it was! #10
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What kind of servers will we be paying for? The servers for online gaming, or the servers so they can run PS store/Home. Personally I think they can foot the Latter. Charging for P2P online gaming is bonkers. But if they were to add a bunch of dedicated servers, so that each and every game is smooth as silk. Then and only then would I think about paying for online gaming. Then again I've thought about buying PS+ just for the discounts and free games too. I guess you could say I'm thro... #8
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Xbone is an awesome name by the way!

Before I say anything this has been my life so far.
SNES/N64/PC#1/Xbox/PC#2/360/P S3 so that means I dont favor any one system. Even though I know which ones seem the best imo. Gotta love my PC first, so many different things I've done on PC, Second is PS3 to be honest, followed closely by N64. Xbone looks absolutely "Bugger" lmao. 360 for me was a let down and I lost most of my support for Micro-Shaft after they stop... #22
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I wonder if will have to be Plus certified to watch youtube and netflix? #21
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I get that games nowadays have higher demands on servers, and cost more for online play. Yet every dev wants multiplayer in their games, I guess because thats whats popular and they want people to buy their games. Ok so their willing to lose a little money on servers, if that means they get more sales. Internet has always been a monthly fee, since day one. Nowadays people use more data on the internet than say ten years ago, ten years ago data cost more, so price hasn't really needed to s... #20
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Mass Effects soundtrack was a cut above the rest too imo. #5
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Wasn't getting rid of the mako praised? I for one thought it was a good escape from all the third person shooting. Then they cut it in game 2 and 3. All I heard was thank god they cut the god awful mako. As I was silently shedding a tear. The first Mass Effect is still the best imo. #4
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Makes me want to play Ni No Kuni!
I think the list is good, but definitely Mass Effect over Mass Effect 3. I thought Fallout New Vegas deserved a spot in the top 10 and I was right. #6 not bad!
New Vegas>Fallout 3

While playing New Vegas only once has my 360 froze so far and that was upon exiting the docs house at the very beginning. It was loading and the little spinning loading thingy stopped, I waited like a couple minutes and finally had to do a hard... #25
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Ha funny I typed that wearing a Left 4 Dead Tee! #4
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This will be long and sweet baby! Only one game a series.
#20 - Gauntlet Legends (N64)
#19 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PS3)
#18 - Banjo Kazooie (N64)
#17 - Assassin's Creed II (PS3)
#16 - Halo 2 (Xbox)
#15 - Skyrim (PS3)
#14 - Left 4 Dead (X360)
#13 - Mass Effect (X360)
#12 - GTA: San Andreas (Xbox)
#11 - Conker's Bad Fur Day (N64)
#10 - Far Cry 3 (PS3)
#09 - Red Dead Redemption (X360)
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Vaas deserves #1 STFU! #2
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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon must buy! Deadly Premonition must buy! Dont have a PS Vita so I'll keep my soul thank you. #9
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Why the hell hasnt the PS3 gotten a L4D game yet? WTF #42
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Microsoft died when Halo died which was right around Fall 2009. About exactly two years after Halo 3, and Halo Wars plus Halo: ODST came out. The series have made tons of $, but yet the gameplay gets worse. The Halo 4 campaign was terrible. Then we got Gears which has decreased in quality with each new game. Gears 3 being the worst. Gears 3 had a lame campaign the only fine point in the game was when dome died. Fable well it died after fable 3 turned into crap. Sony FTW! #41
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How did we (humans) come to be? God? Evolution? Something Else? What is it? What do you believe? What you believe is your religion, and its just that a belief. I'm a Christian so its my belief that there is a GOD and he sent his only son to die on the cross for our sins. So that we my have everlasting life in heaven through our belief and faith in Christ. Those that say christians are evil judgemental haters are just plan wrong, we forgive and forget, we turn the cheek, we pray for those... #23
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Far Cry 3 is all about immersion and the thrill of the hunt. Love this game and is in my top 5 of all time. If you haven't played it do yourself a favor. I'd would buy it cause your getting a 30 hour campaign, decent fun multiplayer and map editor, plus 4 player co-op. What more could you want?

Oh yeah jet skis and sharks nuff said. #4
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