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Wasting your bubbles.

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How does a 'third party' publisher side with anyone? They are free to do whatever they want. I didn't notice this 'PSX Extreme' writing articles about Square-Enix 'siding with Sony' when Final Fantasy 13 was announced only for PS3.

Square-Enix has cited on various occasions that they want to reach a big user base in the Western market. What better way to do that than to support the 360? It sells the most software(has highest attach rate) in North America.

Sony co...

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to the administrator of N4G if you have a problem with it. He is the one who approved it. Or does your opinion override his?

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You people try and censor the news so the administator of the website..(Newsbot) has to approve this?

Are you really that insecure?

What graphics 'You think look better' IE just 'your opinion'. The majority of the time, 'with provable testing' IE multiplatform games the 360 does win out in the end.

The lazy...

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Epic makes the Unreal Engine not Microsoft. And what the hec does Microsoft have to do with Square-Enix licensing the Unreal Engine 3 from 'Epic' to make this game?

And in regards to the screenshots it does look pretty nice.

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of Silicon Knights. They made the original Legacy of Kain, and that is one of my favorite stories of all time for a video game. The Eternal Darkness story was nice also.

Silicon Nights have some pretty talented writers.

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the Itagaki resignation seems so shocking just bc it happened recently. I was a lot more suprised when Phil Harrison and Peter Moore resigned.

Especially bc with Phil Harrison and Peter Moore there were no warning signs. Itagaki was leaving all kinds of hints with the slandering of Tecmo to the press before he quit.

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I don't understand all the trolls. Do you really have so much hate built up just bc Itagaki was and Xbox/Xbox 360 developer?

Itagaki has been making games for over 16 years. He started off at the bottom like everybody else does. I think he is an asset to the industry. At least he puts quality first. That is something that most developers don't seem to care about.

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You only make yourself look foolish for complaining about this story and who posted it. The person who posted it is Jamie SI(The administrator of N4G), why don't you take it up with him.

Maybe you can get his contributor status taken away. LMFAO

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is a great game. The deep and satisfying combat system has always been it's strength and the 2nd one excels even more. The funniest thing about the criticisms(which are warranted) is that without the core gameplay mechanics to make a game fun there is no game.

In this area NG2 beats a lot of other action games. I can't speak for all fans, but that aspect is why I really enjoy the series.

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lost a very talented programmer. One who would put quality over profit. They should have just paid him. Now Tecmo/Team Ninja games will probably drop down to being just average 5/10 scores for reviews. Itagaki did make 'the original' Ninja Gaiden. Hayashi just made it look better..textures, etc.

Sadly, Itagaki is fighting a loosing battle. Just look at companies like EA that do crappy ports to everything. That is probably what will happen to Tecmo.

It is kind of ...

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All Rare has to do is make the game similar to the old ones. It's not that hard. The first one(arcade version) was the best in my opinion.

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Question? Who is 'WE'? I am assuming that you are referring to PS3 owners with this 'WE.' Am I not commenting in the right thread? I look on your Bio and it says you only have PS3 tag.

I must apologize to you wildarmsjecht, next time I will try and mold my comments after your example of going into threads and insulting people. Fair enough?

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game would be good. It has received a lot of high marks from reputable websites.

IGN - 8.7/10
GameSpy - 9/10
TeamXbox - 9/10
VideoGamer - 9/10
GameTap - 9/10

Obviously it isn't for everyone, but it has gotten some good reviews.
The original was one of my favorite Xbox games. I can't wait until tomorrow. I'm sure the game will have great AI and a really great combat system. Everything else is just the icing on the cake.

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A lot of it isn't even in English. What does this mean?

"Ninja Gaiden series is for allmänhet kanske most känd for two cases: a hård svårighetsgrad and playing producent Tomonobu Itagaki who saw gärna would last hård and rock that he is just pathetic. För fansen är serien kanske mer känd för en perfekt kontroll och ett väl avvägt inlärningssystem. For fans are the series kanske more känd for a perfect co...

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Or just look at the title? This story links to nothing.

Not to mention it is already posted on the front page of N4G just 2 stories below. LOL.

Obviously some people don't check stories before they approve them.

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but I really enjoyed the Sega Master System, Saturn, and The Neo-Geo. THe Neo-Geo had arcade perfect ports and some truly great shooters and fighting games. One of my favorites is still the Samurai Shodown series.

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your other accounts also HighDefinition?

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has every right to critique Sigma if he wants to. It is a remake of a game 'He made'(The original Ninja Gaiden), if he doesn't like it that is his business.

I think it is pretty obvious that you guys don't like Itigaki bc he bashes the PS3 exclusive Sigma.

And I especially know that is why you do it HighDefinition, or should I say AnegoMontoyaFTMFW....I wonder how many accounts you have?

"2 days 16 hours ago | By: HighDefinition | Block

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I just wish the video was of higher quality. Nice to also see that they didn't remove all of the puzzle elments form part 2. I liked the puzzle solving in part 1.

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