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Media features might not seem necessary for PS4 as far as gaming goes, but there are alot of us out there that have been using the PS3 as their all-in-one media and gaming hub for many years. I have my whole music, video and photo collection on my PS3 and its fantastic to be able to access them all so easily. The XMB is a pleasure to use in this regard. So now I still have my PS3 sat under the Tv next to my shiny new PS4. I was hoping for even better media features from PS4 as well as more aw...

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He did this in a cool Retro Arcade place in Copenhagen called Chassis Arcade that opened a few years ago. Here's the website its in Danish, but Goog translate should do a good job. There are some funny videos on there to see what its like.

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PeteyMcPickle I remember the days when the same was said about Sega Games on a Nintendo machine.....

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Its nice Microsoft have done well in USA on their second system, but Sony did that with their first console, the PS1. And not just USA, but the entire world. Then did it again with the PS2. And look like they will at least get 2nd behind Wii with PS3 worldwide. Possibly even 1st again by the EOL of PS3, and that certainly wont be for another 3 years at least.

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Japan is 8 hours in front of UK so the Sony conference should start at 5:30am UK time.

Edit: - never mind, 2:30am is right. I thought it was starting at 1:30pm but that's another conference.

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@SonyNGP, I agree. It seems pointless in that respect. I'm wondering why they didn't just simply provide a HDMI out port on the new Vita, or even better, NFC with screen mirroring function. Remote Play from PS4 to Vita to TV upstairs via Screen mirroring = Wireless bliss.

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I've been doing all those things for the last 5 years on my PS3. Cost per month? $0. Play TV FTW. One good thing about being in Europe I guess!

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The PS2 launch lineup was a disaster. No games for nearly a year. The PS2 sold mainly on its DVD playing capabilityes in Japan. Absolutely nothing can be guessed based on game lineup at launch of any machine. As long as the price is low enough and keeps on dropping, then it will be much better than the PS3 scenario. The one key factor is price.

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The solution is as simple as it was with PS2 compatibility in early PS3's. Just plop in a (now very cheap) Cell chip then use emulation for the GFX (quite simple given that the graphics architecture is similar). The only reason not to do this is to make profits on re-buys and keep the PS3 sales up after PS4 is released. Its a tactical decision and it stinks. Making PS2 100% compatible with PS1 didn't hurt its sales much did it? It certainly helped in the early days with no games. Woul...

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It makes me wonder, if they are so similar, then it would make our lives as gamers easier if Sony and MS just became best buds and brought out one Console. Then all this exclusive game crap would end. Never happen like, but one can wish.

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I remember getting this along with Sega Rally and Virtua Cop on Saturn. these 3 games showed that the Saturn (when programmed well) could compete with PS1.

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The problem is trying to sell the same game over and over again. Guitar Hero should have hit version 3 (for the sake of the newer consoles) then ended naturally. Then maybe bring the franchise back one more time for the next gen (PS4 XB720 Wii 2).

Activision's 1 year rehash of its major franchises will end up sour. Call of Duty is next. Instead of rehashing the same game over and over and milking it dry, release NEW fresh games.

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you live in the UK. Or at least 90% of the UK. How many average terraced houses in UK have living rooms with enough space for even the single player 6 feet of space before having to turf up mums coffee table or jump around on the sofa?

I also like the way he glossed over the three days of "training" in different lighting before Kinect was even useable. The average Joe will not accept that. If it doesn't work in the first 5 minutes patience will be lost. Its a te...

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Still playing with balls are they? and the wobbly stick men left something to be desired when the tech demo was running, I'm quite sure the guy wasn't jiggling around like that, he was stood quite still... And when the guy "Jumped in" it took ages for him to appear. The same when he "jumped out". Can you imagine kids playing together in a living room? Jumping in and out of the field of play all the time? It seems you have to stand quite still in menus too... kids s...

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... The Amiga is legendary and is still used today by many. The OS is still being developed and there will be a new Amiga machine called AmigaOne X1000 released this year to celebrate its 25 years.


Commodore may have died, but Amiga did not! I still use my old A1200 with lots of s...

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Watch out, that site has a trojan

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Now please Sony, make Play TV 2 compatible with DVB-C (even DVB-S if your feeling crazy) and add a CAM slot so that the rest of Europe can use it properly. I've got Play TV in Denmark and the plus is that I can see DR HD (yes the Play TV 1 is HD ready, just not in UK), the minus is that I cannot use any of the Boxer channels as I need a CAM Card slot. There are only a hand full of free channels here. I could also plug YouSee cable straight into the Play TV 1 if only it had a DVB-C chip in...

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Its amazing quality combined with the official PSP Go earbuds and has a fantastic range. I imported mine from

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I don't think so. If you include the price of PS3 then maybe so, but if you are in the market for a HDTV tuner and happen to already own a PS3.... you can't beat this.

BTW, Denmark has just gone full Digital and I was happy to see that after the update on 22nd Oct I can now view all the free to air channels including DR HD (about 10 channels)! Now all I need is a PlayTV box that can take a card so I can decrypt the other 50 odd channels only available on Boxer! That or DVB-C comp...

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Even at launch for 600 bones. Now its just more obvious to the general consumer since the price drop.

BTW The "Elite" name needs to be dropped from the 360, there is nothing elite about the 360 Elite anymore. 120G Hdd isn't big anymore and HDMI is sandard on Arcade now. Those were the only things that made it elite.

PS3 has Blu-Ray, Wifi and MINIMUM 120G HDD as standard. These features are MORE elite. For any Xbox 360 to have the "Elite" banner,...

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