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you just take the average of roughly 3 years being on the market and roughly 19 million consoles sold. That is 6.3 million consoles a year worlwide. So at the end of the lifecycle(possibly 7 years), I would estimate, Microsoft should have sold 44 million consoles(6.3 mil x 7 yrs). That is a big jump from original Xbox - almost double.

And that is not even factoring in further price cuts and reaching the mass market price of $200. Obviously sales will fluctuate but still very po...

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is doing a lot better than the original Xbox. And should outsell it by a big margin by the end of it's lifecycle. Microsoft has already spoken of wanting the 360 to have a 'long tail' or lifespan.

Plus with the attach rate being so high for games it is an attractive proposition for 3rd parties to want to give strong software support bc they will see a big return on their investment.

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Maybe you can see this one. But the quality is really bad. I live in US, so I don't know if you will be able to see this one either, but video is similar.

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Hopefully Microsoft will announce something at E3. KI is right up there with the classics like Street Fighter and the old Mortal Kombats in my opinion. It doesn't make sense for Rare to have such a great IP and not use it.

The first Killer Instict(Arcade version) was awesome.

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I didn't like about the first Fable was that it seemed kind of short. The world in Fable 2 is supposed to be a lot bigger. Plus the online co-op should definately give it a lot of replay value.

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if it happened. But it would most likely be the end of N4G.

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you are an Itagaki fan then. Seeing as how he was the one who actually made the 'original' Ninja Gaiden. Sigma was the same game with a new coat of paint..character models, textures..etc.

Just thought I would point that out. Funny how you praise his original work but have no interest in the sequel.

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Ninja Gaiden was one of my favorite Xbox games. I am a big fighting game fan..Street Fighter..etc. I had never played an action game that had such a deep fighting engine before the Ninja Gaiden series.

That is the main thing I like about. The AI was pretty tough in the original also. The greatest aspect I suppose is the challenge of it.

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the new Golden Axe looks really nice. Golden Axe was one of my favorite Sega franchises back in the Genesis days. Hopefully it will have a nice story to go with the graphics.

Maybe Sega is finally coming around again. Now only if the Shenmue 3 rumors are true.

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I suggest you read these before calling GiantEnemyCrab names bc he is right.

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Haven't you learned that the majority of people who comment in 360 threads are PS3 fanboys? I like the ones who just come out and bash the game istead of the ones that pretend that 'they are disappointed' and will 'just rent it' or some other BS.

They never have anything nice to say. So you will either get a bunch of off-topic comments or a million disagrees. I don't see anything wrong with a score of 8. I know NG2 will still be better than the first one.

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They fixed Subzeros ice clone in newer arcade updates. You could not perform the ice clone when you were right next to an opponent or if they were trapped in the corner. I liked part 3 with the run button but I don't think auto-combos belong in Mortal Kombat.

I always liked part 2 the best, would have been better with the run button though. IMO most MKs have sucked after Ultimate MK3.

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that the review build is usually not the final version of the game (for any game.) The HAVE to get a copy early so the review of the game is out before the game releases.

All these conspiracy theories involving money are hilarious. Game magazines especially are written way in advance before the release of the magazine. SO they HAVE TO have the game copy about a month early so they can play it and post the review.

Do you think that they would just come out and lie...

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seem to leave comments that Xbox 360 only has shooters, but the reality is that it has the most RPGs out right now. And a pretty decent amount lined up for the near future.

@Thanx for the help Breakfast.

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Microsoft has done a great job of rounding out their RPG portfolio. There is a good mix of both Western and Eastern themed RPGs. I read a while back that Mistwalker is also working on an RPG called Cry-On.

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and also at the 7 disagrees. Is this a good enough source for you?
Team Ninja's Hayashi, the guy who actually made the game?

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It runs at 720P and uses an upscaler. The B3D guys are pretty much the most reputable for resolution. They are the ones that gave the resolutions for COD4, Halo 3, and the PS3 version of GTA4.

Heres the list.

"Ninja Gaiden: Sigma = 1280x720 (has weird scaling to support 1080p)"

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say that part 2 is catered towards the hardcore fans of the series and that is exactly what I am. Ninja Gaiden will always be a 10/10 to me so I really don't care, crappy camera and all. As long as the camera is the same as Black I don't see a problem with it.

I never had a problem with the camera to begin with. I think the whole reason for the camera being so close at times is for a more cinematic effect actually. Not to mention you can auto-center it whenever you want to with...

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like the hardcore fighting style of NG. It is true, good defense is essential.

I always love the huge boss characters in the first one. The second one looks to have some truly spectacular boss encounters. The boss battle on the bridge in the rain storm looked really impressive, and by the looks of the footage he was only a miniboss.

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I did the same thing a couple of years ago and had to buy a used one also. The only thing is that the games are really hard to find and are sometimes very expensive.

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