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There is a scan of the actual magazine article on the main link. I have been waiting for a Killer Instinct sequel for over 10 years. The original is in my top 10 best fighting games of all time.

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were awesome. That is the game on the list that I would like to see a sequel to more than any of the other ones.

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for Dreamcast is probably the best of the series. But Shenmue will always be the best Dreamcast game.

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seems pretty fair to me(B+). The only think that I would have rated higher is advertising. Microsoft has done a great job as far as the games are concerned. Especially when it comes to strong 3rd party relations and also on the RPG front.

It is just a shame the hardware rating drags the score down. The hardware has become more reliable bc of the falcon model. Hopefully with the die shrink on the GPU coming next the failures will be eliminated almost completely.

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has nothing to do with the quality of games. It is based on ethics/laws regarding paying employees for their work hours as according to the labor laws.

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this is the highest rating Ninja Gaiden 2 has gotten so far. I think it is a great game, but the original on the Xbox was also one of my favorites.

I just miss games that took true gaming skills to beat. It seems like a lot of developers are dumbing down the difficulty of games to suit the casual crowd.

Hopefully Itagaki can get the rights to the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive IPs since Tecmo seems to be going down the toilet. Then part 3 would be just as good...

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so people will actually read the article also so it will get to the front page. But the comments just prove that a lot of people don't read the article.

Can't I use the picture I want? Metal Gear Solid 4 is mentioned in article. It is just a wish list from IGN. That's how it works, if "you" post the article "you" get to choose the pic. Make sense?

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read articles anymore or just look at the cover picture? I think Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Star Ocean 4, and the new Peter Jackson project would be awesome E3 revails.

There is a lot more to the article than MGS4.

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because it is a good service and people are willing to pay for it.

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the best Metroid ever was Super Metroid for SNES. The Prime series is awesome but still second best in my opinion.

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does have a pretty good back catalogue of RPGs. Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect and Eternal Sonata were fun.

Also for this year Fable 2, The Last Remnant and Infinite Undicovery look pretty promising.

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that was what was going to happen. Itagaki said that the members of Team Ninja were 'his close friends.' I figured if Itagaki left they would follow. Now Itagaki will most likely form his own studio with his old crew and still make high quality titles.

And in the meantime Tecmo will turn into something like EA. If you offer bonuses you should pay them out, simple as that. It's the little guys who are working the long hours to get the projects done and are making less money. Whi...

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Zelda: OOT is probably one of if not the greatest game ever. The level design was great as well as the quest. The only other Zelda game I enjoyed as much was 'A Link to the Past'.

It's also nice to see Gunstar Heroes on the list. It was truly a Genesis classic. I just wish that Teasure made more games these days. There was a rumor circulating a while back that Treasure is working on Radiant Silvergun 3.

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would I really expect you to say anthing different? You hate everything that is Microsoft. I think that Lionhead and Rare are good developers.

Not to mention Silicon Knights, Epic, Team Ninja, and Tri-Ace have/are developing 3rd party exclusives also.

Didn't your mommy ever teach you that if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anthing at all? Naughty..Naughty.

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said before that they were going to start relying more on first party games from now on more than 3rd parties. So hopefully Rare will show off some more titles at E3. I would love to see a Killer Instinct 3 announcement at E3.

Micro is doing a good job on the RPG front, but I think they should start puting their money more into buying up studios and expanding their internal teams.

That could be what they are doing behind the scenes.

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because that is part of his job. Being the(former before his promotion) Vice-President of Microsoft Game Studios it kind of comes with the job.

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you might as well just give up. Obviously the people complaining about the PS2 and the Dreamcast proving that the article failed didn't even read it and just read the title.

Bubble for you for being the voice of reason.

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Yeah it takes a person of high integrity like yourself to bash someone for the way they look. And in regards to intelligence I'm sure Shane Kim isn't worried about what somebody thinks of him on N4G.

Some credentials:

"Kim holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations from Stanford University, where he also played intercollegiate volleyball. He went on to receive a master’s in business administration from Harvard Business School." 2...

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The 'MIGHTY' Square-Enix makes a brand new RPG and now it sucks bc it is on the 360. I think it looks good. I must need my eyes checked I guess.

I guess Square-Enix must have put the 'B'-Team on this game also then. (Insert Sarcasm)

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