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I'm a fan of both systems, but to be honest neither company is in fear of the other. They both know exactly what's up the other's sleeve. They deal with the same companies (AMD, etc) so don't for one second believe either company is caught off-guard. Frankly, Sony needs to release first this time around. XBOX is more popular in America IMHO. People buy what's popular, not necessarily what's better. And they'll continue to buy the MS products

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I think the 360 owners will be the people buying the 720, and vice versa for the PS4. We all know that MS will always have a better online experience. That's why I buy mostly multiplats on the 360 and 1st party games for PS3. Those waiting on the 720 will not decide to forego and buy the PS4 because it's on the market first. Just my opinion, of course

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Good post. I don't think any company should be in a hurry to release their consoles after seeing the lumbering flacking the Wii U is experiencing. People who own consoles and PC rigs know that PCs will always have better graphics -- so what's the rush to market for? I'd rather see all companies wait another year bc I don't think it will impact the bottom line in the end. I'd rather see TRUE 4k support since these TVs will be mainstream in several years -- which coincides w...

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We all have opinions. Mine is simply that AMD cards have more technical glitches. Maybe they've cleaned up their act. Nvidia has always been more reliable for people I know who've built systems. I've always used Nvidia with no hiccups. BTW, the 680 is still a great card. To each his own

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I have the coveted 60GB PS3 phat. It runs fine after 5+ years (I bought in late 2007 with some 60GB models left). I've never had but a few issues -- and they were just software glitches (game OCCASIONALLY freezing). FYI, I hear there's some original 360's still going strong after 7+ years. I'm on my 2nd, as is EVERYONE I know. No problems after 2008 redesign though

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I will still, personally, prefer NVIDIA over AMD just like I prefer Intel over AMD. I think Intel/Nvidia make the best combination in a gaming pc. Not that I have time to keep up with the "latest and greatest". I'm still running a GTX 470 (remains a BEAST) with Sandybridge i7 2770k (stays in BEAST mode 24/7). Still, it only matters what is more compatible with consoles. XBOX 360 has a more powerful GPU (AMD) and PS3 has the more powerful CPU (Intel/IBM/Sony collaboration?). Next...

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My very 1st post. Someone please explain why people get in such an aggressive mind state as rumors surface? Is it...that...important? Really? A lot of folks don't seem to remember that the PS3 and Xbox 360 were developed in the SAME BUILDING!! They each have sources on the inside leaking information to the other parties. MS & Sony have both known for at least 6-12 months the exact processor, RAM, & GPU that were going into their units. They've had a bidding process where Intel...

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